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Starring: Calum, Haneet, Isra'a, Karaz, Tokki
Guest Starring:
Challenge: Below
Location: The Storval Mountains
Date Played: 27 August 2016

Copper Pieces!

Chapter 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants - Part 3, 4: Jorgenfist; Under Jorgenfist

Arrival & Exploration

Personal Log. Entry 155.7: Dividends proved instrumental in catching up to the group quickly. They weren't very hard to track, though, with the sheer size of the ogre and giant corpses left in their wake. The wounds seemed a bit excessive compared to our usual encounters with them. I fear that without the watchful eye of Hilma and myself, the rest of the group would go toward a less righteous path on their way to victory.
Personal Log. Entry 155.12: The path to Jorgenfist is baron and dismal. To think, though, it was not too far from where but a few months ago. If we only had a little more information we would have been able to stop any of this from happening and saved the people of Sandpoint any more darkness. I must not show it, but my incompetence in this regard weighs heavily upon me.

Caves & Dragon Hordes

Personal Log. Entry 158.1: Soon after last night's rest, we quickly came upon Jorgenfist. It is a towering sight surrounded by many encampments of giants around the base. It looks all but impenetrable. There must be another way to get in aside from attacking the guard tower and charging the main gait.
Personal Log. Entry 158.3: Scouting ahead, I found some caves on the side of the cliff that hangs from the mouth of Jorgenfist. Israa found a cave to the north-east. We decide to wrap around to the cave he found first as it would be safer to access the cliffface caves if his did not lead to Jorgenfist.
Personal Log. Entry 158.6: It appears we found the lair of Longtooth. The group wants to take a bit of the treasure while we're here. I try have have them hurry along as I don't want to scale the cliffs at dusk. We can always come back later to line our pockets.

Under Jorgenfist

Personal Log. Entry 158.7: The cliffs lead to a cavern that look promising. The entrance was guarded by a trio of undead spider masses as well as some evil fey known as redcaps. The ordeal was harrowing, but we came through better than expected.
Personal Log. Entry 158.8: There was a kobold named Enga at the end of our path. We were able to negotiate with her to be able to proceed as well as get some general directions. We gave her a writ to be introduced to Magnamar and join the pit-fighting there. The rest of the group made some bold promises as well that we probably cannot keep. I will not be held to their hasty promises.


Personal Log. Entry 158.9: We were able to take a group of stone giants by surprise. One fell quickly and the other surrendered. We found that the stone giants here are slaves. We were able to free some captives from Sainpoint as well as some of the stone giants. We now have a pressing mission; save as many stone giants and humans as possible. I feel fine that this means less spoils if we can properly arm them better ensure their freedom.


We finally reached Jorgenfist and sent out our sneaky ones to scout the place out. What should they find but the hoard of Longtooth, the dragon we killed in Sandpoint. Hundreds of thousands of - copper pieces. Lovely. Looks like there are hundreds of Giants inside the fortress, and not even Haneet can jump that wall. Luckily, we find a secret cave entrance into the basement. Huge Undead spiders, Redcaps. We met Enga the pit-fighting Kobold barbarian, who gave us info about where things are in Jorgenfist. Karaz made him some promises that the rest of us probably won't keep. Moving into the area of the basement that's actually inhabited by Giants, we can upon a tannery and a forge staffed by enslaved Stone Giants and humans - including some from Sandpoint! Of course we do the noble thing and free them.

I SMELL COFFEE. COFFEE COFFEE COFEFE. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ It's in this cave somewhere!! Oh… I'm lost.

DM-d20.jpg DM Section


1x deathweb
Red Cap Kingdom
6x redcaps
Back Guard
Kobold Barbarian 12

Recap Reward

Before next session's day
Get to reroll a d30 in place of a d20 once. Still only a natural 1 and 20 have their usual effects; results over 20 use their number but, e.g., don't trigger critical hits.
  • Tokki, Haneet, Calum
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