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Wild:The End

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The Trial

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The trial proceeded like no other trial that I've ever seen, but at least it proceeded in an orderly fashion. Our guilt was established early, and we relied on the idea of extenuating circumstances to reduce the punishment. Given that Ilmater presided over it, our case was strong.

Chucking Chuck

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Our first task was to kill Charles. The court moved us and extracted Charles from the Abyss to a point in the Outlands where we could do combat. And we did. Charles had been briefed and knew what was expected of him, and he gave it to us. It was not a pleasant fight, but the conclusion is all that matters.

The Wilding

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: After the trial, we found our way back to the Wilding. I was given a coin to summon someone- and this coin was part of my sentence. I activated it, only to find Celestian standing before me. Celestian had two messages for me: first, he would empower me to kill my whale; second, he pronounced the remainder of my sentence: I was to guide and nurture the Wilding and turn it into a crossroads to rival Sigil. I could still have my empire, but I would have to guide it in a way completely contrary to my personal beliefs- freedom of movement, working towards the benefit of all beings, even the week.

It was a crushing blow.

Years Later

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: My mate is waiting for me. She's young, strong and cunning. Her essence will provide a clutch of strong children that can carry on my legacy. With both of us dead, it will fall to Splat.gif Splat to raise those that survive and act as regent until they come of age.

There are so many things left undone, but if I wait much longer my seed will be rotted and decayed, and my empire will crumble without anyone to carry it forward. And what an empire have I built! An empire so powerful that it appears invisible, so mighty that it has no center of power, and so organized that each section can act independently of any other, with no communication. It is truly the only power that can rule the Wilding.

I hope my children can truly understand what I've built; I sometimes fear that even Splat doesn't, which is why I have written so many books over the years. The idea of nodes of power, strung together like beads on a kind of net-work is so unlike any power structure anyone else has ever built that it needs to be documented well. The interactions between the Wilding Preservation Society, the Crossroads Authority, the Fan Empire, the Elvish Hegemony, and all the other little nodes- none of them could even guess the scope of the network they're in. With Killibron's magical implements (perhaps in the next life I will know what became of him), I can cross the Wilding in moments. I've built a chain of inns and taverns that are the true roadway.

My mate grows impatient. I must end this here, and hope that the libraries I've filled and the advisors I've groomed can truly carry on my legacy.

Splat.gif Splat: I have kids, like Brilla! Well, they're Fuelwen's kids, if you want to get technical, but who does? Oh, little ones- are we going to have an adventure!