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A:7 Following the Trail of Alun Northstag

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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, Brand and introducing Vicente Eisner
Guest Starring: Marcel Wilhem, Stefan and Stefanie Wilhem, Iskander val'Mehan, Jon Arryn, Arden Blackeye, Lanky Half Orc, Bronislaw val'Abebi, Akar Manzoor and Makram Faatir, Iron Soul Prisoner, and Hobgoblin Cleric
Challenge: Giant Ant/Wasp Insect; Blackwand Thieves Guild; Half-hobgoblin archers in a tower
Location: Aliegis; Blackwand; River crossing on the road to Grokha
Date Played: 16 Aug 2009

Brand boards the Maidenhead to join the party in Blackwand

The party had arrived in Blackwand, a free city filled with adventurers and caverns. The city is ruled by an old adventurer's guild that has built a castle on the site. The party searches out the Hungry Warrior Inn, where Bronislaw Val' will be providing a safehouse for the Wilhelms.

Mauritius: I've never liked boats. I found that water is not very legionaire friendly. Poor Bob, he never lived up to his name on that one fateful voyage.

Vicente Eisner: Brand meets Vicente and a bald monk. The Monk is selling ravens while Vicente, a druid, is a traveler that barters when possible to earn his keep. Brand asked Vicente to join him as his friends often get injured and are in need of someone who has the ability to heal. The bald monk says he is on a quest to find the cup barrier whom he must help with his "virgin" hands.

Diantha val'Emman: We came to the city of Blackwand where Marcel needed to go to the Hungry Warrior Tavern to meet Bronislaw, a retired adventurer. I had a very nice glass of wine while Marcel and Bronislaw talked in code. There seemed to be eyes on the tavern but it might not just be us that is being watched. We are a rather paranoid group of people, it tends to come with being attacked all the time. We were then escorted to another room in the tavern with a trap door down to the basement. It was another hiding place where Marcell and his children would be stay. After all the traveling, I noticed that Marcel liked the fire aspect of Nier so while the others left to investigate or whatever they were doing, I stayed and talked to Marcel about the cleansing fire. I told him that I wished to pursue the path of the Dancer of the Flame and he seemed to be eager to talk about fire and display some of his spells. It was very amusing and made the children happy, something im sure that they have had little experienced with recently.

Thieves Guild teaches the party a lesson?

A couple of thugs take to interrogating Jayvin to try to find out about thieves guild membership. They won't take "I'm not a member of the local thieves' guild" as an answer, and storm off. After they make sure that Marcel and his family will be safe in the safehouse (the party isn't sure -- there are people outside across the street keeping eyes on the place), the party separates to do their own activities. Belos goes to teach some underclassed some archery and fletching; Jayvin accompanies Kweto to ask about Alun around town; Mauritius goes to help his legion; Diantha stays behind to spend time in the inn.

Later in the day, as the party has regrouped for the evening, the thugs from earlier in the day attack Jayvin. They say there's only room for one guild in town, and, since he's not a member of theirs, he must be taken care of. A long battle ensues, with the party eventually being victorious. (In a strange twist of fate, at exactly the same time, Vincente and Brand, along with their new friends on the ship, battle a sea monster of some sort.)

Mauritius: I'm sure Starlet had something to do with this. She most likely game them all her money to dress them in fineries and we never saw it coming. Ugh, my head is spinning. I don't know what is going on with my memory these days.

Kweto Lucullus The Sanctorum seems to have been confused with a gang. So where are my bitchazz and coin? I was outflanked and somehow the rest of the company managed to subdue the gang. I heard Wilhelm and Dianthia talking while I recovered. I’ll need to find an alchemist to find a flame retardant blanket soon. Caught rumors of the other scholars that Alun was meeting who had no idea what he was investigating either. They did lead me to a caravan that he was forming to travel to Wan.

Kweto Lucullus Brand delivered the copy cup, his snarky attitude, and two travelers the next day. One was an altherian bother and the other seems to be an informant. As they are useful we’ll test them out until our quartermaster returns from his token orgy.

Diantha val'Emman: I was sitting at the tavern waiting for the rest to get back from their errands when I heard someone being attacked outside.It seemed that Kweto was attacked at the entrance. Apparently we were starting another thieves guild in the city and the one here currently didn't appreciate it. This was news to me. After taking the fight outside to save Bronislaw some repair bills and keeping the fire to a minimum, we took the attackers out. Several of us dragged the unconscious men off to the stable to interrogate them. I decided that it had been a long day and so it was time for some sleep.

Jayvin: For some reason were reason trouble seems to follow this group I am seem's it finds me or I am only tends to seems it.

Mauritius seeks cups, finds love

The replica, Brand, Vincente and the monk meet up with the main party. Vincente and the monk are recruited. Brand gifts an novelty cup to Mauritius.

