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To Be Claimed

  • -2,600 Gold Piece
  • Skill Focus (???)
  • Discount, the old nag
  • Runeforged Weapon
  • Magic Boots of the Winterlands 2,500 Gold Piece
  • Cold Mountain Climber's Kit 100 Gold Piece
  • 0 Gold Piece
  • 0 Gold Piece
  • 0 Gold Piece
  • 0 Gold Piece
  • 0 Gold Piece
  • 0 Gold Piece


  • 0 Gold Piece


  • Party buys a mix of feather tokens (not calculated)

Shared Wealth 10,000 Gold Piece


  • WandWand, Identify Lvl 1CL 1 ×8 15 Gold Piece
  • Wondrous ItemWondrous, Book of Helpful Hints ×21 10 Gold Piece
    • As you page through this book, it fills with helpful hints, encouraging words, tidbits of knowledge, and useful life hacks. You can read up to 5 pages per task, each page read granting a cumulative +1 competence bonus to a skill check. Once read, a page vanishes from the book. Effectively, this is a Wand of Guidance swapped to an 'anyone can use it' Wondrous item.
  • OilOil, Rope trick Lvl 2CL 3 300 Gold Piece


  • Magic Revelation Quill Gold Piece [1]
  • Magic Bag of Holding (Type 2) 5000 Gold Piece Default: Isra'a
  • Magic Boots of the Mire 3,500 Gold Piece +2 resistance bonus to poison and disease saving throws; walk like druid in swamp
  • Magic+1 Ranseur [Adamantine] 5,010 Gold Piece
  • Pair of Shield Other rings.


  • Donkey 8 Gold Piece
    • Feed: 1.5 Gold Piece/month for donkey
  • Reasonable quantities of food and water, cooking, camping gear
  • Ladder, 10'
  • Rope [Hemp, 150']
  • Saddle, Riding
  • Saddlebags
  • Shovel
  • Block and tackle
  • Rope [Hemp, 50']
  • Torch
  • Hammer
  • Tool: Knowledge (History) Masterwork 150 Gold Piece +2 on knowledge checks related to Varisian history when time taken to consult

Plot (no intrinsic value)

  • Exotic "Toys" 500 Gold Piece
  • Giant/Sandpoint Invasion Plans
  • Lucrecia's undecrypted/uninvestigated papers.
  • Lucrecia's scroll listing names, including Kaven: "Those who have agreed to grant their greed to the master's need."
  • Nymph hair, poems
  • Deed: Chopper's Isle
  • Deeds and keys: Foxglove Townhouse and Misgivings
    • Key: Tarnished iron key set with a round opal 100 Gold Piece
    • Key: Bronze with unusually long tang, with a head resembling an animal with mouth agape.
  • Tsuto's journal
  • Goblin-drawn (ie, badly) map from nearby woods to cathedral through town.
  • Book (Pictures of lamashtu written in an unknown language) 100 Gold Piece
  • Dented crown of Thistletop Goblin Tribe 20 Gold Piece
  • Pouch of artifacts from people around Sandpoint, not labelled (hair, nail clippings, used handkerchiefs, the like)
  • Nualia's notes