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Wild:53 Do Wop Was Done-whopped

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Starring: Bo-icon.gif Bo, Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen, Pirate.gif Brilla, and Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk
Guest Starring: General Linaeus, Callow
Challenge: Xerfilstyx; Dharculus (Planar Handbook -- augmented)
Location: Ruined city of Do Wop
Date Played: 25 Jan 2010

Do Wop lays in ruins

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: Once the city was in sight we were shocked to see it laid to waste. We pieced together the story from the survivors, who told us that devils or demons ransacked the city with ease. In fact, not a single opponent was dropped. Based on the descriptions given to us, we established that the attack was made by fairly well-ranked devils. General Linaeus returned after the invasion and declared himself king.

Pirate.gif Brilla: The smoke in the distance gave no justice to the distruction we saw when we arived in Do Wop; the city was massively crippled. there were survivors, most of them shaken, beaten, and homeless. they told stories of a devil army that came through, wiping out their city. Oddly, not a single body of the enemy was recovered. I doubt that the devils had a perfect victory, so I must assume that those that were slain were summoned, not called here.

The king also appears to have died. General Linaeus has but the city under martial law and has taken over until things get settled. He informed us that this may not happen as opposing armies are now positioned to take advantage of Do Wops weakened state. Though I would like to help, we have more pressing matters and I don't believe we could even beat those odds.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: I was surprised to see the city of Do Wop in ruins. I wondered what force from the Milding could have enough power to do such a thing- only to discover that it was not a force from the Milding. Devils had their way with the city.

They slew the king, and General Linaeus ascended the throne. The kingdom is soon to be attacked by the surrounding nations it wasn't on good terms with, and it will likely fall. Of course, the world is ending, so, not such a big concern on the scheme of things. I was briefly tempted to conquer the kingdom myself, but I haven't the might to hold it.

Scour the library, find a sellsword

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: The private library that Mother directed us to was in ruins and throughly looted. Still holding out hope, we camped there for several nights as we left no stone unturned for three days. Our search yielded what we desired, the tome with instructions on where the Celestians are and the ritual to slow down the islands.

The same day that we found the book there is a knock on the door. He introduces himself as Callow, a tall, dark-skinned man with white tattoos. He tells us that he is a sellsword and we hem and haw a bit until he tells us that he can cast Haste. This earns him a half share.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Looters appear to have beaten us to the punch. Luckily, they must have had a low degree of literacy since not all the books were taken. there is a lot of value in the written word, if one knows where to look that is.

Searching for the proper book took us many days. It was hidden within the pages of a book that felt greatly mundane, causing one to discard the book for something more interesting before one would get to the true value inside. Funny how playing to the vices of man is often more effective than magic would be.

While searching, we were approached by a large, dark man by the name of Callow. He looked like a foreigner himself, though he really came from the Milding. His people are positioned to attack the Do Wop empire, though he is not among their army. He said he was a mercenary and heard that we are the ones to go to when looking for some good coin and adventure. I'm not entirely trusting of the fellow, but he does pose some good utility for the group and we have shares to burn from the slush.

Needless to say, the group has already tried to auction my ovaries to him. I don't think they really understand my needs at all. In fact, this is getting a bit infuriating. Once we get back to the mainland I have half the mind to leave them on their own while I work on things for myself. I could use the peace and quiet.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: I find it telling that the weak often disregard the true power of intellect. Knowledge and the written word were how my people took back the seas around Algol-Nun. Well, until something turned the tide. I'll deal with that, later.

In any case, we found the book. We also found a mercenary. I sized him up, and felt him not to pose much threat, but he offered his services. Given his abilities, we retained him on spec, with a small advance. I briefly inquired if he was of any noble breeding, as a favor to Brilla. He was not, and I let the subject drop, yet Brilla remains most peeved about the whole thing. I assume she has realized that mammals simply shouldn't breed. It seems to be bad for them, and do we really need more mammals anyway? I think not.

Bo-icon.gif Bo: Mercenaries are very polite after cities are sacked. See them knock on doors. Callow represents an opportunity to recruit someone to carry on the battle against the planars in the milding. Traveling with us a while will certainly open his eyes after we return to the wilding.

