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Starring: Calum, Haneet, Hilma, Isra'a, Karaz, Tokki
Guest Starring: Shaelu Andosana, Citizens of Turtleback Ferry
Challenge: Below
Location: The wildnerness of Magnimar's holdings; Turtleback Ferry
Date Played: Nov 2015, Jan 2016.

Gnomish Pranks

Chapter 3: The Hooksaw Massacres - Part 1: In The Hook's Shadow

A Friendly Guide (travel montage)

With a gentle breath
Trouble fades and gives respite
How long is unknown
The past returns again
A cycle one can't evade
Bound, a wheel of time
We were approached by the Guilds of Magnimar to become an officially recognized guild– official in the same way that Karaz is our ‘official leader’. Not sure I really like this – but at least I know up front it is a sham. The reasoning behind the move became clear when we were approached by Shaelu – there was trouble to the northeast. Guess we are going to clean up another mess.

Turtleback Ferry

Descent in the wood
Stalked and hunted by my past
Giant, ever looming

Remembrance Services

Faces forgotten
Worn down by time and great strife
That call for my help
Honored gnomish prank
Light-hearted and lesson-bound
A dick in the ear
We arrived in Turtleback Ferry after some trouble in wilds. The town seemed on edge – some bad things had been going down. Apparently, the fort close by had been overrun by Ogres and there was something about gambling? I must have been drinking heavier than usual as my memory is dodgy.


We didn't stay long, which is good, because I would have burned down the school, because school is terrible because it's booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring.

The Road to Fort Rannick

The wilds unbound
Dangers concealed by nature
Half-breeds like a pox
On the way to investigate the fort we came across what was obviously a trained fire pelt cougar that was caught in a trap. While attempting to free the beast we were attacked by a mutated ogrekind and his dogs. We dealt with the ogre and it became clear that the cougar wanted us to follow him.

Graul Farm

Foul beast shaped like men
Towering, lumbering piles of dim
Harrow our burden
From a mother's love
Twisted by black lust and sloth
Evil births twisted evil
The cougar led us to a dilapidated farm-stead, where we were again attacked by a deformed ogre. Calum had a senior moment and opened up the barn while we were still dealing with the first foe. This sprung three more grotesque creatures. Following a brief skirmish we got to investigate the inside of the barn. It seems these creatures, the ‘Grauls’, kept a pet in here – a massive spider. Normally, I would be fine with leaving this well enough alone but it seemed that the Grauls were going to feed some prisoners to it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spring the captives free without killing off the spider.
These three, turned out to be members of the Black Arrows – the garrison that had been ousted from Fort Rannick. Before we could question them we had to finish with the ogres. We made our way into the farmhouse, we discovered the reason for the birth defects – it seems the matriarch of the farm liked to keep the gene pool as small as possible. We happened to catch them *urp* creating a new generation? We decided to do the only thing any reasonable person would do – kill them all.

The Last of the Black Arrows

Caught in evil's web
Those that fought in our absence
Valiant on their last breath
We returned outside and met the Black Arrows - Brock, Breslin and Kaven, we began to discuss strategies for investigating and hopefully retaking Fort Ranick.

DM-d20.jpg DM Section


Random Travel Encounters
Annis Hags, Poisonous Manticore, etc.
Mild wilderness encounters
The Strange Firepelt (CR7)
  • Rukkus Graul + Graul Hounds, with ally Firepelt
The Graul Farm
  • Crowfood (CR7)
  • Porch (CR5) - traps
  • Family Room (CR3) - traps
  • Dining Room (CR6) - traps
  • Playpen (CR5) - younger but still angsty and malformed Grauls; hand-waved
  • Mammy's Room (CR11)
  • Bedroom (CR3) - traps; hand-waved
  • Skin-shucking Room/Hucker's Lair (CR8) - ogrekin bbn and donkey rat friends; hand-waved
  • Endriculous Pit (CR6)
  • Barn Kennel (CR7)
  • Prison (CR5) - Biggin' spider

Recap Reward

Before session 16
One attack roll against a giant is an automatic critical hit, already confirmed (ie, no roll required).
One attack roll against a giant is an automatic hit and threat, requires confirmation.
  • none
Not done
End of chapter.