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Starring: Brock, Calum, Glinvizz, Hilma, Isra'a, Karaz
Guest Starring:
Challenge: Below
Location: Chopper's Isle, Coastal Road, Thistlewood
Date Played: 02 May 2015

Isle Owned by a Murder (of crows)

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings - Part 4, 5: Chopper's Isle, Thistletop Keep

Chopper's Isle

DM-d20.jpg DM Das Korvut's Reward: MW exotic, wooden weapon of your choice. (+MW Full Plate custom-made for Hilma, forthcoming)

What a forsaken place this is - it seems The Chopper wasn't your average butcher, he was a fanatic. Aside from the mass of birds on the island and it's strange climate we found the remains of his residence. Underneath lay a temple to some bird demon - something came over me while exploring. My companions say I fought the air...
After some extra effort, we were able to make it to the top of the cliffs. Here we found a lot of birds and the ruins of Chopper's old place. After a little bit of gnomish searching, I found a way into the basement. Evidently The Chopper worshiped some sort of evil bird god. This explained the somewhat unnatural birds.

The place was also hunted by Das Korvet's son's ghost. We had to put it to rest the hard way, but Das Korvet was grateful none the less.


We decided to head to Thistletop via the overland route, we planned to head down the road, across the Pauper's Graves and through the Nettlewood. On the road we encountered an ogre. Fortunately for us, the ogre was just rousing from sleep and unaware of our presence. Unfortunately for us, we party members who are as stealthy as thunder.
Didn't particularly matter, the lumbering brute was about as accurate as we are stealthy - truth be told... I prefer that we dealt with it. I don't like having danger at my back.
Once again, the group proves that they can not let well enough alone. There was an ogre in the distance that was groggy and appeared to be eating the local goblins. As opposed to having a goblin munching creature unaware of our presence cover our tail, we instead try to kill it. If anything, this group is good at killing stuff. Well, and almost dying as well.

Arriving at Thistletop Keep

Golbins... blah blah... hate... blah
We managed to find the secret entrance and get inside the compound. The close quarters are making me uneasy. Inside one of the rooms we ran into a Goblin Druid - after a short bout we got the better of him and the coward turned himself into a tree. If the entire area wasn't flammable, I would put him to the torch!
We cut through a graveyard to get to the goblin encampment. It was supposedly populated by ghouls, but we didn't encounter any. Trust me, I'm not complaining about that.
With a little bit of searching, we eventually found the entrance. It opened into a labyrinth that looked a bit puzzling. We decided to follow a wall so we didn't get lost.
Our first meaningful encounter was with a firepelt cougar and it's owner, a goblin druid. The cougar went down quickly enough, but the druid turned out to be quite a hassle. He was able to entangle half of us in the briars and was able to "escape" by turning into a tree.

DM-d20.jpg DM Section


The Burned House
birds environment hazard (CR3)
camouflaged pit trap (CR3)
Main Chamber
Simon Korvut, whispering spirit (CR4)
Haunted Stair
Remnants of the Chopper haunting (CR3)
Road to Thistletop
Ogre (CR3)
Poison plants (CR3)
C6 - Tangletooth's Den
Firepelt couger (CR 2*; class feature of another encounter)
C7 - Gogmurt's Lair
Gogmurt (Dru 4/Rog1) (CR 2; reduced: Tangletooth separated into its own encounter)

Recap Reward

Before next session's day
Reroll a fortitude save against poison with a +2 bonus.
Reroll a fortitude save.
Not done
End of chapter 3.