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13A:Play/22 Nude Sailing

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Starring: 📜Elistheren, 🐾 Kaelon, 📚 Annalana, Steinar
Guest Starring: Inigo, Unnamed Brute looking for Inigo
Challenge: Skydiving Kobolds and a green dragon
Location: Santa Cora, Sea, Shadowport
Date Played: 2017 Nov 15

Santa Cora

📚 Annalana: A large burly man bursts into Elis’ room, using sign language to communicate with him. He is a follower of Doren, the god of closed doors and the deaf. He would like to learn the rites to convert his family and follow him properly. He discovered Doren in the catalogs of Santa Cora.

He takes Elis to his home, where he has replaced all of his walls with doors instead. Elis tells him that Doren is more about passing the threshold than having the doors being closed. Upon entering the home he hands Elis wax to stuff his ears.

📜Elistheren: It's never wise to go bursting in on academics- we're a dangerous lot. But this intrusion is wonderful! A deaf man, of a family of deaf people, wishes to properly learn the rites of Doren. And my goodness, do they ever need some help. They've taken the "god of doors" to an extreme: he's built his entire house of doors.

A little, useful theological lesson: the door is a metaphor. It is not meant to represent a literal door, as much as it is the threshold between two states of being. Locks are the barriers that hold us back (which is why Doren and Prince of Shadows once trucked together) and… well, the important thing is that there's more to it than mere doors.

Which is surprisingly hard to communicate in Doren's hand-cant, but I think I get my point across. Our mysterious stranger now knows enough to carry the rituals of Doren himself.

The Spray (series of islands in the sea)

📚 Annalana: The islands are controlled by the Lich King princes but except the large island, which is controlled by the Crusader. As we sail near, there are creatures. Kaelon recognizes a Dragon with a squadron of kobolds flying above us. A warren of kobolds descend on us, throwing flasks with random effects—fire, glue, web, poison, vulnerable to attacks, and kobold blasting powder which obscures the whole battlefield.

Later in the battle, a green dragon and a kobold Dragon-Soul join the fray. The Kobold has dragon wings and acid drips from the corner of his mouth, with large claws capped with gold. The kobold lands on the mast which is on fire and begins to use the flames as a weapon against us. Annalana thinks quickly, draws an ax and cuts down the mast, dumping it into the sea. The dragon joins the fray, using a poisonous breath weapon on Annalana and Elis.

📜Elistheren: I… I didn't know Kobolds could do this. It's certainly not something I expected. We… ah… lose our sails, our mast, and I think some of the crew. I wasn't counting.

After Combat, Everyone Donates Their Clothes

📚 Annalana: With the mast gone, everyone has to donate their clothes to make new sails. Annalana is excited to eat green dragon.

Annalana gets to work, dwarven style, at repairing the vessel and manages to engineer use to a port. On the trip a vessel of the Priestess gets within yelling distance to neb but doesn’t help.

The kobold had a ring, Cheap Shot (quick action – recharge 11+): One enemy you’re engaged with takes damage equal to your normal melee miss damage. Quirk: Often stops speaking mid-sentence.

📜Elistheren: If you think about it, clothes are a strange affectation. Oh, certainly, they're necessary in many environments, when working, etc. There is a practical purpose, yet we also don't limit our clothing to that. It is decoration. It is social standing. It is itself a form of communication, a language.

I think the resulting sail is a profanity, in that language.


📚 Annalana: Hive of scum and villainy. Can’t walk a block without tripping over someone high in the streets. We find a couple of dead beggars in the street and get some clothes, and then go to Clangmot’s Clothing Store. (Players invent Clangmot, god of scissors and gongs.) While in the store, Inigo has Annalana ask the proprietor about his daughter’s abortion. He rushes to get us free clothes and then demands that we leave.

We get back to the ship and while we are talking about what to do with Inigo, a brute knocks on the door asking about Inigo. We get frustrated with the situation and as the discussion gets heated, Elis suggests that we just let Inigo out in the world to be someone else’s problem.

As the brute leaves, he tells Annalana that “if you go to this address, you can sell that dragon scale”. He also looks over his shoulder and tells Kaelon “don’t listen to the voices that tell you to kill the poor people”.

📜Elistheren: Shadowport seems nice, and certainly could use a round of that Old Time religion. One of those poor, unfortunate souls barges aboard our ship, demanding Inigo. And, well, frankly… Inigo has been nothing but trouble. His head has a metal casing, mine doesn't. I'm not about to get my head dented on his behalf, at this point. I'm sure, like the legend of Lerbahl's Poison, just when you think he's gone, he'll keep turning up.