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A:20 Trial by Combat

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and Siyrt
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Captain Herma, Big Cock Willy, Septimus Severus, Klemens Halecki
Challenge: Behir
Location: Sseth in the Ssethregore Empire
Date Played: 08 Apr 2010

Jayvin De-gaul: Time and time again I find myself doing other works. The trail by combat is one thing I never want to do again my life. I have been wounded by many differnt weapons. Some I have been used by those I call friend and have called friend. I have been mauled by animal and monster alike. Been I never been pulled in the mouth of monster before. I hope never to live thru that every again.

The Jail Below

Siyrt: Before heading out to the jail, I was able to find someone that was able to curse me to remove my sense of smell. It appears that I now have an "accent" like when Jayvin attempts to speak my language. If questioned, I plan on writing it off as a battle injury. That is respected in the Sseth empire, right?

The group promptly went to jail, though not like I expected them to. They were to be witnesses to a trial that took place five years ago, but the person was already sentenced to life.

Evidently the meeting did not go as well as expected due to the long looks on their faces, so we were then off to find the court that sentenced him, leading us to Septimus Severus.

Meeting with Septimus

Siyrt: Septimus is not only the person we have to talk to for processing our letter of introduction, but also the one whom handled the Halecki case. Our first encounter with him was through his butler, though.

Our original plan and bribe to have Halecki killed in jail seemed to turn about as when we eventually got to talk to Septimus we were able to arrange for us to get another trial arranged for him. The bad news, though, is that it would most likely be another trial by combat. I'm not quite looking forward to this.

On a bright note, though, is that we were able to pave the road with enough coin to get things moving quickly with our ability to see the Wand of Rangwaw.

Get Out of Jail Free

Siyrt: Getting Halecki out of jail seems to have a dual purpose aside from doing a favor for one of their old friends. He has the ability to read objects, something crucial for understanding the wand, or at least so I'm told.

I originally set up our match to be against a bunch of Altharians, though this fell apart as Halecki's crimes were so great we had to face the Behir that Kweto watched earlier.

The fight was tough, though our group kept surprising control in the combat. Jayvin was consumed by the beast, though we were able to fell it quickly enough to get him out.

Needless to say, after this fight we are met by the denizens of this area with either extreme emotions of respect and fame or disgust and hatred for killing one of the arena's prized fighting beast.

Finally, the Wand!

Siyrt: Let me just say that Halecki's ability to read the wand was most unimpressive. There was not much we could find out about it with his insight, though perhaps coupled with the sextant we may find a connection eventually.