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Starring: ๐Ÿ“œElistheren, ๐Ÿพ Kaelon, ๐ŸŒฒ Qistis, Steinar
Guest Starring: Alexr (Elistheren convert?)
Location: Eldolan, Ugly Harpy Inn
Date Played: 2016 November 15

Ugly Harpy

Eldolan provides many opportunities for scholarship and conversions- and I'm focusing on the latter. It's many days of very little activity before I find a candidate to be initiated into the faith of Epthis.
๐Ÿพ Kaelon
Qistis and Steinar spent some time eves dropping while Elistheren and I relaxed. Steinar abruptly got up and followed the 'cult' members they were spying on. I offered to help him with the tracking - as he was a tad conspicuous.
๐ŸŒฒ Qistis
I attempt to spend my evening in this...interesting establishment studying my recent purchase. It seems though that some very garishly robed students from a school unfamiliar are discussing their plans for....something...out in the open. They seem to be the source of the rat problem in the city. I share with Steinar and while I go tell the other two of the intention to tail them. When we try to get Steinar he had already left. So now we trail him to wherever the green robes were going.
'With beer and mead and a busty wench
the adventures sat at the tavern bench.
Why search for a quest upon high and low
when drunk travelers will show you where to go!'
Drinking Rhyme on page 78 of Hazal Company Exploits

Market Square

Rats. Did you know that there is a cult on the island of V'ktar that actually worships rats, and even uses rats in their version of a burial ceremony? Fortunately for everyone, that cult isn't here.
๐Ÿพ Kaelon
We lost the men in the robes at the market - we instead found a rather large amount of rats. While I am inclined to allow the rats to over run the city - these were rather aggressive and posed a threat to the people here. That said, we dealt with the problem.
๐ŸŒฒ Qistis
We loose the green robed students in the crowds, but hear screams coming from the markets. It appears an onslaught of rats is accosting the shoppers and salespeople. We deal with the threat quickly to get back on task. Kaelon picks the trail back up and it ends at a sewer entrance under the fish stall. We go inside (because of course we do) to deal with whatever lie inside.
'Lo' and look onto ye, squallering peasants beneath the might of the gods. For king and queen shall be reduced to beggar under the rot and decay of their material good. The insurmountable audacity of man shall be met with with plagues of vermin and rats which will devour everything you think you hold dear.'
Sermon of Loss from the pages of Vanderon


Crawling through the sewers is both unpleasant, but also nostalgic. Damp, dank, caves are terrible for preserving history, yet that was still how I first learned of the Spider Queen. These caves are a bit danker, a bit smellier, and a bit more inhabited by horrid creatures. And new unfamiliar religions to be found- specifically that of Garuga, the god of sewers and water that flows uphill.
๐Ÿพ Kaelon
The sewers here proved to be much cleaner than I would have expected - I suppose that was due to the giant ooze that inhabited them. It seems this was the root of the rat problem - it was forcing the rats to the surface.
Once the ooze was dealt with we continued on, attempting to find the cult members. At a junction - we encountered some mages. They weren't in the mood for talking - just as well, I wasn't in the mood for listening. A few well placed arrows and pitching one into a flooded chamber did the trick.
๐ŸŒฒ Qistis
A giant ooze created by the green robes is the source of the rat problem above. It was an interesting creature and what drew them to creating such a thing must have been some interesting texts to say the least. It was quite the hassle to deal with though it did fall eventually.
Moving forward down the sewers further we don't find the students from the Inn but rather some strange....slime/ooze like cultists. If that was the student's true form they knew how to mask their appearance well...or they had killed them. Either way we eliminate the cultists and all seems well. For now anyways.
' ... [A] form unlike any other. Flesh melted, yet clung like sap on a late winter's tree. Oozing maws and pseudopods erupted from the creatures frame. It swing its arms wildly and where the mouth once was frothed forth millions of bubbles. Once can only imagine the unearthly scream it was trying to produce.
This was no longer Jacob. This... this thing. I have no words for it. I can only define it by what it isn't, and that definitely isn't "friend." '
Raquel's Pandemonium

DM-d20.jpg GM Section

Icon Relationships

  • 6 High Druid Kaelon
  • 5 -> 6 Archmage Qistis
  • 6 positive Mage Elistheren [plot-allocated]
  • 6 conflicted Mage Annalana [plot-allocated]
  • 6 conflicted Mage Qistis [plot-allocated]
  • 5 negative Lich Steinar [plot-allocated]
  • 6 negative Wyrm Elistheren -> Player Controlled


Market Square was 4.6/4 points

  • Rat Swarm 2nd level spoiler (Shadows of Eldolan) = 2x @1.5 = 3 pts
  • Dire Rat 1st level mook (Shadows of Eldolan) = 8x @.2 = 1.6 pts

Ochre Jelly was 6/4

  • Ochre Jelly large 3rd level wrecker (Shadows of Eldolan) = 6 pts

Slime Mages were 4.5/4

  • Slime Mage 2nd level spoiler (custom-made) = 3x @1.5 = 4.5 pts