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Starring: 📜Elistheren, 🐾 Kaelon, 🌲 Qistis, Steinar, 📚 Annalana
Guest Starring:
Location: Stranglesea
Date Played: 2017 January 17

Wreck Rat Psychology

📚 Annalana: After defeating the wreck rats, we explore and find that there are 4 of them in pain, high as kites, stuck in mid-transformation into sea creatures. Annalana explores them to find out what they were transforming into and doesn’t recognize anything. She then offers each of them freedom from pain (at the end of her dagger).

Elistheren says that this transformation is evocative of sahaugin rituals of transformation.

Steiner approaches one that has a cephalopod head and eyes. He watches as Steiner approaches, and tries to entice him with food. Steiner sees that he has difficulty chewing and begins to feed him like a baby bird. Kaelon can read his lips as he asks for “Clean water”. After a while he is able to speak in short, labored sentences. He confirms that he saw a “bronze head riding a turtle” near the dump. He asks that we take him up to see the sun, where his skin turns transparent. “It looks larger than before”.

🌲 Qistis: After handling the wreck rats, we turn over the ship for any clues we might find regarding Inigo. Not to my surprise but there is little information here regarding our target. The others talk a bit with some of the....transformed individuals on the ship and one tells us of something that might have been Sharp traveling towards the trash pile.

Goblin Intimidation

📚 Annalana: “We R U” is the note at the trash heap when we go to find out more about Inigo. Qistis starts to draw on power, creating a display of power and calls out Inigo, loudly. There is a loud cry from in the trash and she calls off her power.

Annalana strides forward to find a strong goblin in seashell armor. She has him put on manacles and takes him out of the trash. “I am foraging and do not live with the others of my kind, they have turned their backs on their heritage. I serve the Orc Lord.”

The talking head was stolen from him by the dwarves recently. He will give us the name of a dwarf, well, actually he tells us the beard pattern.

🌲 Qistis: This cat and mouse chase is driving me insane. I don't think I can take traveling this damned weed mat much longer. I channel my anger and frustration into my casting and demand that Inigo reveal himself should he be here. My intimidation works to an extent as a strange goblin is drawn out from the heap. He seems sufficiently frightened by me but still it talks in circles with us. Some physical pain seems to draw the correct information out of him, as he tells us that he recently traded with the dwarves: the head for a simple jar of pickles. The goblin gives us the beard pattern in order to talk to the dwarf, though truthfully asking for him outright is going to no doubt lead to some kind of confrontation. We can only hope that it won't lead to any deaths on our side.

Dwarven Mistruths Alternative Facts

📚 Annalana: The dwarves have a full compliment of crossbowman on the walls. Annalana talks with him. Describes dwarf. Comes back 5 min later and says “Captain Songol” will talk with us and if it is true that Abergehin.

It takes effort to make it through the palisade. As we are making our way through we are ambushed by the dwarves. Steinar’s summoned creatures storm the vessel while we fight things out with arrows and spells. We win.

At the top of the vessel is a hatch. Annalana works with picks to get the door open. Inside is a steamy engine room. Kaelon stays at the top of the chain link ladder to prevent someone from sneaking out.

As Annalana goes down the ladder a dwarf sets off a trap which misses her by a large margin. Annalana slides the rest of the way down and all the dwarves charge in, leading to a giant fight at the bottom of the ladder.

🌲 Qistis: As I expected our "peaceful talk" with the dwarves was not peaceful at all. We revealed our hand much too early though Annalana is known for being blunt and direct so I can't really fault for that too much. If we wanted a more subtle route someone else should have done the talking.

All of the dwarves seem hostile to us and I doubt that at this point any amount of talking will work considering we slaughtered the entirety of their surprise attack. The ship seems...mostly empty but there are more floors to explore. I don't know how many await inside but we can only hope to deal with the mess quickly so we can get off this damned island.

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