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Disposable:Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse:PC/Zeb

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When Zebadiah Schmucker isn't working on his mother's farm, he is out in the woods seeking out bird nests in awkward places for his birding journal.

Zeb spends too much time looking out windows or into the sky (Distracted flaw), dreaming of being out in the wilds.

  • Trope: Rustic (When sleeping rough, spend a Brave Token to find sufficient shelter, food, and water for yourself for the night, and erase one Supply mark)
  • Flaw: Distracted
  • Patches: Climbing, Nature, Tracking, Drawing

Brawn (20), Flight (12), Brain (10), Charm (8), Grit (6), Fight (4)


  • Supply: 2/3
  • Pocket 1: Pocket Knife
  • Pocket 2:

Pack Items

    • Canteen
    • Sleeping bag
    • Winding hand radio
    • Food (Frozen Garlic Bread)
    • Binoculars
    • Pemekin
    • Bunch of American Flags
    • Matches and candles
    • Guns will inflict Trauma directly on a target. Instead of marking a Usage circle after each shot, mark them after each encounter where they were used. ..., pistols have three [you just used one]


  • 1 Sore Coccyx
  • 2
  • 3
  • X


  • 1
  • X.X

Friends and family members

  • Theodora Schmucker (mother)
  • Uriah Hersberger (Amish cousin; near Rumspringa age [14])
  • Mr MacBrady the owner of MacBrady's General Store