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Disposable:Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse:5 Clowns Aren't People

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Starring: 🌽 Zeb, 📝 Rachel, 🚬 Larry, and 🦿 Jamie
Guest Starring: Carla (Larry's mom); Uriah (Zeb's cousin); Pip, Paul, and Penny; Nelson "Longdrive" O'Dool
Challenge: Pip, Paul, and Penny; Military
Location: Rachel's apartment; Outside on the railroad tracks; On the highway
Date Played: 21 Feb 2021

Hollaquot and the Church

🌽 Zeb: Start in Hollaquot. Uriah stays in the car with Carla.

We go to where Larry remembers his dad working. Inside the building are people who smell like death. We argue about what to do, so we go to a convenience store. The person inside has a gun and we're trying to get them to help us by giving us a phonebook. They want us to get wafers from the local church

At the church, they are super pious. We're able to enter after an argument and convincing them that we're all saved. Inside they make us all go to confession, though Larry managed to dodge that.

Louisa's Home

🌽 Zeb: We have a montage to get to Louisa's home.

Louisa's home has 4 kids there.

Uriah and Carla are missing. A golf cart came up and someone with size 18 shoes got out. They both drove off. Drove in the direction of the amusement park.

They are clown shoes. *sigh.* And heading to the amusement park. Injun Joe's Amusement park.

Amusement Park

🌽 Zeb: The lights are on and things are moving. Zeb uses his radio to try and listen in. He gets their radios, hears dead baby jokes, but then there is high-pitched feedback that alerts them to our presence. Rachel quickly goes through her notebook which has Jamie's name with lovey doodles throughout it.

We encounter a clown on a chair with a caricature easel in front of him. Zeb does a caricature but the clown doesn't like it. Before the clown kills Zeb, Larry hits him with the fire ax.

Jamie archery. Towsend the toddler.

Open-air stage with a person, a man on stage. He is trying to get into his clown costume. He has seen Carla and Uriah. Larry helps him with his makeup, then tells us our friends are in the peanut gallery.

We sneak up to the peanut gallery. We see inside as an unconscious Uriah suspended in a cage, being steamed. Larry charges in. Zeb fires the gun but misses wildly, making the scene worse by making the rope holding Uriah's cage weaker.

Log flume ride is where Carla is.

Zeb throws Carla and Jamie to safety before getting hit and presumed to be dead.