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A:11 The Lost Cup is found NOT

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Diantha val'Emman, Mauritius, Vicente Eisner, and Alun Northstag
Guest Starring: Jayvin De-gaul, Iskander val'Mehan, Ira Kettleblack, Aeron Greyjoy, Free Willy
Challenge: A Ghostly Baliski, A bad dinner, and A Dildo Factory
Location: A nice city, 3 weeks of traveling, a Temple (of losing Con & Wisdom)
Date Played: Oct, 18th 2009

Research-glore, 7 months

Alun Northstag's Notes: After many months of research very little was turned up that we did not already know, another dead-end for me.

Mauritius: This was a LOT of time that could have been better spent elsewhere. I really don't see why we couldn't have just left Alun behind. It would have been nice to get him away from my sister in the least.

During this time I decided to help some fellow legionnaires in patrol of the city. I felt that my training has been a little lax, especially due to some of the company I have been forced to keep.

Most of our time doing this was not noteable, though we did come across a lizard that could turn ghostly. This, in and of itself, is not too spectacular. what was, though, was that the creatures gaze had theability to turn those that met it to stone. Though it's gaze did stiffen our joints a bit, it was not enough to overcome us.

Belos seemed to have the most enjoyment in the kill. He displayed it all across town, giving praise to the Coryani Empire. I'm personally just glad we were able to return the stony remains of a son to it's mother. It is unfortunate we are not able to furnish the ability to restore her son. Perhaps in a future visit.

Kweto Lucullus Spent time, and other peoples money, at a half-dozen different fencing academies in Althares. It wasn't hard to slip out the back of the stacks of research material Alun kept delegating. Whenever they asked if I'd like to stay to help Alun research ...well it is home.

Dildo Anyone?

Alun Northstag's Notes: Well I think I have seen it all, Dildos made out of plastic and being sold for pleasure, what will these people come up with next, atleast no one asked me to try one. Dinner was good too but filled will long pauses, and what was that center piece?

Mauritius: Kweto has an... interesting mother. Common whoring now behind her, she embraced the idea of invention in ways for people to pleasure themselves. Needless to say, a bit unorthadox, but at least she is happy and no longer selling her body.

It appears that he did not tell his mother that he was not dead. I am guessing that he is still hiding from his duties to the Shining Patrol. If he were part of the Coryani Empire, I may have had to turn him in, but this is not my affair.

3 weeks on a boat

Alun Northstag's Notes: Yea nothing... Boring ... At least I had a nice book with me.

Mauritius: We headed back to Enpebyn to see if there was any word on the status of the cup. I should take note, now, that I have been seeing Utu. Evidently I am the only one that can see her as well. Needless to say she has been driving me a bit batty on the ship. Also, she says that I am the new cup bearer.

The Temple of lost visions

Alun Northstag's Notes: Horrid drink, shame it did not show me anything aside from the Skyscape. However it was interesting that only one of us was able to see a different vision. It was not because he was a Val either. Interesting... It might be related to the fact he was the Cup Carrier.

Mauritius: Evidently when I drink blood mixed with some salt I am able to see a mass in my vision and I am given a name in my head. I have a feeling that this has to do with me being the cup bearer. We tried using my blood with the others, though no results happened that were like mine, even with my own sister. At least now we have a new lead. I would like to rest, though, as the room keeps spinning from my visions and I seem to have lost a lot of blood.

Belos' Travel Scraps

  • Staying in New Althares, at the Squished Grape Inn.
  • We Meet Kweto's Mom. Special to say the least.
  • I train with and hang out with some common folk. Free Willy is my translator.
  • The local army tries to trick me into joining. They then trump up some charges to stop me from empowering the locals to live themselves.
  • Free Willy is formally hired by Diantha.
  • We gather info. Brand was not here that we can determine.
  • We wait for research to happen. Kweto and I get bored and periodically do some volunteer side jobs for the Shining Patrol to keep entertained.
  • Kweto helps his mom's shop.
  • The Shining Patrol notifies us of a "ghost-crazy woman widower".
  • She lost her kid to a ghost lizard, she believes. He was turned to stone she says.
  • We track it down and find the stone. We return to the city, get the rest of our troupe, and hunt down the phantom basilisk.
  • We return the statue to his mother.
  • We hold a parade for what we did and that the Shining Patrol would not.
  • I argue with the Shining Patrol about the better empire.
  • We journey to Empebyn.
  • There's a letter there from Sseth(sp?). The Emperor himself has the wand.
  • The cup supposedly does things when mixed with salt water and bloody salt water. I donate blood.
  • Mauritius has visions. The rest of us do not. "Negati Meniapodo". Il Han/Stars.
  • Diantha's red candle lights itself while shopping.