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L:4 Legend of the Pedophile Half Elf Douche Knight

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Starring: Dario-icon.gif Dario, Thaddeus-icon.gif Thaddeus, Tarralon, Nict-icon.gif Nict, & Malyth-icon.gif Malyth
Guest Starring: Johannes and his new found (possible) ward, Trevor Wylan; Mistress Minci (High priestess of Venal); Father Samuel
Challenge: Looooooong debate about what to do with the tome Prophecies of Man; Beggar warning about the end of the world
Location: Belinosian crypt outside of Eliador, City of Semoritos
Date Played: 21 Aug 2011

Catacombs of Eliador.jpg

We find an ivory key that isn't ivory

Dario-icon.gif Dario: As the threat passes we all breath in a sigh of relief. Sadly that relief is tainted by the sea of corpseflesh that surrounds us. Thad and I being piling up the bodies and upon the morn I will burn them under the light of the sun. Tarralon summons magical brushes that begin cleaning up the blood, and as he encounters papers he begins to stack them up.

As we do this a soft warm glow comes from near Brody fell. The source is a small key that is at first mistaken for ivory, but upon inspection it is actually adamantine. By it's design it obviously unlocks the mechanism barring the untouched sarcophagus. I encourage us to keep it closed but I am in the minority and it is opened.

Inside is a perfectly preserved—and still warm!—corpse of a man. He wears a necklace and a ring that radiates magic, at least to the eyes of Malyth. An adamantine staff rests next to him. His hands cross over either side of a book labeled Prophecies of Man. As this book is only ancient rumor, it is pulled forth and found to be empty. Malyth's magic summons forth reading spectacles which are immediately shattered and we recoil.


Prisoner and baby

She stirred in the impenetrable darkness, awakened to her misery by the

iron collar that chafed her neck, the sodden rag of a dress she wore, and the fetid odor of old blood. Torchlight stabbed through the cracks beneath the massive door to her cell, the faint rattle of iron keys snapping her attention from the bundle she clutched so tightly. Perhaps someone came with food or water or perhaps with fresh clothes or perhaps simply to clean her soiled cell. The clink of a key in the lock stiffened her like the crack of a whip. Yes, someone was coming!

Hinges squealed in protest and torchlight blinded her, but the figure outlined in the open portal bore no food, clothes, or water. It bore nothing save an iron-shod staff of crooked and gnarled wood. The shape of that staff struck a chord in her mind. She remembered the shape of it, she remembered the one who bore it and, worst of all, she remembered that day, months ago, when he had stolen her away from her home, husband and family.

She opened her mouth to scream, to deny, to plead, but even that small act was stolen from her with a wash of guttural syllables and a wave of his hand. She sat paralyzed, unable to move, speak, or even blink as he strode forward and stole from her the only thing she had left. He pried her numb fingers away from the bundle of bloodied skirts she clutched to her breast, and lifted the protesting babe in one careful but unyielding hand. Another flow of words stilled the babes cries and the man, if man he truly was, smiled down at his prize.

Perfect! was the only word he uttered that she understood.

He turned and walked away, having stolen the only thing she had that was of any value to him. As the door closed, and the light faded never to return, the magic that held her waned, and her piteous wail shivered the air of her cell. She lay there sobbing and empty, forgotten by the man who had stolen her daughter.

Trevor's Tale

I was so young then. All I remember is that I wanted nothing more than for my family to be safe. And I resolved to fight, untrained, no matter what end came. I looked towards the coming challenge with anxiety and enthusiasm. I cannot even begin to describe to you how it felt to be living a boy's fantasy. Fantasies, though, never dwell on the gore and death. And then, by a fluke, I saved his life. I was overcome with a passion for life and honor like I never was before.

He simply told me to travel here, to you. He said that "they have been waiting for me". Or "will have been waiting for me".

Trevor Waylin steps forward onto the podium of the Council of Dream Knights to receive his proper stature as a knight. Many say that he is the greatest knight to have come forward in a hundred years. A master with the sword, a champion of the mounted charge, conservative and resourceful use of the shield. . . .

Hopefully, he will lead us to victory.

A prophecy reveals itself

Dario-icon.gif Dario: Dawn comes and so does Johannes. The others leave the catacombs to talk with him as I prepare the bodies. I reflect the light of the sun onto them using Brody's shield and then set them on fire. I hope that Belinos finds that acceptable.

Beggar spouts "wisdom"


Dario-icon.gif Dario: A beggar spouts a hash of phrases at us and this captures the attention of Tarralon. As he makes his living collecting bits of information in this way I see no harm in stopping. Until Tarralon invites him to join us. The smell of the man is unfortunate and glancing at my companions, I can see that none relish in the idea. I provide him two silver so that he might have room and board.

City is having a festival, doom considered to be imminent


Dario-icon.gif Dario: We crest a hill and to our collective delight the city is not in ruins. The opposite in fact, it is having a fall festival! The city is host to the main chapterhouse of Venal, so I split from the group to attend to things there.

I meet up with Mistress Minci, the high priestess of Venal. I tell her about my recent trials and tribulations. She informs me that Father Samuel is to be married on the morrow and when he arrives he appears to be done too happy about that affair. Father Samuel tells me that it will take two days to wash away the evil stain from the armor that I carry. I reveal the key and Father Samuel encourages me, with magic I suss out later, to give it to him so that he may see that it is given to the Belinos faithful.

Hours later my head clears and I realize that I cannot rejoin my companions without the key. To have it tricked out of my possession is an embarrassment that I cannot abide. I seek out Father Samuel immediately.