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A:19 Into The Serpent's Mouth

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and Siyrt
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Captain Herma, Big Cock Willy
Challenge: Collection of Ss'ressen (including two Dragonfire Adepts)
Location: Coryan (in Coryani Empire), Anuluss and Sseth in the Ssethregore Empire
Date Played: 01 Apr 2010

Final Preparations

Siyrt: There was a lot of talk about proper etiquette on having our travel papers match our appearance. This seemed to contrast with most of the groups want to not have the legionaries come with us. Honestly, I did not see much of a problem with having our selves backed with a little extra military might.

I realized that I would need to do something about the rage that comes overs when they pick my scent. I picked up a pair of boots that would mask my scent, though I'm currently at a loss on what to do for myself.

Once it was resolved that we could not get rid of the legionaries, we decided on traveling by sea as it will give us less confrontation with my evil brethren. To meet these ends we met with Captain Herma. He agreed to ferry us to Sseth with a small stop on Anuluss to resupply.

Quick Stop on Unfriendly Shores

Siyrt: We had to make a quick stop on Anuluss to get some more supplies for the trip to Anuluss. It looked to be a pretty unfriendly place, unlike the marshes that my people come from. We stuck out like sore thumbs to being with, and what made things more difficult is that Kweto insisted on bringing his chariot out for a spin through the town.

The group wanted to make a trip to some Gnomish temple of sorts. I really wasn't sure what the draw was, but I went along anyway.

It was hard to keep a low profile. The chariot eventually drew some attention from the local color and they begun an attack on us. I fell to my rage, putting the fight at a great disadvantage. We won, though, and made it a point to get back on the ship quickly.

Jayvin De-Gaul: The city of Sseth is filled dread and terrors beyond thoughts here. Outside temple here trying not draw eyes upon's the party fell into combat once more. But always seem to happen to us.

Sseth is all the Rage

Siyrt: Sseth has an ominous feel to it. Luckily there was an inn there that was friendly to outsiders. I did my best to stay downwind as to not catch the scent of another Ss'ressen. All went well as we walked the streets and we eventually made my way to the inn.

I sent Jayvin on a few errands for me since it was not safe for me to walk the streets. He was to search for a way to prevent me from picking up the scent of other Ss'ressen.

His search took a bit too long, though, as I decided to leave the room and see if there was a fleshy priest that could cast a curse on me to remove my sense of smell. While there was none to be found, I picked up the scent of a particularly foul Ss'ressen. The rest of the party was able to subdue me, though, and prevent retribution from those present.

When I awoke I was presented a hefty bill by Jayvin for a large quantity of potions. He got a great deal more than necessary and I am loathe to pay him the full amount. I plan on going through the city with the aid of one of the potions to find someone to cast the spell I need. I just hope I can get it done before the group commences with their meeting.

Jayvin De-Gaul: Siyrt finds himself to his own worst enemy right now due to his sense of smell. I found myself adventure lone and under mask to find him postion he need I bought large amout to be a friend. It only coast me 550 gold. I know he good for it I hope.