Mauritius: I did the what with the who? This whole recent trip seems like a daze that I can only see through others eyes. A warm fuzzy feeling inside and a cup. Well, I hope it was a large cup...

Diantha val'Emman: When we left the inn the next day we saw Brand and two others exit the inn across the way. Brand took the fake chalice out of the box in the middle of the street. I immediately put the chalice back into the box and hurried everyone into the tavern to go to our room to talk. We were introduced to the two who had accompanied Brand, a monk named Iskander and a druid called Vicente. The monk was searching for the cup-bearer, that name that Utu was called by the crone.

Seeking Northstag, Find Iron Soul Monks

Alun Northstag was indeed in town. He left, however. The Cult of the Frog was looking for him and he fled them, fast. He had made arrangements with the Iron Soul Monks to travel together for strength in numbers. They were headed towards Whon, in Kio, by way of Grokha. The party meets up with these monks and decides to travel with them along the same way that is normally taken. They hope to meet up with Alun on the way. The monks, who are dark kin, are escorting a prisoner -- one of their own -- who killed their master.

Mauritius: Who would want a soul of iron? That would sure make it hard to ascend into the heavens. I find these people very silly and wish them to go away.

Kweto Lucullus Spoke with the leader of the Iron Soul monks, Makrim Fakir, about Alun. All he knew was he left early after some trouble with the Cult of the Frog? The monks are transporting a prisoner back to their abbey for execution. As traveling companions the monks are horrible, they can’t even cook.

Diantha val'Emman: After some information gathering, we all left to go search for the Iron Soul Monks. We met with the one who was mentioned to Kweto and we arranged to go with them to Grokha as they escorted a prisoner. We said goodbye to Marcel and I left word for my brother that we were heading on to Grokha and ultimately Whon.

Toll bridge has no Troll

While traveling, there's a chaotic scene at a river crossing. A farmer was trying to cross a bridge with his herd. However, some vagabonds had taken over the towers (which are usually vacant) that overlook the bridge and were asking for outrageous tolls. The party plots, and manages to get close to the tower by feigning that they'll pay a toll (having borrowed three of the farmer's pigs). They take the bandits friends by surprise and manage to defeat them. Their cohesion was poor. Their leader, a knight, is dealt a coup de grace by Belos, and most of the rest are spared. The cleric among them is put in charge of the group by the party, who suggests they take up long-term residence in the towers and defend the countryside and make it safer for the farmers and travelers around. They can ask for tolls to fund their endeavors, but they should ask for small and reasonable tolls. Such a service to society should be looked highly upon and the populace might just embrace them. The farmer is grateful.

Kweto Lucullus We encountered a slight hitch in our travels after finding some goblinoids charging an exorbitant bridge toll. Eventually decided to assault the position because of the monks prisoner having too much of an eye for escape. Under the ruse of negotiating the toll Jayvin got them to lower there guard. This allowed me to hook a rope up the tower and others to gain cover from the arrows. I quickly climbed to the top of the tower since the goblinoids had little idea how to repel a siege. Once there I was able to hold the top but my companions nearly waited too long in backing up my position.

Kweto Lucullus Beaten, the goblinoids promised to leave the area with there wounded. They seemed trustworthy even if they were too greedy. Crossing the river puts us outside of Coryan so it is probably safe for me to wear Akeldama openly again.

(Jayvin De-Gaul) We did a good deed helping these simple famrer get there livestock over the bridge control by trolls. It was good strong battle was much dialouge on a plan of attack. But when all said and done there was no loss of life or livestock whih was good tning.

Diantha val'Emman: On our way to Grokha we came to a river and the bridge to cross it. As we approached there were a great deal of farm animals in the way. Apparently some hobgoblins have taken over the tower at the bridge and were charging a heavy fine to cross. They had stopped a pig and cattle rustler and wanted almost all of his animals. We came up with a plan and while the monks stayed back, we attempted to get closer to "negotiate" with the hobgoblins. When we got to them they sent someone out to get the payment, which was some pigs that we borrowed from the owners. When the goblinoid got to us we attacked and raided the tower. During the fight their cleric attempted to surrender to us but their leader wished to be difficult. After dispatching him the rest gave up and we suggested that instead of demanding such a large fee to cross, they could guard the bridge and the people who use it would probably be more then happy to offer what they could for their troubles. The hobgoblins were happy with the solution and let us pass.


Thieves Guild
Studded Leather (5)
Shortsword, masterwork (5)
Buckler (5)
Dagger (5)
Farmers at the tower are grateful and give the party the following
Three pigs that the party used (especially mauritius. You sick bastard with a cup)
Beef Cow
Dairy Cow