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Wild:40 Navigating the Negative Energy Plane

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Starring: Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk
Guest Starring: Quinious, Delconnor
Challenge: Void Ooze (×2); Combo elemental(?)
Location: Junction between planes of Dust, Salt, and Negative Energy; Purple Island;
Date Played: 08 Jul 2010

So What Now?

Pirate.gif Brilla: Well, were are kinda in a bind being here. Nothing to eat or drink, and no real apparent way out. There was some experimentation and bickering among the group to figure out what to do next.

What was most surprising... wait, no scratch that. What has come to be expected is that Fuelwen and Tsk'Tsk entered into another pissing contest to walk over the film that keeps the planes contained and away from this node. Needless to say, someone got hurt.

Through all this, though, we eventually found a way out. We needed to construct an arch out of ooze that we would have to walk through. The only place that may have even a hint of moisture is the negative energy place, so we decide to go there. I bind a new ancestor, Acererak, and take to the void. With the help of a few spells from Bo, the others in our main adventuring group join us as well. Oh, and Splat.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Fascinating. This spherical chamber sits at the boundary of three planes, with easy access to each. I gather samples, take measurements, and generally try and learn what I can about this place. Learning about how these were created, and more vitally, how they are used could be an incredibly powerful bit of knowledge. From the documents we found here, we learned something vital: not only do the planes shape the islands, but the islands shape their planar connection. Celestian researchers salted this island, destroyed all life upon it, and thus shifted its original gateway into this junction. I look forward to seeking how this may be used to my benefit.

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: Stuck in the space between the planes of Dust, Salt, and Negative Energy, we explored the large plank (island) that we stood upon, finding copious amounts of tedious writings. Apparently they were authored by a Celestian (not to be confused with Celestial) who was assigned here as a researcher.

The researcher's notes told the history of the island. It was remote, unpopulated, and used as an experiment. All life on the island was killed and the earth was salted in the hopes of altering the planar connection of the island. Apparently they were somewhat successful.

Among the notes was the key to our return home! Written in Draconic were instructions on how to create a gateway of ooze. Everyone eyed up Splat.

Into the Void

Pirate.gif Brilla: Needless to say, the negative energy plane was pretty bleak. Despite my enhanced vision that can see through all darkness, I was still limited by the nature of the plane. To assist us, we left a trail of arrows pointing back to the way we came. The going was slow, but we were taking all the precautions necessary to find our way back.

As we were making our way through the darkness we were attacked by unseen assailants. Those being attacked noted that they were some kind of blob. Unable to see a target, I resorted you using my headband to summon vortexes of electricity. The group knew it was an illusion, so it proved to be a mostly effective tactic. Splat forgot for the first burst, though. I feel a little bad, but friendly fire does happen. I'm just glad he it made through the ordeal. Fuelwen looked pretty drained after this encounter. Bo will have to do something about that the next morning.

Once the oozes were defeated we took them back to the opening where Bo and I begun to work on making an arch out of one of them. I have to say, Bo is a master in his craft. In no time we had a workable arch to go back through.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: To escape, we needed ooze. We sought our prey in the negative energy plane. Bo provided protective spells that allowed us to not die by simply being there. It was a good hunt, and I was stunned to see my companion was useful.

Splat.gif Splat: TAKE THAT! Stupid bad-guy ooze didn't stand a chance. He was all, "I'm gonna slime your friends," and I was all, "BURN! HAHAHAHA! GOOD IS GOOD, BABY! DOWN WITH GOVERNMENT!" And then he was all, "Ow. I'm dying. I'll be back, Splat. I'll always be back," and then I was all, "And I'll set you on fire again."

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: The old man has many magics, and he gifted us with protection so that we may hunt ooze creatures in the Negative Energy plane! Being out of our element, I think that we acted quickly when attacked by the native creatures. The clutch mother decided to repeatedly explode and Splat followed suit. Apparently this clutch considers friendly fire okay.

We overcome our prey and take the carcasses back to our void, where the old man sculpts a magnificent ooze gateway and I go through first.

The Party Just Keeps Coming Apart

Pirate.gif Brilla: My the time I made it through the arch I saw the rest of the group around a dead beast with Tsk'Tsk coming apart at the seams, literally! His body was breaking into elemental parts and he seems to be in a great state of duress. He seems stable, though.

After some searching we found a path out of the cave. It felt good to have the sun hit my skin again. After taking it all in we headed back to the ship to sail off.

While leaving, we saw that the island we were on was on a collision course with another island. I decided to keep the ship a safe distance away, but close enough that Bo could see what was happening from the crows nest with a spyglass. It was a near miss, and once that I'm glad that happened.

This prompted a debate between Fuelwen and Tsk'Tsk yet again about the structure of the islands. They decided to settle it by going to the ocean floor. Fuelwen said it would only take a few minutes and that we should keep course.

Cut to half a day later when they finally return. Sure, they brought some food, but their trip was much longer than expected and I don't appreciate their carelessness. I won't chastise them in front of the men, so when we next make port they are going to have a stern talking to.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Tsk'Tsk was the first through the arch. I followed, only to discover that he had already been attacked and was literally coming apart at the elemental seams. Instead of spending time dealing with the medical emergency, I went for the more immediate threat: the creature that did this to him. While its touch would likely be fatal, or nearly so, I was able to avoid it and we easily dispatched the creature.

We took on supplies, and left this dead land. Along the way, we witnessed islands colliding. Tsk'Tsk seems to labor under the impression that islands are simply boats that sit near the top of the ocean. I've seen the great empty plains that sit between nearby islands beyond the costal shelf. Algol-Nun is, after all, in a canyon in such a shelf, near to the bottom of the slope. So I took it upon myself to show him the truth.

Suffice to say, he was less that convinced. Still, at the great depths, we did see a magnificent whale of colossal size. It would have been grand to hunt it down, but… well, only two of us are not nearly strong enough to do such a thing.

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: Exiting the ooze gateway I'm surprised by my surroundings. Before I can orient I'm attacked by some elemental concoction and I begin to struggle with keeping myself whole. Once defeated it's body breaks apart, and boy, I'm glad that didn't happen to me.

I get the sense that we've returned to the proper island, however underground. After hours of exploring we map the area and return to the surface, glad to be on the ship once again.

Having only recently left my island, I'm new to the wide world and my companions are trying to teach me but I find much of what they tell me suspect. On one hand I'm told the islands are floating around the ocean, while on the other hand I'm told that they are rooted to earth below the water. Fuelwen and I take a dive in the sea and swim down, down, down. The island continues downward with no discernible bottom or end of the island.

During the dive we find much game and a large whale that Fuelwen gauged as beyond our ability. Such a shame. I'd love to hunt such game.


Wiki edit: Negative Energy Resist 2 (note this changed from the previous +1 vs negative energy damage)--Fuelwen, Brilla, TskTsk

  • Scroll of Plane Shift
  • Celestial Writings on junction between planes of Dust, Salt, and Negative Energy
  • Void Ooze Poison (DC17 one negative level/one negative level) (×2)