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{{#vardefine:str|6}}{{#vardefine:dex|4}}{{#vardefine:con|5}}{{#vardefine:int|3}}{{#vardefine:per|2}}{{#vardefine:wil|2}} Strength: {{#var:str}}
Dexterity: {{#var:dex}}
Constitution: {{#var:con}}
Intelligence: {{#var:int}}
Perception: {{#var:per}}
Willpower: {{#var:wil}}


{{#vardefine:Acrobatics|3}} Acrobatics: {{#var:Acrobatics}}
{{#vardefine:Art|0}} Art: {{#var:Art}}
{{#vardefine:Computers|0}} Computers: {{#var:Computers}}
{{#vardefine:Crime|0}} Crime: {{#var:Crime}}
{{#vardefine:Doctor|0}} Doctor: {{#var:Doctor}}
{{#vardefine:Driving|3}} Driving: {{#var:Driving}}
{{#vardefine:Getting Medieval|0}} Getting Medieval: {{#var:Getting Medieval}}
{{#vardefine:Gun Fu|0}} Gun Fu: {{#var:Gun Fu}}
{{#vardefine:Influence|2}} Influence: {{#var:Influence}}
{{#vardefine:Knowledge|0}} Knowledge: {{#var:Knowledge}}
{{#vardefine:Kung Fu|5}} Kung Fu: {{#var:Kung Fu}}
{{#vardefine:Languages|0}} Languages: {{#var:Languages}}
{{#vardefine:Mr. Fix-it|2}} Mr. Fix-it: {{#var:Mr. Fix-it}}
{{#vardefine:Notice|2}} Notice: {{#var:Notice}}
{{#vardefine:Occultism|0}} Occultism: {{#var:Occultism}}
{{#vardefine:Science|0}} Science: {{#var:Science}}
{{#vardefine:Sports|9}} Sports: {{#var:Sports}}
{{#vardefine:Wildcard (Chi Mastery)|3}} Wildcard (Chi Mastery): {{#var:Wildcard (Chi Mastery)}}
{{#vardefine:Wildcard (Chi Strike)|1}} Wildcard (Chi Strike): {{#var:Wildcard (Chi Strike)}}

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Story (About the character)



Life Points: Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Endurance: 42
Essence: 22


Chi Strike
Dex + Chi Strike vs Dodge; Must declare use of one of the following before the attack.
Paralyze: Opponent must pass a difficult Constitution test, with each success of the attack deducting a success of the opponent. If failed, the opponent has -2 to all tasks for a number of turns equal to the remaining success levels of the attack.
Extra Damage: Each success level of the Chi Strike does an extra +2 damage per success.
Chi Mastery
Per + Chi Mastery to perceive the presence of supernatural beings or to forewarn about being attacked. Likely will require 3+ successes.
Will + Chi Mastery can be used to resist attempts to control or influence or to probe the mind. This works against both supernatural abilities and social skills.
Lesser Sensing (Per + Notice + 1 for Magic)


Dodge = Dexterity + (Acrobatics or Getting Medieval or Kung Fu)
Blessed Football = Dexterity + Sports (or Getting Medieval) for (Strength x 2) + ([Will x 2] x Success levels) bash damage. The football also glows on command.


Fear Test: +Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Consciousness Test: +Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". (-1 for every Life Point below zero)
Survival Test: +Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". (-1 for every ten Life Points below zero)


Athlete (4)
+1 to all physical stats, -1 to all non-Athlete (Sport) skill INT rolls, & +2 to Athlete (Sport) skill
Attractiveness (1)
The character has a striking body
Jock (3)
+1 to 2 physical stats (DEX & CON), -1 to all non-Sport skill INT rolls, & +2 to Sport skill
Fast Reaction Time (2)
+5 initiative bonus unless surprised or asleep & +1 bonus on Fear tests
Hard to Kill (4)
+4 to Survival Tests & +12 life
Magic 1
Natural Toughness (2)
Armor 4 vs Bash damage.
Pugilist (3)
+1 STR, +1 CON, +1 life, +1 Fisticuffs (Kung Fu), +1 Resistence (Pain), Mental Problem (Severe Obsession [Competition])
Quick Reflexes (1)
+2 initiative bonus unless surprised or asleep
Paranet (Obligation [Minor])
Summer Court (Status rank 1)
You are formally recognized by the Summer Court


Mental Problem (Severe Obsession [brunette]) (-2)
The character falls in love with any brunette.
Mental Problem (Severe Obsession [competition]) (from Pugilist)
The character feels the need to accept any challenge of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution that is placed before him.
Show off (-2)
Loves to show off to crowds.

Items of Note

Blessed Football
Blessed at CHURCH, this football is "in the service of the lord". Some creatures are vulnerable to its touch, suffering extra damage equal to ([Will×2] × Success levels).
The football will also cast light on command.