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13A:Play/21 Diagnosed with Ectophagamy

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Starring: 🌲 Qistis, 📜Elistheren, 🐾 Kaelon, 📚 Annalana, Steinar
Guest Starring: Elviro, Inigo, Flesh Golem nee Floating Head, compound cultists, mansplaining physcian Zeke Goodberry
Challenge: No combat.
Location: Eldolan, sea, Santa Cora
Date Played: 2017 Nov 01

Home in Eldolan

📚 Annalana: As soon as we arrive in the city, Elviro is upset and marches out, saying that he is on vacation for a month.

We have Inigo in a bag. We talk about what our negotiations prior to talking with him.

As Elis and I pull him out of the bag, he professes the combination, wants to be turned over to the Prince of Shadows, and he knows where Annalana’s memories are. He indicates that Annalana has terminal ectophagamy.

📜Elistheren: It's fair to say that I don't believe that Inigo has given me the combination. But he's turned one over. He also claims that Annalana has terminal ectophagamy, which… I can parse out what that is from the roots. I've never heard of such a thing. Inigo wants to go to the Prince of Shadows, which… is itself suspicious.

In my mail there was a leaf. I don't know what to make of it.

The Prince

📚 Annalana: The prince has affected a lumberjack look. He has a quest in Santa Cora and would like us to deliver a letter of his support for priestesses looking to start a temple. He gives us the letter and a brass peacock feather that permits us to use his ship as payment.

📜Elistheren: The Prince also wants us to go to Santa Cora, which permits the killing of two birds with a single stone. We are given power over the Prince's ship, which… we are not good sailors. But neither is the Prince, so, off we go!

At Sea

📚 Annalana: Steinar bears the feather, which makes him the captain of the ship. The ship’s men honors Steinar and ask where to go? As we sail over the Caribbean-style reef, Elis is upset as he realizes that coral are like sea trees. Another leaf falls on the deck, intended for Elis.

📜Elistheren: By Kstilish's topiary, CORAL GROW LIKE TREES. Not all corals, some of them, like the brain corals, cling to the sea bed. But some, the snobby barrier corals, reach up from the sea floor, waving their calciferous fronds at the bottoms of passing ships.

I receive another leaf. Then I notice the kelp…

Santa Cora

📚 Annalana: We have no questions asked as we dock. The shipmates ask if they should stay and Steinar says yes. We have three tasks:

  1. Deliver letter for Triple P
  2. Use Inigo to get Elis’ vault open
  3. Steinar needs a check up.


📚 Annalana: Steinar and Annalana go to get check-ups. Because of Annalana’s repeated suggestions, they upgrade Steinar’s skin to be harder to hurt, giving him Martyr’s armor.

After the city goes dark and we move out to aid our friends, Annalana returns. Zeke Goodberry mansplains medicine to her. She tells him about ectophagamy. “Prescription: Go soul searching”. Annalana determines that she has to hunt up a soul.


📜Elistheren: As expected, getting into the vault is more difficult than Inigo lead us to believe, but he gives Kaelon instructions that, among other things, turn off all the lights in Santa Cora. The priestess is going to be very upset.

The upshot, I have a book of supposedly "forbidden" knowledge. There's no such thing!