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Mauritius' Creeping

Mauritius: It appears that members of my unit were in a bind and needed my help. I was apprehensive about leaving behind the rest of my party, most notably because it would leave my sister in their often incapable hands. None the less, family born in battle sometimes comes before family born in blood. Also, it will get me some leverage if I need their help in the future.

I had to break into a compound and recover some false artifacts. The guards were easy to pass by and the team and I made it in without much incident. Little blood was spilt (none by my hands) and we had an overall successful mission. Not being paid for this mission and knowing that I have to pad my pockets since I am no longer getting a stipend from the family, I took an object of value from the scene. Looking around, it appears that I wasn't the only one.

Who knows, perhaps I picked up a genuine article.

Kweto Lucullus Mauritius had some legion business. More than likely just some drinking, gambling, and whoring. Lucky sod.

Prisoner Break

Mauritius: Like the party can demonstrate restraint. I hope they don't give Diantha a bad name due to their actions.

Kweto Lucullus The prisoner of the iron soul tried to escape on Jayvin's watch. If it had been me I would have been tempted to let the man go. Instead I was awakened to witness the monk popping his shoulder back in place. The monks were shouting to subdue him while he was slapping arrows out of the air and knocking us around. Even going all out I was having a hard time getting through his defense. He even plucked a bullet out of the air. Eventually we were able to contain him in a briar patch summoned by and club him unconscious.


Mauritius: It appears that only a few people in this town have seen my companions come through a few days ago. I'm rather impressed they kept such a low profile.

Diantha val'Emman: The monks were sparing with each other and Iskander asked if anyone else wanted to spar. Jayvin steped forward and they fought. We set up camp after the fight and I settled in for nice rest. During the night I was awoken by a loud bellow as our monk prisoner was making an escape. We attempted to stop him and when he saw that he would not be able to escape he surrendered. During this he was injured by several people in the party which upset the other monks that we were traveling with. They decided that they needed to leave us and I was informed that I needed to train my troops better.

We continued on to Grokha alone and arrived before the monks. As we entered the city we informed the guards about the Iron Soul Monks behind us and they sent someone out to meet them. We did a little shopping and some investigation and then continued on to Whon.

Kweto Lucullus I suggested that we ask the guards to send a patrol back to help the crybabies of the iron soul. The guards seemed happy enough to ride out and relieve the boredom. Resupplied and asked about Alun but had no luck.Asked around about chariot teams but found the stables that raise them do not sell locally.


Mauritius: I finally caught up to my companions after a lengthy travel. I was told stories of an escaping monk and their efforts to restrain him. The druid appeared to do quite well in his attempts of restraint, but from the others stories I could easily tell frustration stepped in early in the battle.

While here we heard stories of Alun Northstag being taken by a group called the Cult of the Frog. Through some deduction, I came across a man called Manilito that may have had some connection to the cult. I talked to him myself to try and confirm the story. Luckily, it appeared that he was the person we needed to get into the cult.

With Jayvin's love of costumes and acting, I decided to play a story where he would be a prime candidate to join the frog cult. Things went well and Jayvin got an in into the cult.

Diantha val'Emman: When we arrived in Whon we found some information about Alun Northstag. He was staying at the Fireplace and was supposed to play at another inn but he has not been seen since. He either went to another inn or left entirely. We stayed at an inn and the next day we went to the Fireplace as a group. Alun didnt show up three nights ago and the Inn still had some of his stuff. We bought the stuff from the inn, hopefully it will help us later. We learned that Alun was going to go to the library so we headed there as well to see the Diviner Anthea Lambrou.

Jayvin disguised himself as a noble which was very weird to see. She invited myself and Jayvin in for some tea and we talked about Alun. There seemed to be a cult after him, the Cult of the Frog. The Diviner was very interested in our tea leaves and as Jayvin's tea cup was mysteriously destroyed, I gave her my cup. She read the leaves and told me that water was in my future. I had a hard time believing her until she mentioned that I had a brother who was connected to containers. We were later given a lead to a man, Merchant Manilito who had a connection to frogs.

My brother finaly caught up with us and we received some more info about Manilito. Mauritius went down to the merchant and managed to convince him that we had a friend with us who was interested in frogs. The only one among us who could go was Jayvin, so he disguised himself rather convincingly. He went to the merchant and they talked. Apparently there was a large frog that was going to be a summoned. Jayvin was invited to go along and we were to follow not far behind.

Kweto LucullusFound solid information that Alun was here this week and did not travel out. Seems likely he was abducted by local cultists. Seems they worship local frog demons that dwell in the lakes around the town. Went to the tavern where Alun was last to perform and found he never appeared. The manager was even kind enough to send a couple bullyboys to locate him. They never did but he hoped we could get Alun to fulfill his obligations at the Fireplace.

Kweto Lucullus Alun seems to spend a lot of time in librarys so we asked about the sacred stacks. The librarian mentioned that Alun had met with a diviner and Diantha went to call. I decided to see what I could find out about the history of my father's blade. A lot of the histories brought back memories from when I learned fencing from my father.I understand the value of the sword but this spirit and honor of the blade superstition doesn't make any sense.

Cult of the Frog AKA Randy: It's Frank, I have to swallow him

Mauritius: We followed the signals left by Jayvin and commandeered a gondola for our own transportation to go into the sewers after them.

