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Cold:Session/10 Filled with Pet Hair

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Starring: 💳 Ciarán, 📎 John, 🧟‍♂️ Louis
Guest Starring: Arabella Sardi, Asano Fukiyatsu
Challenge: Escaping Immaculate Conception Station; Pet Hair aboard the Gaffe Giraffe
Location: Gaffe Giraffe (Ship), Paine Station
Date Played: 09 Dec 2022

Escaping Immaculate Conception Station

Incoming Missile and a Ride to Paine Station

Daryl's Notes

Louis is "tidying" ship, and a clang at the airlock. See: Swiss Guard is there.

Thoughts for how to get off. Quinn has called in and needs rescue, dropping our "abandon ship" plan...

Contest: Jones attempts to use eminent domain to wrestle ownership of the vessel from Hamm to US Government under back taxes Purvue.

Ciaran hires a bunch of holiday-rate Jewish people to get the ship "detailed", so they'll remove the anchor (and give us a fresh paint job, too).

Louis sacrifices a swiss guard to the ship engine...


Rescue Quinn eject pod from space... A big Louis endeavor.

!Contest/conflict the paper to hide/reveal info on the document.! The dice are crazy.

Done. Drift. Call Walezi for help. Ping on radar.

      • Quinn knows that Louis fed ANOTHER person to the engine.

Contact Walezi coordinates. * Get two responses: one in morse code. One spoken.

The Gaffe Giraffe is nearby, disables missile, is going to "take us to meet Walezi". https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/12m641/redneck_limo/

Solar orbit...

We see face of: Asano Fukiyatsu. He said we could get parts from him, etc.

Ciaran: Compel trouble, clean, to avoid activity. It's a filthy barnyard animal. Goats, alpaca, chimp, cats...

"Paine Station" to meet Walezi, Thomas Paine. "Redneck limo" in appearance. -- old station parts, largest potion is the lower 1/3 of beacon station. A bunch of junkers around it. But also some good modern Russian ships.

Get in touch with "Nadia Ivanov" Wild West. Be careful. 'Food Factory' recommended. And Alcoholatorium. Games area. Bazaar flea market. Sinslab, the religious area. There's a UFC arena The Stronghold. Communal shower in a hotel room.

KORS Daydock is based here.

+2 Fate Points to carry over. (Dirty; Resources gimped.)

Paul the chimp, tubby the alpaca.