Hunting the Styx Beast

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: Callow tells us that he has found the trail of an extraplanar beast who remains within Do Wop. We pick up the trail and stalk it to it's lair, an open-air arena. After watching it and exploring it's den, we plan to hide in it's lair (a building in the center of the arena) and pounce when it arrives. Our elder banishes it with a thought and a gesture, which amazes me. The battle seems won, except that the elder and the clutch mother continue to see some beast. I climb to the roof and see nothing as my chest is attacked and I am held by some unseen entity. The attacks are small but quickly add up and I sync up with my clutch mates. My body hardens but is easily bypassed by this beast. Eventually we coordinate attacks to strike when the beast strikes and we drive it off.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Though Linaeus says that the invasion forces have all left, the locals say that there is something stalking them in the night. We decided to look into the matter for ourselves by stalking the area it has been said to hunt in during the night. We eventually came upon a theater, where it is using one of the prop houses as its den.

We decided to wait in ambush for the creature. Bo was hiding downstairs, saving a potent spell for the devil to banish it back to its home plane. In case it didn't work, we wait upstairs to rush the beast from all sides. We were lucky and the spell went off without a hitch.

This wasn't the end of the battle, though, as there was an etherial creature that made this its hunting ground as well. At first it rained chaos on us, attacking TskTsk from beyond our reach. He eventually made his way inside and we were able to coordinate our attacks to injure the thing when it turned material. Though we were unable to kill it, we did drive it away. Lacking any means of effecting the etherial, we let it go.

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: Bo remains one of the most useful arrows in our quiver. For all that he appears frail and daft, when the time comes to face a true terror, like the Styx beast, his magicks make it easy to dispatch.

I do not know whether it was operating in league with the ethereal creature, or if it was a simple coincidence. But a second creature, immaterial and nearly unstrikeable, attacked. It nearly tore Tsk'Tsk asunder, but quick reflexes were enough to thwart it.

Bo-icon.gif Bo: Callow told us about one of the devils that remained in DoWop and we did a lot of planning on how to combat it. Saw my first opportunity to die pass as I was slightly faster than the devil and banished it back to hell. Unfortunately it took its victim with it. Hopefully no other sacrifices for the greater good present themselves. This carnel house is enough for one monk. My attempt to access the dream plane might have led the other creature to Tsktsk's tasty entrails. Eventually able to chase the creature away but the dream lays distant no matter how much one sleeps.

Back to the Inn

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: The elder shifts the world around us and we are transported back to the inn. The elder's powers amaze me and seem to far outstrip what the rest of us are capable of. Perhaps this is a side effect of resigning from death? Killabron informs Brilla that she is a foster mother—for a devil child.

Pirate.gif Brilla: Bo was able to teleport us to the inn after we informed Lineaus about the devil problem that we solved. A reluctant Callow joined us as well. He is starting to fear that he may be in a bit over his head, which I hope for his sake isn't true. I do wonder how he will take to a boat.

I arrived to find that not all is right with Bezeltrix' and Bohrut's child. Evidently no where in the Hells is the child welcome. They decided to send the child to me for care until it is old enough to survive on its own. This... was unexpected. I do feel a bit honored that they trust me. Perhaps I can do my best to show the child love and redemption, bending it from the evil nature that it may harbor due to its race. Bezeltrix and Bohrut can't be all bad as they do show love for each other, and their concern for a life that is not their own speaks highly of them as well.

Perhaps I will have the child focus on art and painting. Maybe make the child a vegetarian. I could get it a dog as well. Maybe gain an interest in plays. I would reward the child with sweets when good. I don't see how anyone with these interest and upbringing could end up killing scores of people!

Fuelwen-icon.gif Fuelwen: A return to the wilding is welcome. Even the small pool in the Hag's pocket dimension was a welcome sight, as I took some time to wet my scales and relish water. It seems so long since this was the largest mystery we had ever encountered…

Now that we've returned, I will need to put Killibron to task. We need to clear as many extra-planar creatures from our world as possible, and begin severing our ties to the planes. I do not see this as something Killibron will support. He must aid us, or I will hand him over to the Inevitables, which should hasten their departure from this world.

Tsktsk-icon.gif TskTsk: We must be careful not to let Killibron know that we are headed to an island of Celestials. If we turn him over the Inevitables he may retaliate by giving over that information.

Bo-icon.gif Bo: Apologizing is hard. Must now keep a watch on Killabron even if he tries to arrange for my death. Far too many people want to father the devil baby. They have yet too see diapers. Remains to be seen if baby will corrupt us or if the wilding is corrupting a planar.


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