The crossroads we entered came to an area that was surrounded by cultist that were chanting as their leader, Rosario Vallejo, was organizing everything. In the center of the crossroads, suspended above the water by four chains connected at the corners of the cross, was Alun. We began to slowly make our way toward the scene, though stealth was soon replaced by urgency as a huge toad like humanoid came from down the tunnel toward Alun.

We sprang into action, with Jayvin occupying the Rosario and Manilito, Kweto and myself maneuvering the boats to get under Alun to catch him as he was freed, and the rest of the part to deal with the cultist and free Alun from the chains.

The plan was going well, but the beast had a weapon that we should have prepared for; it's gullet. The creature quickly grabbed Jayvin with his tongue and shoved him down his throat. Not too soon afterward I was to follow. How many men could this infernal toad-man fit down it's throat!

We eventually hacked our way through the beast and it fell to the ground, defeated. Through further tracking we found broken egg clutches, meaning that there are more of these creatures down here. Upon finding that, we decided to leave the sewers as quickly as possible.

Diantha val'Emman: We had the raven trail them as they headed down into the underground tunnels. We crept up behind them on a boat and we heard some chanting up ahead. There appeared to be a man tied up in the center of a tunnel intersection. From what I could see he looked like the description we were given of Alun Northstag. As we were waiting for the right moment to strike we saw a great giant frog move toward the intersection from the tunnel ahead. We attacked and took out several of the chanters quickly from far away. During the fight Jayvin and Mauritius were swallowed by the frog and just as it came for me, Belos took it down. We recovered from the fight and grabbed up all the bodies, including Manilito who was still alive. We escorted them back to the authorities and took Alun to the inn.

Kweto Lucullus Located rumors that Manlito is the man to talk about frogs. He is a grain merchant that has been suspected many times. Jayvin used the information to disguise himself as a guide interested i learning more about frogs. Eventually we ended up following Manlito and Jayvin through the sewers on a stolen gondola. A pack of sorcerors were chanting around a chained up Alun? We couldn't see Jayvin and were trying to get into position for a concentrated volley when a huge frog demon hopped into the muck. We got a weak volley off and I pushed the gondola towards Alun while Iskander and Jayvin loosed his chains. Unfortunately as soon as Alun was freed Jayvin and Mauritius were swallowed by the hopping demon. We were able to kill it while it was torpid with its meal. Dianthia wanted to alert the guards and I hear it turned into a parade. I was happy enough to get a bath and call it a night.

Alun Northstag

Alun Northstag: The design of the chalice is from the first Imperium. Judging by the symbols the original chalice was property of Damien the destroyer, an general renown for his brutality in defending the emperor's every command. It is said that he either died in battle with demons or he died of disease after a battle with a demon. When I travel to the wall I intend to visit his memorial there. Other symbols on this chalice indicate that drinking saltwater from it will block outside influences, a common belief still around today among the peasants. The symbols also suggest that drinking blood mixed with salt grants vision. What kind of vision, I cannot guess.

Mauritius: Alun was very grateful that we saved him and did not steal his possessions. He offered one of them to Diantha as a reward, a fact she kept secret from the rest of the group. I assume this is because she feels that most of the group wouldn't understand a nobles place and their right to claim such rewards.

Diantha val'Emman: Alun woke up and was greatful that we had saved him and gave him back his stuff. He then asked me to dinner. We were just in a sewer so I had to take a bath. Afterwards I went to dinner with Alun and he seemed to like me, though he moved rather fast for how little we knew each other. In gratitude for saving him he gave me the choice of one of the items he was carrying and I chose the crystal.

When we got back to the Inn we had him look at the replica of the chalice. He said that it was the property of Damien the Destroyer. Alun said that he had a dream a long time ago about the chalice. He has since been seeking out a wand or rod that is the mate to the chalice.

Belos' travel scraps

  • Heard stores if Mauritius' travels with his legion, performing a sting.
  • The brutes sparred.
  • The prisoner escaped.
  • The ungrateful monks released us. I pondered staying anyway.
  • People shopped in Grokha.
  • We searched in Grokha for Alun.
  • I discovered some facts about the Cult of the Frog and their stealing of children for sacrifice to demons.
  • Lake Yebo is home to a Frog God, or an ancient frog-shaped demon.
  • Alun was supposed to be at The Fireplace.
  • He left three nights ago, leaving his stuff behind.
  • Diantha and Jayvin claim the box.
  • Visit Library of Crescent Moon with one Mrs. Anthea Lambrau.
  • Alun is a scholar of the First Imperium and on a quest for some wand.
  • We learn of a potential Froggite, Manlito, and scout/bluff in. Jayvin goes full retard.
  • Follow and fight the Froggites and their Slaad in the sewers.
  • Save Alun, parade the Slaad and Froggite corpses in the streets.
  • Alun had a dispute with one Froggite, Rosario, about history.
  • Alun will travel with us back to Blackwand and beyond.

Kweto LucullusWho would steal from someone you need to ask for help? I only steal when the victim is oblivious or entitled.


Recap reward
+1 action point to βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Mauritius
chain shirt - detected as faintly magical by Alun
Gift from Alun Northstag
Crystal of Lifekeeping, lesser (+3 competence bonus on saving throws against energy drain attacks, inflict spells, death spells, and death effects.)
Available to purchase from Alun Northstag
+1 Buckler (1,600gp)
Purchased by Belos.
Cloak of Elemental Protection (1,600gp; Immediate action to gain resist 10 acid|cold|fire|electricity|sonic; MIC p87)