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Starring: Calum, Haneet, Isra'a, , Tokki
Guest Starring: Galenmir, Sandpoint cast, Sparklefluff, The Scribbler
Challenge: Below
Location: Jorgenfist; Sandpouint
Date Played: 31 December 2016 and 28 January 2017 and 04 February

Hot Decaf Coffee

Chapter 5: Sins off the Saviors - Part 1: The Scribbler

Peacock's Library

Giant Politics

After finally dispatching Mokmurian and thwarting the plans for invasion we went about setting up a treaty with Galenmir and the remaining stone giants. Tokki inserted himself and made what had been an amazing deal for Magnimar into one that gave the giants far more than they were asking for. I really don’t understand the reasoning – he weakened our position, and possibly our reward.
While the talks were going on we spent some time exploring the vast library contained within the walls of Jorgenfist. It contained lots of information long since forgotten – I’m sure Calum found it useful.

...And back in Sandpoint

We returned to Sandpoint to discover a large hole had opened up near the lighthouse. It damaged the garrison and took the lives of some watch members. As usual – we have been tasked with investigating this development. If I had to guess – some of the chambers we previously explored collapsed and caused this. Hopefully, the runewell is still accessible – we still need to destroy that thing.

Bury the Egg

In addition to the sink hole – we also ran into Eleryum’s familiar, Sparklefluff. He had laid an egg which we determined was a (?). Now we tried to destroy the egg, but Haneet nearly lost her Morningstar in the process. Our solution was to bury it – with any luck the pressure of the dirt will crush and effectively trap/kill it.

Into the Hole

We received a visit from Pazuzu – he warned us that the sinkhole lead to a previously inaccessible section of the catacombs. Contained underneath was a shrine to Lamashtu – wonderful. Inside, we found ourselves hampered by fog – both visible and mental fog. Every time we made a decision we would often find ourselves doing quite the opposite.
Inhabiting this place was a strange fellow who went by ‘The Scribbler’ – he would appear out of nowhere and pump us for information. He had his Glabrezu follow us while we tried to explore. We were horrible guests and trashed every Lamashtu shire we came across. At one point I triggered a trap inside of a hallway and was convinced that cultists were coming. Hilma managed to clear my mind but Tokki fled the area. Down a man we decided to return to the surface and better prepare for another attempt in here.
The Scribbler was having none of that – he rendered Calum (more) insane and unleashed the Glabrezu on us. It quickly summoned another one and then caused us to float helplessly in the air. I tried to gather everyone into a close group so HIlma could Windwalk us out… she was rendered unconscious. We were given a choice – leave her here or perish. I saw no way out and elected to leave her behind. We could collect her in three days.

Rescue Party?

Once outside we found Tokki and deposited Calum at the church. In the brief moment of sanity, we got some spells from Calum and Tokki, Haneet and myself went to rescue Hilma. On the way to the sinkhole Haneet saw a butterfly and disappeared chasing it… it fell on Tokki and me. I don’t wish to discuss what I saw down there – only know that we managed to interrupt it and bring Hilma back with us. I do hope she is ok.

Downtime, Aisle 5

The Stone Circle at Lake Stormunder


In addition to the mess described earlier – we also found a riddle within the Scribbler’s lair. It prompted us to find the location of something called the Runeforge. We surmised that the location of the entrance was at Lake Stromunder, we prepared as best we could for the trip and set off.

Here we found 7 massive statues – 2 we recognized as Alaznis and Karzog… safe to say the other 5 were the other Runelords. After some reasoning we decided to attempt casting spells on the statues – Calum cast one on Karzog and it yielded a key. We now must figure out what spells go to which statues. Guess wrong and I bet we will not be happy… perhaps we should head back to Jorgenfist and do some more targeted research in the library.
Before we can make a decision we are run down by a dragon – once again I am tricked into pacifism. Tokki got it worse than me – he was encased in a block of ice. The dragon pounded on us in our weakened state – Hilma managed to free Tokki and Calum flung magic at it. It appeared the tide was turning – Hilma broke me free from my enchanted state and I looked to join the fray. Seeing this development the dragon elected to flee… I doubt this will be the last we see of him. Prideful creatures, it will be out for revenge.

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Recap Reward

  • "Wondrous potion/oil": 5th level spell or lower.
  • And one of 4th level or lower, too.
5th level : Potion of Overland Flight (9 hour duration?), 4th level: Potion of Greater Invisibility (7 round duration)