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A:12 The Three Wise Men

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, Gwenevere Val'Abebi, Vicente Eisner
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Diantha val'Emman, Mauritius Alun Northstag, Free Willy, Teemu, Zorah Val'Ezante, Gayorg (unpleasant arcane caster), Tiodore (gay arcane caster), Tomas (gambling diviner), Feneuku (Smelter's Guild officer who gambles), The Bartuzis
Challenge: Warehouse thugs
Location: Empebyn, temple, Grey Goose Inn, Potting Soil Tavern, Horny Toad fophouse
Date Played: Nov 15th 2009

Challenge: 5 mortal men and a flaming queen
Location: a Temple (of regaining Con & Wisdom), the streets of the city, and a whore house.

The Temple

Gwenevere Val'Abebi Well this was a nice place to visit and pray in quiet, if only Alun would stop pestering me - why did I come here to be bothered by him more?

The Three wise men +1

The Fool

Gwenevere Val'Abebi Who in there right might draws attention to themselves and gets there own hands removed? A Fool, The group whom is interested in hiring me and I recovered him - I manged to save his life - however no one cared to notice, I guess I will have to just include and recover the costs into my dealings with them.

The Funny

Gwenevere Val'Abebi The gay Arcane Caster, was put up at a Farm, run by very small minded people. However he found a better place in plane sight at a whore house. I must say it was a very smart plan however the attitude of him was most unbecoming someone in his place.

The Frightened

Gwenevere Val'Abebi One of the 3 Arcane Casters were put up in a nice-ish inn.

The Lady of Meetings

Gwenevere Val'Abebi The lady of the hour we kept having to keep meet.

The Battle

Gwenevere Val'Abebi yep check.

Belos' Travel Scraps

  • Blessing of Hurrian replaces the Blessing of Yarris
  • Mauritius is sick.
  • We check out the marketplace regarding the lit candle. It doesn't relight and we find no information.
  • Jayvin puts his ear to the city to find out about any active harvesters.
  • Kweto and Willy hang out in a gymnasium.
  • Everyone else insists on a banquet for the coming of our so-called "sponsor". I feel it's a waste of cash. And if it's a sponsor for is and wants a banquet, it should pay for it itself.
  • I hire entertainment from those who need the money.
  • Guinevere arrives.
  • I send another message to Klemens Halecki regarding Brand's betrayal.
  • We meet with Zorah Val'Ezante to ask her about the harvesters.
  • Three are currently under her protection in the town.
    • Gayorg Dangerfield - Grey Goose Inn (he's unpleasant).
    • Tiodore - With Mr. and Mrs. Bartuzi, farmers outside of the town.
    • Tomas - Potting Soil Tavern.
  • We check on Gayorg. He's unpleasant but okay.
  • Tomas has been missing for 1 week. People from the Smelters guild took him violently from the inn. He's a diviner and took to high-stakes gambling.
  • Tiodore has been missing for 1 week. He just wandered himself into the city in search of a rainbow.
  • Skulls that bind the ghosts that defend the city have been being broken lately. Supposedly they're hard to break.
  • We inform Zorah of the bad news of two of the three charges being missing and investigate them. We suggest she check up on her safe houses more often and not pay so far in advance.
  • We put a watch/guard on Gayorg.
  • Gayorg is discovered to be involved with the breaking of the skulls. We ask Zorah to turn him in. It turns out he was supposedly investigating it himself.
  • Tiodore is performing in the Horny Toad -- a whorehouse.
  • Tomas is found, we raid the warehouse and rescue him. The others, sadly, take to looting the place and making criminals of vigilantes.


  • +1 action point to Belos and Gwen