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A:10 (Just About) Everyone Drowns

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and Mauritius
Guest Starring: Diantha val'Emman, Iskander val'Mehan, Alun Northstag, Ira Kettleblack, Aeron Greyjoy, Free Willy, Santanass, Tyrion Lannister
Challenge: Slug-related large woman who's head popped off; Yuan-ti Ranger, Ss'ressen Barbarian, and Ss'ressen thugs
Location: Gulf of Coryan; Anuliss (Ssethegrore Empire)
Date Played: 11 Oct 2009

Damphair's Drowning Ritual

Kweto Lucullus Brand seems to have taken our ship. It was something of a relief except that was the least skeavy vessel in port. At a resupply port we went to a ritual being led by the Damphir of Yarris, Arun Greyjoy. Yarris faithful are not too celebratory, so I tried a peppy drowning. No cheers, only a fat lady who turned into a slug laden head and a gushing corpse. I got a death experience, haircut, and laundering from the somber following. Heard rumors of a similar incident at a hanging.

Mauritius: We came upon some faithful of Yarris on our journey. Kweto took a liking to them, so we decided to stop and watch.

Some of the group were met with horror as Aeron, the leader of the Yarrians(?), were drowning his faithful, only to bring them back from the brink. We watched on as a small child was put into the ceremony. This, not surprisingly, casued Jayvin to become paranoid of the situation. Once the child recovered, we were offered to undergo the ritual. All but Diantha and Jayvin underwent the ritual.

We stuck around for a while to regain composure after the ordeal. Once we felt better and Kweto got dressed a exceptionally large woman that looked to be ill came for the ritual. As Aeron begun the ritual, her head seperated from the body and approached those on the beach as the headless bloodhulk of a body attacked those at the edge of the water.

We were able to protect Aeron and defeat the creature(s). For doing so we were rewarded and our gear was cleaned from all of the blood the huge woman sprayed over us.

Docking in Anuliss, Ssethregore city

Mauritius: Our transport eventually took us to Anuliss, a city in the Ssethregore empire, south of the Altharian empire. We knew this due to an artifact we found. I believe it was call "Map."

Not knowing where Brand went and to gain more information about the wand, we decided to ask various questions throughout the city.

Most of our search was not too fruitful, but we did come across a one armed goblin called Free Willie. He has some good relations with the "monkies" that comes here, and being free, he would do most anything for work.

We also encountered a gnome temple dedicated to Anshar. We were pointed toward Santanass, a scaleykind that did not harbor ill-will toward warm blooded people, unlike most of his race.

Kweto Lucullus Met Free Willy, a one armed goblin who I decided to pay as an additional guide just in case Jayvin had trouble in translating. Went to the Anharan temple which was being watched by some Ssethy slinkers. The congregation was mostly gnomish and presided over by . He said the most knowledgable man on things Ssethric was Lord Barric in the First City. Free Willly then took us to meet Santanas, a fair merchant who traveled Ssethregore. Unfortunately our slinkers tried to make us sacrifices and Jayvin had a close encounter of the crocodile kind. Thankfully ssethys are degenerate swordsmen because I was feeling rusty against the scaled scum.

Temple of Anshar and thugs waiting outside

Kweto Lucullus I insist Mauritius hang on to this scimitar, its not like he can pull a gladius from shadow all the time. Also magic weapons are just cheap and hold little value as an antiquity. They never show age and are rarely well crafted for battle as few wizards could tell the difference between showy and useful.

Well played Mike. Mauritius would not take it, though, as it is not his style. If you don't want it, we'll find someone else. --Askewnotion 22:23, 17 October 2009 (UTC)

Mauritius: After we left the temple of Anshar to head toward Santanass, we were blocked in by a group of scaleykind in an alley. Jayvin was quickly overwhelmed by most of the group as Kweto and I took care of an enraged lizardfolk. The battle was made harder by the fact that Diantha stayed on the ship to avoid being abducted due to her noble status. We made due, though, and dispatched our opponents and cleaned up the scene to hide that there was death that day. Jayvin, severely wounded, headed back to the temple to get healing from Tyroin.

We eventually reached Santanass, whom offered to send us our information by raven for the tidy sum of 300 gold. The terms were agreeable to the group, and we are now returning to the ship to set sail on the next stop of our quest.

Kweto Lucullus Free Willy told us that after killing the sacrificers we would not be disturbed. Santanas seemed to be honest in his dealings and agreed to collect information on the Wand, Damien, and Elorii princes. Hopefully the information will get to us before Brand. Next port is Althares, I should be more concerned but I am excited to finally be going home. Now I have to come up wth a way to tell mother I'm not dead without scaring her to death.

Belos' travel scraps

  • We convince Captain Ira to try to catch up with the Lady of the Morning. We spot her occasionally, but we never catch up.
  • He stops the ship at a landing where there's a damphir of Yarris giving out blessings. He and his ship haven't had blessings of the sea god lately.
  • We go ashore and learn the damphir's name is Aaron Grayjoy.
  • He's performing a drowning ceremony, we participate. (Belos, Kweto, Maurtius).
  • We are taken to the brink of death and brought back again.
  • A fat woman participates and becomes undead when she does so. She had a slug. We fight and, eventually, win. It was bloody.
  • The people give some rewards for our help.
  • We embark for and arrive at Annulis, in Sethregore without issue.
  • We recruit a one-armed goblin for some tour-guiding.
  • No Brand has been in the city, though we are directed to a temple of Anshar, where we collect information. We're directed to the First City, back whence we came.
  • There's a skirmish with some sacrifice seekers when we get out of there. We win and prove ourselves competent.
  • One-Arm takes us to one merchant named Santanas. He'll be sending us information by raven of what he finds in the interior regarding our inquiries: Brand, the wand, and the wand's owner.


Mind if I make cultural suggestions on weapons loot? Ex: Greatsword = Flamberge ; Scimitar ~ Khopesh [doubtful in the ssethy case] --Arz 17:54, 12 October 2009 (UTC)
There is a khopesh somehwere. Don't remember which book. It's 1d8, 19-20x3, S, exotic. --Askewnotion 22:23, 17 October 2009 (UTC)
Reward from the faithful of Yarris
Statue of a swimmer, worth 300gp
Cloth of gold vestments worth 90gp
Scroll of Freedom of Movement (D)
Loot from Ssethegore thugs
3,000 gp
Studded Leather, masterwork (human hide)
Studded Leather (human hide) (2)
Scimitar, +1 and whirling (MIC)
Scimitar, masterwork
Greatsword, masterwork
Shortsword (2)
Javelins (5)
Scroll of Heal (D)
Letter of introduction from Tyrion Lannister to Lord Beric of the First City in the Blessed Lands.
Blessing of Yarris
Bestowed upon those who would risk death to become stronger—βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, and Mauritius
Blessing of Yarris Those who embrace Yarris and who he deems worthy to return to life are blessed with an extraordinary fortitude. Gain +1hp for each hit die the character has.