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Starring: Glinvizz, Haneet, Hilma, Isra'a
Guest Starring: Mvashti, Das Korvut
Challenge: Below, philosophizing nature vs nature's effect on goblin alignment
Location: Catacombs of Wrath, Sandpoint, Junker's Cliff
Date Played: 18 April 2015

Philosophy of Goblin Society

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings - Part 4: Chopper's Isle

Catacombs of Wrath

With most of the catacombs clear, we decided to split up the group and send half of the group to the surface to bring back loot while the rest of us check the last few rooms.
Horrible ideas. This group is full of horrible ideas. We first encountered two Vargouilles that made a mess of the rest of the group. They informed me that the scream the flying heads projected made them paralyzed. I'll just take their word on that. Isra'a got a smooch from one, which made him reasonably sick and diseased.
This led to a spiral staircase that led to two dead ends. One of them had a familiar language that quickly appeared then faded from my vision. It spoke of pain, torture, hooks, and torment. I plan on finding where this tower leads to. The lower levels led to a strange room with floating objects. Haneet took the lead and gathered the treasures, sans a floating dead bird.
The final room we explored housed Mvashti the Quasit. She mostly annoyed the group before escaping through invisibility. I spent my time talking to a ren and mostly ignoring her. I just know a pointless encounter when I see it.
For some strange reason we decided to split the group again - I supposed I'm not the most trust worthy person to be in change of loot. Tho, I have yet to do anything to earn that distinction.
My delicate constitution was completely overwhelmed by two Vargouilles - I tried to position myself into a flanking position. Instead I got myself into an awkward position when one of them shoved its tongue down my throat. Try as I might, I couldn't resist it.
We also fought something else - tho I really am not sure what. A sudden terror washed over me and I abandoned the group immediately. It really wasn't my finest hour.

R&R (Rest & Research)

My research panned out after a few days. It looks like the catacomb spiral staircase led to the lighthouse. Even more interesting, it appears that the lighthouse used to be some sort of massive weapon. This warrants much further investigation!
We also decided to investigate the strange "hot/cold lava pit" from the dungeon. It is something called a Runewell and it is an ancient magic item that stores the charges of the deaths of wrathful people and used to create the sinspawns. IF we can clear all of the charges, it will be very hard to reactivate. We got it as low as we could and sealed it. We will stop back later and hopefully have enough charges in the well to be able to finish it off.
The worst part of the Vargouille kiss was the sickness that overcame me. The town priest was useless as always - no ability to heal me. I was forced to visit the old crone. She was able to mend me, but she still gives me the creeps.
After that ordeal - I needed a few days worth of R&R. On some level I do care about what happens to the town, but I needed a short break to focus on not caring about anyone but me.

Chopper's Isle

I'd say I'll never hear the end of it, but luckily that will never be true. Just never give the benefit of a doubt to a goblin. When trying to strike a deal to get safe passage to Chopper Isle, the goblins ambushed the group. I came back just in time to help clear out one of the goblins and distract a giant gecko. Lets just hope only one of the was wrathful and we have a perfect 3 charges to empty the well.
I hate goblins - seriously, I hate goblins. Against my better judgement I stood by while Glinvizz tried to negotiate with one of those little pests. I see the logic, but these are goblins we are talking about. Never again, shoot first - ask questions later. I'm not going to play pincushion while some gnome tries to prove that everyone deserves a chance.

DM-d20.jpg DM Section


B4 - Washing Pool
2x Vargouille
B13 - Cathedral of Wrath
Elyrium (Quasit Witch)
Junker's Cliff scavengers (encountered simultaneously)
  • Goblin Junker x2
Junker's Cliff haulers (encountered simultaneously)
  • Goblin Junker x1
  • Giant giant gecko. (Giant Gecko with Giant template applied)

Recap Reward

Before next session's day
1 free reroll, use better result, of a climb, acrobatics, swim, etc, check with natural terrain (etc.) in the Sandpoint vicinity.
1 free reroll, must use second.
  • None
Not done
Until used.