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13A:Play/10 Bickering on Down the Road

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Starring: 📜Elistheren, 🌲 Qistis, Steinar, 📚 Annalana
Guest Starring: 13A:Face/Elviro, 13A:Face/Ignar Stonehammer, 13A:Face/Underprincess Princess Princessson
Location: Eldolan; Near Slavslav
Date Played: 2017 March 28

Getting our mission

📚 Annalana: There are six guards, like British Guards. Dwarf, Ignar Stonehammer, approaches us. The dwarf is suspicious but we follow inside. Elviro is completely frazzled and there is a medium height human woman in a chair that she brought herself. She is there, bored, looking through a book.

Ignar introduces her as a princess and seems to be quite afraid of the woman. He spins the chair a bit to face us. Her name is Underprincess Princess Princessson. She speaks with a masculine voice. Choose the name to piss off her parents. Her title is The Emperor’s Token Family Member in this particular town. (The Emperor fathers as many children as possible to have one in each town) “Elis, I’ve heard of you and I need you.”

There are a lot of undead in the graveyard. Make sure that we do the rights so that they will stay at rest. In trade, we are given receipts for taxes paid in full for the whole year, including any back taxes.

Government Quarters

📚 Annalana: Annalana and Qistis seek out maps to find out how many cemeteries. We are led to a room with ten large tomes and we being researching for cemeteries near the broken down tower and hell hole. There are a dozen of them. Some are family plots.

There is one that is significantly older. Elvish for "Dirthole" is the current name. Elvish for "Pillars of Earth Stretching to Heaven" is the ancient name. Closest I can come to Dirthole with this particular source is Ciryandor, "earth-cleft”. Hard c sound, like a k. Population of about a thousand.

Graveyard of Ciryandor, “Dirt hole”

📚 Annalana: "Pillars of high stone" = Gondoronath, is the ancient age. Steiner and Elis cast a spell with birds to detect undead and don’t, but they do see a light inside of a mausoleum. Annalana hammers out a hole, about the size of a fist, and Qistis throws in a dancing lights. We see a shade, standing there, taking no note of us. We back off slowly and get some distance away to talk about our plan.

The masoleum is a dwarven burial site. The shade is an Elvish shade. Steiner asked it to come outside. Elis tried talking in Elvish and Dwarven. Talking to it goes nowhere.

Annalana opens the rest of the door and inside is an Elven body rotted with time and a cloak that is in perfect shape. Annalana removes the cloak from the body. Everyone sees different scripts—dwarven, elvish and Elis sees it as blank.

Trying on the Cloak

📚 Annalana: Feels quite comfortable in the cloak.

Working through the Cemeteries

📚 Annalana: For most of the cemeteries, we’re able to take care of the undead. But there is one near the edge of the cliff to the sea. There is a gazebo for ceremonies. As we’re traveling down the roads we see a collection of bats. Steiner notices that there are two larger bats that are circling our group. Annalana offers to shot them from the sky while Elis protests that not everything is violent. Qistis notices the bats are skeletal bats and yells SHOOT THEM, so Annalana does.

There are three skeletal bats, a larger bat with a skeletal archer, and another skeletal archer on the roof of the gazebo.

After the fight

📚 Annalana: Qistis insists that Annalana takes off the cloak and it leads to a giant fight. She threatens to take the cloak and Annalana threatens to cut her fingers off. We look up from our fight to find that we are surrounded by more undead warriors. All wearing armor with a mark that matches the symbol on Qistis' armor.

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Icon Relationships

📚 Annalana
Rolled 6, Dwarf King