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Cold:Session/9 No New Holes

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Agent Jones Awakens Tied Up

Midnight Mass Celebration

Daryl's Notes

CIA contact @MBL is Quinn's mother's husband. (ha!) CIA contact @Vatican Station is Arabella Sardi

Jones wakes up in Arabella's room, spritz of water. Why was he unconcious? Jones was "speaking in tentacles". Arabella recorded it. Tape: It's The Messenger, Nylarohotep. > Gather the words of The Custodian to set them free.

The lockdown is HUGE. Cardinal Valfrido Talone may be involved in the lockdown. Arabella wants to DESTROY the paperwork.

Meet up: Olive Garden.

Jones returns, scans for bugs. Every single coffin is bugged. Hamm's bugs.

A copy made, for destruction by Arabella.


COMPEL [Hidden in the Shadow of the Pope] Jones' tail recovers a good portion of the disposed portion of the papers.

Mail call. Very fancy invitation to Ciaran. "Christmas Eve Midnight Mass After-Party" invited by Cardinal and Mrs. Valfrido Talone Basilica of St. Joseph of Copertino Everyone's going.

The thing is oppulant AF. Dresses wired with modest underwear. Despite zero-G, there's an agreed-upon "up".

Cast: Cardinal Valfrido Talone Choir Carmelo Niccolini -- Another: Italian gentleman in 50s, ostentatious. Only Master of Wine (somalier) in space. 4 stress Whisper: "It is intention of 'dear friend' Valfrido to crush you[r reputation] tonight." Saw estranged sister? -- Ffion McDougel

Social conflict: Valfrido Carmelo Ffion - Older sister, signed paperwork to put mom into nursing home. It was right: She almost burned down the house. It's a problem because it wasn't a company nursing home. "Vita Yegorovna" [alias of Franko] Paparazzi Ciaran Jones Quinn

5 vs 2, with one at a +5

      • Hidden in the Shadow of the Pope

Bert compels Yegorovna, "I'm going to socially harm Valfredo to show this dumb American CIA agent how it's done." Carmelo admits shitty rosé. Quinn leaves party.

Create advantage: Sibling connection. Concede: Leave to catch up on family with sister at Rainforest Cafe.

Chat between Ffion and Ciaran. Ffion left husband. Engaged a new one. Superintendant of schools on the station. She's happy now.

Quinn in Poggio's appartment, looking for his rolodex. Poggio's on the bed, with a heartrate monitor. "Sound of a dozen smurf's snoring." "shark teeth" neck-mouth, lots of tiny Poggio-head-mushrooms growing on shoulders