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Starring: 📜Elistheren, 🐾 Kaelon, 🌲 Qistis, Steinar
Guest Starring:
Location: Eldolan
Date Played: 2017 February 14

Around Town

Steinar: There are so many new stories available when I came back! It looks like the library had a bit of an extension, to which I'm very grateful. If fact I was so engrossed that I didn't notice Kaelon and Qistis leave. In talking with Elistheren, we came to two conclusions; they are in trouble, or they are having the sex. Either way, it sounds like trouble.

📜Elistheren: Well, I am naturally inquisitive, so being an investigator is a natural fit. Kaelon and Qistis are missing! I hesitate to think the worst, and instead, am… curious about what they might be doing. I've watched and participated in sex, but I am not exactly equipped with the sensitivities that drive others to do it. I can't help but be curious, and Steinar knows nothing.

A Warning

Breaking & Entering

Steinar: I've only begin to walk the beat, and they drop a case like this on my lap. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind a tough case as long it is brought to me by a dame with a nice pair of gams. This was from the boss, though, and he is as grizzled as the dark underbelly of this city.

At least I'm partnered with Elistherean and not some green-foot. Some on the force find him a bit preachy, but I find it calms some of the local yokels. In this line of work, a little calm goes a long way. We also have our bruno, Arminious, on the case with us. Never know when you need a good knee-capper; especially when he can't have it done to himself.

Oh yeah, the case. Evidently there is a bad bird out there. Nah, not that kind of bird; the kind you slap some bracelets on and throw in the tank. This one is some crazy monstrosity. Something straight out of the stories. It has been bumpin' some of the people out in the boonies, and we can't have none of that.

📜Elistheren: I'm starting to worry a bit about Steinar. He's not talking quite like himself. Ever since our initial investigation (sex or danger) has escalated firmly on the side of danger, it's like he's speaking a foreign language, which is especially odd, because I speak pretty much every foreign language there is. It's vaguely reminiscent of the thieves' cant, but… well, we have work to do, and it's not the kind of thing the two most bookish (literally, in one case) members of the Archivists can handle alone.


Steinar: This case is bigger than it seems, so we decided to bring in some of the local talent. Qistis is a skirt with some big bangers, and I ain't talking about the kind that will get you a goog if you stare too long. Also got a guy named Kaelon. A bit of a bindle stiff, but he's no Gypo, so he's good in my book. Can track like a bloodhound, which is no fault either.

We made some good progress toward finding the creature, though Qistis ended up bumping gums with some bookish types. We felt it best to leave her with this nance and went on with the rest of the case.

Didn't take long before we found the belly of the beast, so to speak. It was littered with the bones of lost Johns and Marys. Looks like there was a feeding pile as well; it either has some young or it will soon. Hate to see this goon mate.

The thing was quite a pug; it took down Arminiuos right quick and did the same to me. I wasn't our for the count, though; I'm no roundheel. I was able to squirt metal with one hand while holding in my guts with the other. Took a few hits, but the beast went down like a sac of bricks. It's good to know a good day's work is done.

Huh, wait, why is everyone giving me all these weird looks? There's no way this hat could have made me that bizarre.

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