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Cold:Session/21 Distress Signal

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Starring: 💳 Ciarán, 📎 John, 🗽 Quinn, 👩‍🚀 Oona, 👧 Aelita
Guest Starring: Douglas Stern
Challenge: Figuring out the Chthonic contract; Distress Beacon with Louis
Location: Good Luck 'n Finish
Date Played: 18 Jan 2024

Figuring out the Chthonic contract

🎲 DM: 📎 John works to understand the terms of the contract while it is actively trying to take over his mind. Aelita assists by visiting the Cosmogonic Library to do research that helps.

Once the contract is under control, it tells the location and time of the meeting: the geographic center of the United States at midnight on the vernal equinox.

👧 Aelita is told by the King in Yellow that she is to be the ambassador for this meeting. She tries to convince the others to sign her name, but the discussion was interrupted by a distress signal...

Distress Signal

🎲 DM: Saudi Arabian ground control notifies 👩‍🚀 Oona that there is a nearby distress beacon and the Good Luck N Finnish is the closest ship, so they are rerouting the ship for a rescue.

The escape pod is from Beacon Station and inside is Douglas Stern, a man lost in time. He is also Oona's long though dead godfather.

Taking Douglas onboard the ship, soon things start to go wrong. There is a small oxygen leak, then CO2 scrubbers are ejected into space. 📎 John investigates, finds sabatoge but is knocked unconscious before he can do anything.

Louis is on the outside of the hull

🎲 DM: Once Louis is discovered, Douglas' face splits open and he leaps to attack 💳 Ciarán but is taken out by a mind blast from Aelita that also hits Mr White and Quinn. Louis is hit with a blast from a thruster by Oona and mind blasted by Aelita, left to float in space forever....

Calling Raytheon

🎲 DM: 💳 Ciarán calls Raytheon to use his clout to get them to help with the group's plan of bombing the geographic center of the US. After tense negotiations, Raytheon is willing to clandestinely provide support.

Next up, figuring out how to crash a space station into South Dakota.