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Starring: James-icon.png James, Becca.png Becca, Ilke-icon.gif Ilke, Brick.gif Brick
Guest Starring: Gambit (Chang), Lord Mekka
Challenge: Negotiations
Location: Cathedral Basement
Date Played: 19 Apr 2012

Dealing with Lord Mekka

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, you! Lord Mecha is talking to us about... something. I don't know, it's starting to get a little boring without the robot fighting. Then he asks us what we're really doing here, & he becomes green. It's like he's a little alien. Turns out he's a fairy... The magical kind. I ask him if he knows anything about the pouch that was in the locker room & he says that it's fairy magic, but he's not strong enough to do it himself. Becca makes a deal with him to get rid of the vampire gamers for some info & make a deal to help for more info. We find out that his mistress made the magical pouches, but we don't know who she is yet.

When we leave, we find Ilke talking to Chang. I try to catch her up she gets real surprised when I say he's a fairy (the magic kind) & rushes into the backroom. I mosey back after talking to Chang for a bit & apparently, she has made a deal with the fairy too. Man, this fairy sure likes making deals...

James-icon.png James: The funny little dude drops his facade and is indeed inhuman. Fey, as it turns out. Something about a "sealy" or something - I didn't quite catch it. He makes deals with the rest of my buds, and tries to make one with me. I'm not so sure I want to enter into a pact, verbal or otherwise, with a supernatural thing. I declined. For now.

He asked us what we wanted. So we picked his brain a bit about the Deep Blue/Ribka stuff. Didn't know what else to ask him. So we left.

Next Steps

Brick.gif Brick: At this point, we know that he wants us to take care of the vampire gamers, but he won't be ready for us to do that for a while. For now, we should find out exactly who his mistress is & talk to her about who she made the pouch for & why...

James-icon.png James: I talked with Abraham back at Brewed Awakening about this, as he's the one who had the vision or dream or whatever of the midget and told me about it. He was interested, but that was it. He did mention the ParaNet group. He's a member it seems. They investigate supernatural stuff. I really need to check this group out.


The commercial break for this episode was Powerthirst.