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Starring: Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, and Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk
Guest Starring: Marenien, Charles, Gyrix, General Linaeus
Challenge: Plot
Location: Celestian dungeon, Doo-Wop (capital of All's Well Empire on the Do Good River)
Date Played: 10 Nov 2010

Ground control to Brilla

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: Brilla is sent a message from another four-armed ally who tells us that the various factions that are at war with each other have begun to fall from within. Fighting against extinction the gnomes are attacking the dwarven nation from within. Fan's giants have rebelled. Pontoons for the tavern was apparently a great idea as the islands are sinking (or the water is rising).

Charles is an old family friend of Brilla, and he has come to reward our clutch for past performances. I stepped back, expecting nothing but was still giving something. A giant coin which I may use to summon and command Gyrix, to any purpose I wish. It was given to me with a wink, and I believe that the deadlier the encounter, the happier that Charles will be.

Pirate.gif Brilla: We rushed to come to Tsk'Tsk aid only to find that the devils are being led by Charles. This did not lessen my panic, but it did change the nature of it. I immediately became cautious against double-talk and his ability to subtly turn us against one another.

He confirmed he had a hand in finding me now lawful patron, though it was surprising to him as well that according to their records that the warlock powers are not infernal in nature. I have a feeling he may look into this as there may be a bit more to this than expected on both our ends. Perhaps he and I have a common enemy. It would be a cruel trick of fate that I can very likely see the powers that be throwing at me for their amusement.

I was able to give Charles a message for Bezeltrix that would eventually be delivered to her. I hope her child is doing well and the fact that there is love in her that there is a small chance that the baby may grow to overthrow the shackles of it's nature and grow to do great things.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Tsk'Tsk was in no great danger; Charles was simply trying to bash an underling apart on us. We returned his "enthusiastic" greeting, and he gave us some gifts. Of course, with the promise that no strings were attached to them. Of course there aren't. The gift I chose was a ride on an Astral Whale.

Charles was subcontracted by Mechanus to provide for the defense of my dungeon. Not exactly my first choice, but it will do.

DM-d20.jpg DM Charles gave TskTsk (and everyone else, for that matter) convenient little contrivances for how they could apply "LE" to their lives. For instance, he explained the purpose of voting in society.

Traveling the All's Well Empire

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: We purchased four horses and a cart and set off with our loot, heading south to the captiol city of Doo-Wop. The further that we travel south the more dense the population is. This many people weirds me out.

As we travel Brilla receives another message saying that the water rose about a foot but then receded six inches. The Fan empire is crumbling as giants revolt. And apparently Brilla's cousin is in prison.

Pirate.gif Brilla: As opposed to going the fast route as suggested by the group, we eventually settles on taking the smart route of a cart since he had so much precious art that needed to be sold in an area with a larger economy.

As we traveled we came to more and more populated areas. It was wonderful! I reminds me of the stories of old and how my island used to be. I hope that one day it can be as prosperous as it once was. With the Wilding being so out of touch here I'll have to find how they treat their land so that we may take some of their techniques into perhaps restoring my island.

Not all is well with the islands, though. What we once thought was flooding is now seen as severe, foot high tides. The inn is fairing well with the stilts we gave it, but I fear for everything else. The fighting is getting worse on these islands as chaos sets in. I may have to have Bo scry on my island before setting off.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Things in the Wilding are apparently growing quite dire, at least for the landwalkers. The ocean may rise and fall, but my people are untouched by such trivialities. Still, we depend on the drybacks and they depend on us… although they need us more than we need them.

The Milding is a miserable place, and I look forward to leaving.

Doo-Wop and the solar eclipse

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: In the city of Doo-Wop we enter our names into the raffle to journey north to find the source of the river. The person taking our names is impressed with us and assures us that we'll randomly be selected.

I travel the city in search of goods. Having realized the need for better planning I purchase a headpiece that grants my thoughts greater clarity. Proudly enjoying the broader mental horizon the sky turns black for a short while as the sun is eclipsed. Reflecting, there is not an eclipse scheduled for months yet. Something is amiss.

The crowd parts to let a mechanical beast through. It is an inevitable who is curt and rude, single-mindedly seeking out Celestians to kill.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Of all the other weird things going on, there was an eclipse that was well off schedule. This led us to believe that the moon is dropping in orbit, something that would correspond with the very odd tides. This was not the case, though, as we later found that it was an astral whale that was carrying devils to Fuelwen's new dungeon. I had Bo try to scry on Charles' lackies until we finally got one. I put out a sending and had him summon Charles for us. It appears that he just so happened to find the key to the Abyss on the ground as we left. Very odd in that all the others from the same strand are still on my neck. Oh how ever did this happen... ::sigh:: He at least agreed to send it back to use and it did arive after a few days.

In Doo-Wop we signed up for an expedition to the north. General Lineaus, being surprisingly competent, made sure we were on the top of the list to be sent and the replaced all of the other candidates with his men. Oddly enough, I was also courted by his son twice before his arrival. His father finds him soft, which I do agree with. Perhaps I'll find a good mix eventually.

Our conditions were set and we break for the north soon. Fuelwen is in charge of most of the military matters. Tsk'tsk is responsible for teaching them stealth. I assume I am to oversee. Oh yes, and Bo is cooking.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: The eclipse seems strangely convenient. Sure enough, some scrying and thinking shows that Charles is using my dungeon as a launching point to the Abyss. By conveniently leaping behind enemy lines, he has a major advantage over his enemies. The chaotic nature of the Wilding my be greatly altered by this, I think.

In any case, we deduce that my token to ride the Astral Whale was a twofer, and that Charles used another charter to move his troops through my dungeon. The eclipse was a demon-filled astral whale blotting out the sun.

Briefly, I consider rushing back and chartering the whale from there, but I think the better of it. I still lack a plan.

We instead join up with General Lineaus for the expedition to the North. He takes our measure and finds us satisfactory- more than, really. Again, the weakness of those that live in the Milding is driven home- the best recruits he found wouldn't even be trusted to clean the scuppers of The Crimson Tide, or whatever we're calling the ship now.

We hop on a boat, and start north.


Wiki edit: Your time in the Milding is playing havoc with your physiology.

  • TskTsk - You're finding it easier to relate to your non-chitinous kin. +1 charisma.
  • Brilla - You feel the presence of mortal arcane magic tingling through your body. 1/day Charm Person, CL=HD. You can take arcane casting classes normally, unlike other Karsites. (Still no divine magic.)
  • Fuelwen - Fresh water is less harsh on your body. Freshwater sensitivity does not trigger until after 1 minute, and repeat checks are at hour intervals.

NPC pages: TskTsk x5, Brilla x1