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13A:Play/24 As the Moral Compass of the Party…

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Starring: 📜Elistheren, 🐾 Kaelon, 📚 Annalana, 🌲 Qistis
Guest Starring: No NPCs
Challenge: Robbing the bank
Location: Glitterhagen
Date Played: 2018 Jan 04

Breaking into the Bank

📚 Annalana: Elis scales the wall, throwing a carpet over the spikes at the top of the wall. We all climb over but Qistis slips and her hand is struck through by a spike.

Annalana notes the timetable of the patrols and gets three of the party closer to the building in time except for Elis, who was distracted and got behind us. He managed to catch up.

As we approach the building we find the window open in the room that Kaelon had “stunk up” during the tour when he transformed into a skunk earlier.

Main Room with Guards

📚 Annalana: In the main room, there are 13 guards. Kaelon gets the plants to rustle but they start to rustle too hard, making a bigger distraction that we wanted. We mange to sneak past.

We get to the hallway with the first trap. Annalana climbs over the pressure plate, using flour to locate the plate. She then helps everyone bypass the plate.

Utterly Dark Room

📚 Annalana: We get to the door that is locked. Qistis adds the bypass flair to Annalana, who checks the door for mechanical traps, finding none. She turns the knob and the door opens.

As we all enter the room, the room goes completely dark. Elis casts halo but we still can’t see it. Qistis says that it is deeper darkness. She does a ritual that consumes the shadow. We find a hole in the ceiling with a ladder that comes down.

We head down a corridor, then through some more rooms.

Table-setting Room

📚 Annalana: There is a room with a locked door with strong abjuration magic. There is a long empty table with a side table that has table settings. We assume that we have to set the table to bypass the trap. Elis is convinced that it is an old, dead civilization and Qistis finds out that this isn’t as fancy as she thinks. Kaelon taps into his youth and sets the table.

Sound Barometer Room

📚 Annalana: The next room, in the middle of the door is a barometer (tube with floating bits, graduating liquid) and they are linked to the locking mechanism. Eventually we figure out that this requires a polyphonic performance, which takes us a looooooooong time. * Annalana, singing saw * Elis, throat singing * Kaelon, mating calls as an elk * Qistis, beatboxed

Morning Room (aka, Annalana gets a memory wipe)

📚 Annalana: We encounter a room where there is a bright flash of light after a sudden darkness. This room feels like the work of Greydove. The room is morning/night and resets Annalana’s memories. She stabs Elis for not listening to her and then reads her small index journal.

Blood Binding Oath Room

📚 Annalana: Next room has a door with a bunch of languages on the door. Elis knows the language, an ancient one that he can vocalize. It is a blood binding pledge to slay the god Aramess, knowledge sharing and austerity.

Almost an Alice in Wonderland Room

📚 Annalana: We come to a juncture that is a chemistry lab with a small door. Qistis discovers the ointment that you rub on the door, which then grows to normal size.

Azer Fight

📚 Annalana: In this room, there is a vault door that opens into the vault area. In the room is tiled with multicolor tiles that sometimes change colors. Kaelon, communing with the Diabolist, finds a path through the colors. We get to the vault door and Kaelon smashes through it!

On the other side of the door is a smashed cell, which has 6 fluttering burning bats and two Azer soldiers who are standing guard at the door. Steel grate floors and around the room are periodic metal bars to chain people to as a temp brig. Guard post and brig all in one.

Robbing the Vaults

📚 Annalana: Brig opens up to several paths, each their own sub vaults. Two of them have a gnoll war band in them. The other one from the day before does not have any guards.

We enter the empty room, where there are no traps. Annalana is wearing the requisite amount of flair and after checking the door for mechanical traps, she opens the vault door. This reveals a safety deposit box room. Qistis asks that Annalana stay outside while the rest search, since she is the only one who can open the door.

  • Kaelon found a ring with a large garnet stone.
  • Qistis finds an oversized tome (1 foot thick x 2 foot wide x 3 foot tall)
  • Elis finds in the corner of the room an ivory staff that is worn and seen a lot of use, covered in a lot of letters.

As decide to keep all three items—instead of the two that we had agreed upon—a behir comes out of hiding and attacks us, aided by Jackpot Zombie minions.

Annalana fights the Behir and is losing, badly. She is blessed by Elis with the power of Clangmot, god of gongs and scissors, and even with that aid she can’t seem to land a hit on the beast. At one point she is stunned by the beast and near dead. Elis moves in to engage with the Behir, distracting it.

Annalana shuffles Elis and Kaelon to safety to heal while she stands her ground, assuming that she will die. She lands a big hit on the beast and Qistis ends it with magic.

We make our way out with the gnoll guards on our heels and we run through town to the boat and set sail!

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