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13A:Play/14 Librarians and Libations

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Starring: 📜Elistheren, 🌲 Qistis, 📚 Annalana, 🐾 Kaelon, Steinar
Guest Starring: 13A:Face/Elviro, 13A:Face/Underprincess Princess Princessson
Challenge: Gold Wyrm Soldiers; Personal missions
Location: Eldolan; Horizon
Date Played: 2017 June 06

Gold Wyrm Soldiers on Our Turf

📚 Annalana: There are a 12-24 heavily armed folks with the symbol of the Gold Wyrm. Annalana has everyone huddle up to plan. We decide to have Steinar and Kaelon go and reset the traps while Elis, Qistis, and Annalana go to talk to the soldiers. Kaelon notices something in his pack, and there is a skull inside of his pack that says, “Shh…”. Sargeat Bobby Pierson from the Gold Wyrm. He tells us that they are taking care of the undead problem, working from the opposite direction. We compare and update maps. The Gold Wyrm troops set up camp around the gazebo. We decide to go in through the backdoor to take care of the altar. Qistis serves as a guard while the rest of us go down below. Once underground Kaelon is told by the skull, privately, that the altar is load-bearing and shouldn’t be destroyed because it will explode. A debate ensues on what to do about that. Sargeat Pierson walks over to Qistis and they chat. He encourages Qistis and the rest of us to leave. Qistis starts asking about how to get rid of cursed items, as she is concerned about Annalana’s cloak.

🌲 Qistis: We emerge from the tomb to find the area around the gazebo surrounded by armed soldiers of the Gold Wyrm. Some of the others quickly retreat back inside to reset the traps found within to hopefully leave the more interested artifacts undisturbed. Agents of the Gold Wyrm seek out undeath and destroy it. While certainly a noble cause there are some among us who would rather see this site studied so trying to keep them out is at least understandable. While the rest of the group returns back inside to...well honestly I'm not quite sure why they went back in. I believe it was to make a cave in on the side of the gazebo entrance to prevent that return but ultimately I don't believe quite anything important happened in there. I, however, remained outside to keep something of a guard and would have Umbra give warning if they looked to make moves to go inside. Sargent Pierson and I talking for a while as well. I was curious as to the true intentions of soldiers of the Gold Wyrm and find their cause to be admirable at the very least, though their goal is somewhat...brutish I suppose. I also discuss the matter of cursed items. It isn't a specialty of mine but it seems the cloak Annalana wears may not be cursed, but simply too powerful for her to handle. This may complicate things as I doubt this would convince her to actually remove the cloak, but maybe I can discuss it with the others at some other point in time.

📜Elistheren: The Gold Worm jackboots want to destroy the dungeon. I'm not particularly happy about that, and so I lay out some strategies to bar them entry. None of these actually work, sadly. More history, destroyed, but hopefully we've gathered enough to push forward the boundaries of knowledge.

Back in Eldolon and Meeting with the Prince

📚 Annalana: We meet up again with Elviro. There is an envelope for when we return and inside is just an address in the Governor’s district, on Brightwater Street. It is a small, quaint cottage with eclectic decorations. Inside are plush couches of gaudy design and smoking from a stem pipe is a 20-something man wearing a leather vest and shorts. We recognize him as under princess. The prince gives Annalana and Qistis a copy each of a writ that says that we’re working on the Emperor’s business. The Prince tells Annalana that he has discovered her cache of journals. He advises her that she shouldn’t leave direct evidence of her war crimes, such as the time she spent with the Crusader against the Diabolist, referring to civilians as “meat shields”.

🌲 Qistis: Finally back from these gods forsaken graveyards. All I wish for is a warm bath and just some time to relax but when we get back Elviro presents us with a missive. Evidently we are to never rest so we make out way to the Governor's district to meet who we find out to be the under princess, though now going by prince today. We are rewarded with some interesting writs, which can later be used to potentially get ourselves out of a sticky situation.

📜Elistheren: Well, the Prince(ess?) says we're on the emperor's business. I shan't argue the point, though even the Icon of the Emperor is impermanent and may be washed away before the tides of history. I mean, if we're talking about destroying history, and all. Sigh. We could have spent so much more time in those catacombs…

City of Horizon

📚 Annalana: HQ of the Empire. The city is hyper-magical.

🌲 Qistis: Back in Horizon again. I do love the constant buzz of magical energy that permeates the city, but what I'm not really in love with is staying here for any extended period of time. I'm staying on campus for the time being but hopefully I don't run into too many former students and classmates...and especially not my parents.

📜Elistheren: A new city, a new crop of potential converts!

Annalana moves her book cache

📚 Annalana: Annalana moves her cache of books to another storage vault, which ends up near the vault that Steinar and Elis are interested in. Annalana stored her books here under the name “Qistis”.

Qistis’ Vault

📚 Annalana: Inside is a forest and it feels like winter and it is larger on the inside.