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When dividing up loot, please make a line for each person with their value, rather than "each person gets X". Then, when that person claims their loot off this page to their own log sheet, we can be certain as to what was added and not. This will keep it clean.

Slush Fund: 25,461.78gp


  • Bag of Holding, type 1 - carried by Brilla with Slush in it.
  • oil of magic weapon
  • divine scroll of produce flame
  • arcane scrolls of tiny hut, disguise undead, charm person
  • Keys for gates in the Celestine dungeon: Acheron, Abyss, The Outlands, Limbo
  • Unseen Servant chess set
  • Stone tablet arcane scroll of Magic Circle vs Law
  • Hat of Disguise
  • Potion of Hide from Animals
  • Potion of Hide from Undead
    • 12'x12'x12' high-quality steel box. Ghost touch. Nondetection inside.
    • Aspect Mirrors, one on ship, one in Pink Priapism
    • +1 Shortsword x2
    • +1 Medium Shield x2 (one spiked)
    • +1 Tower Shield x2


  • Hag's notes, including potion recipe (Copy of original)
  • Copper lock box, with refillable gas trap
  • Very new, crude but detailed map of Lull.
  • Nicely framed and (presumed) accurate map with the Fan Empire in the center
  • Celestial Writings on junction between planes of Dust, Salt, and Negative Energy

Recent Sessions

Wild 66

  • 4 treasure chest with combined total of 20,504gp; 5,126gp to Fuelwen, Bo, Brilla, Slush
  • From the selling of +1 mith full plate x4, +1 thundering comp longbow +5str, +1 mighty fist amulet, +1 keen heavy pick (6920.8 to Fuelwen, Brilla, Bo, TskTsk, and Slush)
  • +1 adamantine, spiked, slick, silent moves, shadow suit of full plate - Fuelwen

Wild 65

  • Selling of items from multi-ringed mage (3633.5 to Fuelwen, Brilla, Bo, TskTsk, and Slush
  • Mw Rapier - Brilla
  • Rod of Silent Spell, Lesser - Bo
  • 2 Potion CMW - Fuelwen
  • Potion CLW - Brilla
  • Potion Jump - Ko
  • Scroll of Lesser Invulnerability - Brilla