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A:14 Underground Railroad

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Mauritius
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Diantha val'Emman (played by Mauritis), Jayvin De-gaul (Off doing something), Gwenevere Val'Abebi (Not played by anyone), Alun Northstag, Aristides val'Emman, Lord Beric, Gasper Stonewhisper, Gunter, Ernesto, Underbrush
Challenge: Stonesinger ×2 (MM3, modified); Hill Giant, Worgs, and Goblins
Location: First City in the Blessed Lands; Tower of Nier
Date Played: 20 Dec 2009

Emerald Agression

Mauritius: Lord Beric suggested that we meet with the Emerald Society that has been exploring ruins that have information about the Wand of Rangwa. We met with a representative named Gunter, a man that Kweto took an immeidate dislike to. Through all the bickering, we found that we would have to wait for the next exploration to take place. Kweto was determined to leave as soon as possible, but the rest of us decided to wait until they were available to be our guide.

Kweto Lucullus I want to get this errand over quick. Seems like we are going to see more blood than truth in the coming days. I can tell I’m going to be protecting a bunch of useless ponces.

Songs in the Stone - A Raid on the Tower of Neir

Mauritius: To kill some time and make my sister happy, we enlisted with Aristides val'Emman to help reclaim the Tower of Neir.

We were able to rally some people to our cause, and we then set out through the woods to reach the tower. Not sure what to expect, Belos, Kweto, and I took point and scouted ahead.

We eventually ran into a field that was being cleared by slaves. Odd, insectile creatures that looked somewhat like scorpions lorded over them. Kweto and I snuck forward while the rest of the troops stayed behind to charge when we gave a signal.

All was going to plan, except Kweto was noticed by the creatures and was trapped by their ability to shape stone. They attacked us with a potent sonic blast fromt their tail and melee tactics, but we were able to damage them enough to retreat and gave us time to rescue most of the slaves.

After the fight we (eventually) came to an agreement to run away and come back to take the tower with a larger force since there creatures range in the hundreds.

Kweto Lucullus We were using sensible tactics and I have no idea what went wrong. First I was buried under stone then I had to scare off the work party and assemble the squads. A lot of the men were killed and I was stunned and slashed so often its amazing Mauritius was able to get us out before reinforcements from the tower arrived. Eventually Aristides and Mauritius made good arguments for returning later with siege equipment for the tower.

Ruined Temples of Ancient Lore and Goblins

Mauritius: A week or so passed from our return from the Temple of Neir before we got notice from the Emerald Society that they were ready to depart. We were introduced to our guide, a man with hobgoblin blood named Ernesto.

Ernesto proved to know more than a few secrets about the path when he warned us to hide in the brush as he payed off a goblin patrol that he was familiar with. We were able to make our way to the ruined temple on our map without another encounter.

We came to a room with a good dela of books on the shelves that were still in some form of readable condition. With some more extensive searching we found a chest and some more information that we needed. Before we could crack the chest open, though, we were attacked by a giant and it's gobling and worg lackies. It appears our bribe did not go as far as we would have liked.

The giant was a difficult creature to take down, but we were victorious, felling the beast near the library. Its corpse fell through the ground revealing a hole.

Kweto Lucullus We located what were looking for but a band of goblins came upon us before we could escape. We had enough time to assemble and were able to take cover from the first volley. I piked off a good area and was able to keep the worgs at bay but made the mistake of taking cover from the second volley. Mauritius got encircled and flattened by a giant before I could disarm him and Diantha could scatter them. The giant clubbed a hole into a tunnel that we used to escape from another band that joined the battle.

One-way Ticket for the Forced Plot Express

Mauritius:The hole the giants body made was necessary for us to enter since there were two more giants with more goblins and the like in their reserves. Injured, we had no choice but to go in the tunnel and follow it to some hopeful saftey.

We came upon a statue that had clear water flowing from it. It appeared in some way connected to the chalace. With me being chosen by who knows what as the cup bearer, I brought it upon myself to drink for it's waters. This is when things began to get a little weird...

🎲 DM: Mauritis turns to Iskander: "Seek Zavid." "I understand it all. I know everything we need to know about the others, the slugs. But, no. It can't be! My vision from the chalice connected me with them," looking at skin rashes, "infected me. Defensive spells have been activated. Losing it...What's going on?! Who am I? Why is everything getting dark..." With that, everyone's world goes dark.

Kweto Lucullus Mauritius was powerfully thirsty and didn’t check if the water was clean.


  • Eric is rewarded with one free d20 reroll, usable only during the next game session.