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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and Siyrt
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Eshe Lucullus & her financé Baustita Agomir, Elderly, verbally abusive, wagon train driver, Drunk Ranger
Challenge: Marokene Elorii (Mud elf) with two earth elementals
Location: Altheria, Coryan (in Coryani Empire)
Date Played: 26 Feb 2010

Wagons and the Wall of Stone

Siyrt: Eshe and her financé had a small request of us before we set out on our main quest. There is a "mud" elorri that has been making travel hard in the north and we were sent out to deal with the problem under the guise of merchants. This did not seem like a too difficult task, especially since the caravan was provided for us.

Our travels took us upon a large stone wall that blocked the trade roads. There were a good deal of Altherians chipping away at the wall with picks under the whip of an elderly train head. She could put some of the task mothers on Sethragore to shame.

We came to an agreement with the other caravans that we would look for this elorri and try to find a way to reclaim the road. We found a guard that survived the first attack from the elorri, drunk as he was, to aid us in finding the cave where this elorri dwells.

Jayvin De-gaul: Simple favors seem to always become major undertakings. This one is was no different. As we travel from the city. On our path we came arcoss stone wall that didn't belong and Group of such nice travelers. Who saw the elorri we were tasked to find. With the aid of there drunk tracker we found what we were looking for and whole mess of trouble.

Cavern home of the mud elorii

Siyrt: Though the trip was ponderous, we eventually made it to the caves. The elorri called out to us while hiding in some overgrowth. He only spoke in the elorri tongue, putting much of us at a disadvantage in negotiations. Evidently they had something to do with me since a earth elemental erupted from the ground and started attacking me.

Combat was touch, and as soon as the first elemental was taken down a larger one appeared and threatened the rest of the group that had an advanced position. I believe the elemental was created with a distinct hate toward my people as it struck with uncanny accuracy against me.

During the fight, Kweto departed from the rest of the group and went into the cave to look for the invisible elorri. When we were able to disengage from the elemental we found the cave wall was blocked by a wall of ice. We did our best to break through the wall and eventually found Kweto under heavy duress from the elorri and his usual large backpack full of weapons uncharacteristically near empty.

Through combined firepower and a little luck we were able to take down the elorri and get safe passage ensured for this road.

Upon returning to the road we were offered a reward from the elderly caravan mistress. Jayvin asked for 20% of what they were carrying and this caused quite a stir from everyone. In the end we settled for 100 gold coins, a barrel of dried beef, and some foul looks from the caravan merchants.

Jayvin De-gaul: The elorri was welled school in the use of magic. Who brought creature forth for us to fight. This was grave challenge much blood shed. And very good amount of it was my own. But at the end we find victory.

Opulent Coryan and the Senator likes boys

Siyrt: The rest of the group got an invitation to meet with an official or something like that once we went to the next city. I wasn't sure if this invite was extended to me or not so I set off to the side of town that housed the Ss'ressen inhabitants. I feel that I need to give my regards to the Great Fire Dragon in an atmosphere more fitting than the road.

Belos' Travel Scraps

  • disguise wagon
  • wall of stone
  • drunk-bluff
  • bitchy woman
  • elf in the area
  • meat, 100 gp
  • head on pike
  • fake death
  • fiance...
  • to coryan
  • senator favonus valqueef
  • baths
  • ssressen


Marokene Elorii
Bastard Sword (×2) - magical
Runes (Scrolls)
Wall of Ice
Invisbility (×2)
Mother of Pearl Naga Statue (estimated value 1100gp)
Wagon driver
Barrel of dried beef