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A:9 Three Weeks Travel

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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Kweto Lucullus, and Mauritius
Guest Starring: Jayvin De-gaul, Vicente Eisner,Iskander val'Mehan, Alun Northstag, Hiram, Levi, and Yosef, Lord Spiros Balanos, Lord Hagop val'Dellenov, Armen val'Dellenov, Triphena Samaris
Challenge: Winedrinker and two guards
Location: Aliegis, Whon, Blackwand, and back again.
Date Played: 27 Sept 2009

Heroes dinner in Whon by Lord Spiros Balanos

Mauritius: Diantha was invited to a dinner by Lord Spiros and she decided to bring some of us along. Alun decided to invite himself along as well. I really don't trust that guy. I believe his intentions with my sister are... carnal in nature.

She was placed at the table with the rest of the nobles while I took a seat at the common table. I was in for a surprise when Hiram, Levi, and Yosef were at the table as well. It was really great running into them and they appear to want me to meet their daughters. I'm not quite in a situation to settle down, so I declined. We had a bit of small talk and I wished them luck on their travels. I hope they meet little persicution on their way to the final days of the celestial event.

Kweto Lucullus I attended as Diantha's bodyguard. Despite Mauritius' feelings I feel I am protecting her suitors from her. Lord Balanos was much impressed with her actions against the cult of the frog. Eventually wrote an introduction to Haga val'Delenov when he learned she was traveling to Alegias.


Meanwhile, Belos paid a couple inns to have open soup kitchens to the public.

Save vs Wedgie

Mauritius: We had to escourt a nobles son, Armen, to Whalka to avoid the Harvesters of Ymandragore. We split the party, some of us staying in Blackwand to watch over Marcel while Belos, Kweto, Diantha, and I set sail. The trip only took three weeks.

He was a bookish sort. His lack of social skills was painful. It was made even more aparent in his communications with my sister. I believe it may have been the first time he has ever seen a woman. It was somewhat comical, given all of the recent suitors that have been going after Diantha.

Kweto Lucullus I liked Lord Balanos' grub so much I purloined Diantha's letter and sent it to Haga val'Delenov. We were approached by an agent of the Sanctorum, Nilus Bosch, who requested our aid in moving Armen val'Delenov to Whalka. He also passed on information that an agent of Ymandragor was in town. Haga val'Delenov was a nice enough dinner host. A little obsessed with a local unicorn that I hope was mentioned only to see Diantha's interest. His son Armen seems a bookish sort and we had no trouble making arrangements to transport him to Whalka.

Winedrinker in Blackwand

Mauritius: When we came back to Blackwand we caught wind that the Harvers were active yet again, and perhaps looking for Marcel in specific. Upon further investigation we found that it was a winedrinker, one that uses the blood of magical beasts and spellcasters to be able to cast spells.

We split up, with Diantha and I getting mage disguises to draw her out while Belos and Kweto were tasked with spying on her. I guess there must have been an opening becasue we stumbled upon them in the middle of combat. Diantha and I didn't know it was them at first, though, adn we did our natural duty as Val to protect the innocent.

We were able to convince the winedrinker and ehr guards that we were on their side and they invited us up to heal them and make sure they were ok. Diantha took this time to make a surprise attack that stunned the two guards but left the wine drinker unaffected. She then turned invisible and a grand battle of errors ensured where no one could climb walls, Kweto blew up the evidence of her vile acts, and guards that were as skilled as cooks.

The battle was won, but we were blamed for being murderers. We left one of the guards alive, seeing that he was not privy to the fact she was a winedrinker, thinking she was a wine merchant. After some debate we decided to have Diantha tell our side of the story to the local authorities. They let us go under the agreement that we avoid town for a long period of time.

Kweto Lucullus Nilus had mentioned Trafina Samaris was staying at the Dancing Seal and I took Belos with me to skulk around. I really should have asked him what he meant that winedrinker comment. She seemed to be a well heeled wine merchant with two slightly more alert bodyguards. Unfortunately she caught me out and I tend to jump for my knives too quickly to lie my way out. Fortunately Belos saw my plight and shot her in the back. She disappeared with some arcane trick and I caught her with a glitterstone but her guards were quick to get her to the safety of the inn, so I signaled Belos to retreat. Diantha and Mauritius "chased" us off and we circled about to find them entering the inn with Trafina Samaris.Some scuffle took place in her room and Trafina nearly landed on Belos and I who where waiting in the alley by the inn.

Alun discovers the Wand of Rangwa was last seen...

Alun Northstag The Wand of Rangwa was captured by the Ssrethgore hundreds of years ago. It was previously wielded by an Elorii prince and was used as a tool of banishment. Apparently this prince and Damien were allies.

Mauritius: Alun gave us some direction on where to go next. We booked passage on a ship to head to Ssrethgore territory that would set sail the next day. To our surprise, Brand took the ship early in the morning under the guise that his companions were going to kill him. Ironicly, now that is true. We quickly scrambled to find a new ship and set sail after Brand.

Belos' travel scraps

  • Frog Leg Curse - Maur. cured of it. Jayvin likes it.
  • The Vals have dinner.
  • I skip dinner, serve soup to the destitute.
  • We leave to Alagus.
  • The hobgoblins in the tower are slowly fitting in. I suggested they turn the other tower into an inn.
  • Alun's want he's researching is named the Wand of Rengwa.
  • Some of us go to Blackwand to see how Marcel's doing and to have him identify some items.
  • Nillish Bosh, pretending to be stupid, is. He thinks we're members of the Sanctorum.
  • Because we're bored while Alun researches, we agree to escort Armen Val'Delinov to Walko.
  • We book a ship (after some bad ones), named the Misty Isle.
  • We have dinner chez Hagga Val'D -- after eventually convincing Diantha she wanted to have a fine dinner.
  • I got sick of beating around the bush and started up conversation with Armen to let him know we were his guys to escort him.
  • We heard rumors about poachers seeking out a unicorn to the north, in the same swamp we killed the ogres.
  • We stayed at the Red Brick in and made our delivery.
  • We went back via Blackwand. In Blackwand, we got word that there were some Harvesters of Ymandragore in town.
  • Traphina Semaris, a wine drinker (blood sucker...) was tracked, eventually, to the Dancing Seal.
  • We botched an intereption, a retreat, a fight, and eventually Mauritius confirmed her identity and got us an in.
  • After fighting (note: others need to practice their climbing), we found that her gold had all melted together into a lump. Kweto is to blame.
  • We made it back to Alagus, got the story of the wand/cup/interrelation..., and booked package on the Lady of the Morning.
  • In the morning, we discover Brand gone and the ship, too. We rebook on the Blown Beggar with Captain Ira Kettleblack.


Wiki reward
+2 action points to Mauritius for being the only one to update the wiki prior to the session.