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  1. Do not be afraid to ask: I like to consider myself open to ideas. This means even things I already have listed as not available, you might be able to argue for.
    1. Please ask me with everything you take: don't assume anything. Even if it only serves to help keep me informed as to the choices you make for your character, please keep that communication going.
  2. I'm usually willing to create something if you have an idea and cannot realize it. This includes races, classes, feats, spells and pretty much anything.
  3. Anything may be reworked or revoked if it is found by me or players to be problematic. Please do not take it personally if this happens to you.
  4. Non-WotC sources are generally not considered available unless otherwise specified. Of course, you may ask for them. That doesn't mean I will allow it.
  5. Setting-specific things might otherwise be restricted more than more general things. I tend not to have read them yet, so I might not be able to give you an answer right away.
  6. See Rules and Alterations for more general house rules and changes to existing things, respectively.
  7. Custom written things for this campaign.


  1. Generally all WotC races and templates are allowed. I may play with the level adjustment, base hit dice, and abilities it has if I deem it necessary.
  2. Humans are not available as a PC race.
  3. Warforged is NOT allowed (at least initially).
  4. I will take an extra close look at any race that is not of the humanoid or monsterous humanoid type. Many of the other types have rules attached to them I may not want to include.
  5. Any 3.0 sources may need revision for 3.5. This includes races in Oriental Adventures.
  6. Due to the World, I will tend to be writing up a lot in this category myself.
  7. "Ask."


  1. All base classes from WotC sources can be considered except those noted below.
  2. Most variants will be be available, including those not yet written.
  3. The Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords will not be used in this campaign.
  4. Any 3.0 sources may need revision for 3.5. This includes classes in Oriental Adventures and the 3.0 class splat books.
  5. I am not ready to "full" psionics at this time. "Medium" to "light" psionics is available.
    1. Allowed: Soulknife, Psychic Warrior
    2. Banned: Psion, Wilder
    3. If you want to use from Complete Psionic, I'll evaluate it individually.
  6. "Ask."


  1. Generally open.
  2. This category is generally easy to allow and then fix later if it's a problem.
  3. I have not yet made a decision regarding the following feats for this campaign:
    1. Leadership and related.
    2. Vow of Poverty
    3. Landlord
  4. "Ask."


  1. The only readily available spells will be from the following sources:
    1. Player's Handbook/SRD
    2. Spell Compendium
    3. Player's Handbook 2
  2. This category is generally easy to allow and then fix later if it's a problem. However, because of the complexity of looking up spells from various sources, it is unlikely I will allow many spells outside of these sources unless it is critical to the class selected.
  3. For psionics, only SRD powers will be available.
  4. Psionics will be transparent to magic.
  5. Shadow Magic is also transparent to normal magic, contrary to how it is described in Tome of Magic.
  6. "Ask."
  7. Banned: Amanuensis SpC.
  8. Allowed: Bestow Wounds HoH.


  1. Do not consider Magic Item Compendium open. Some things will be allowed, but the vast majority will not be.
  2. Arms and Equipment guide will be used.
  3. Base equipment from various sources (exotic weapons from Complete Warrior and racial weapons from the Races of books) will generally be available.
  4. Most special materials will be available.
  5. Many weird alchemical items will be greatly increased in cost, if they even exist at all (tanglefoot bags and thunderstones, for example). This is largely due to personal bias against them.
  6. This category is generally easy to allow and then fix later if it's a problem.
  7. Clarification: Vest of Resistance (MIC) is costlier than a Cloak of Resistance (SRD), despite what the MIC might want you to believe about the chest slot. Standard 50% costlier slot change is relevant.
  8. "Ask."


  1. No skill tricks (Complete Scoundrel).
  2. No 'taint' (Heroes of Horror).
  3. "Ask."


  1. WotC generally disallowed:
    1. Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords
    2. Complete Champion will be heavily scrutinized.
  2. Non-WotC generally allowed:
    1. Player's Guide to Arcanis (classes, feats)
    2. Magic of Arcanis (classes, feats)
    3. Monster books are easier to allow, and I definitely will be using many of them that are not WotC.
  3. "Ask."