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A:21 Death Throes

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and Siyrt
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Klemens Halecki, Enzio Val'Tensen, Lt. Toyger
Challenge: Pseudonatural Wolves, Red Ethergaunts
Location: Enpebyn area (Halecki Estate, urban area, underground)
Date Played: 15 Apr 2010

So Where Next?

Siyrt: Well, we are in Enpebyn. This is evidently where most of the troubles began. The sextant shoes that there is a glow here, and it is familiar to some of the others. Jayvin told me that his group encounted it before and treated it as some sort of miracle cure to Enpebyn's sewer problems.

There was much debate on how to find it, and we were eventually led to a church of one of those gods that the humans worship. Honestly, they have so many I can't keep it straight.

They wouldn't let us in, but the captain of the watch took a a look around and found everything to be clear. The depository for the holy water left us suspect after being viewed magicly, and we decided to look further into the matter.

It Wouldn't Be a Randy Game without Permits

Siyrt: Belos eventually found exactly where the hole was; right under a street. It appears to have moved a bit more than expected.

We couldn't just dig into the street, though, as that would be too practical for the fate of the people in this city. We had to go through with getting a dig permit and hiring a union of laborers. Luckially, Belos was about to find some of questionable origion. I believe they were called "scabs" by the locals and there is a lot of talk about finding some cards that are green.

Being impatient, the land we just got just happened to have a sinkhole after I was there for a few moments. Effective, desipte the questionable legality of doing so in this land. the situation is dire, and we have very little time to waste.

Final Foes From Far, Far Frontiers

Siyrt: The skilled climbers made their way down while I aided some of the group with a fly spell. We found a narrow platform that just overlooked the swirling void.

Soon after we gained our bearings, the colors in the portal shifted and a shadowy, smokey man came forth through the portal. We did not attack immediately, for once, and it proved to be to our benefit. The man possessed a way to close the portal, and he needed us to help protect him. He was able to shield himself from some of the foes attacks, but was not immune.

The creatures soon came forth. At first there was one, covered in tenticles, weilding strange swords and brandishing strange armor. The first one was able to charm Kweto, but my circle of protection was able to keep his mind in the fight. When this creature fell, it exploded in a cascade of energy.

Barely having time to lick our wounds, two more jumped forth. The fighting continued to be fierce, but we were lucky that they did not explode as well.

The portal closed, and it appeared that all is well.


Siyrt: We are now given the change to join in on the fight against these temporal villians. I am considering it, but would seek council with my tribe first. Perhaps I should spread my seed before leaving to ensure a strong lineage of ss'ressen to leave in case I don't return. We shall leave it to the council's wisdom and the whim of the Great Fire Dragon.