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The Urruarte Family is a large family of travelers and entrepreneurs.

Head of the Family

Tirtsa Urruarte
The Matriarch and center of the family.
In her 60s.
Luziano Urruarte
First Father
Brilliant mind and quiet, has a collection of artificial hands made from different materials and for different purposes
Tigranes Urruarte
Second Father
Well-armed and formerly a low ranking soldier. Distantly related to nobles from when Arkstone had then centuries ago.
Only 10 years older that Ildefons

Siblings of Ildefons

Ysabet Urruarte
Oldest sister.
Always puts family first
Second born
Amanta Bigorda
Third born sister
Manages logistics for the Urruarte Family businesses
Pasqual Urruarte
Fourth born brother
Reserved and wise but quite a nebnose
Izaro Winterpedal
Fifth born sister
Has a deformity from accidentally entering a Sillage as a young child.
When married to Medusa, they both changed their family name to something new.
Medusa Winterpedal
Wife of Izaro
Ermin Moscoterena
Sixth born sister
Easily distracted but kind
Flaming red hair and pale skin
Zakaria Moscoterena
Husband of Ermin
Talks too much
Nearly seven feet tall, burly, and proud of being direct.

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