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A:17 The Women of Our Lives

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Starring: βέλος, Kweto Lucullus, Jayvin De-gaul, and Siyrt
Guest Starring: Iskander val'Mehan, Adele & Gaston De-Gaul, Elizabeth, Sebastion Khryssipou, Sibylle (Sebastion's wife), Ulrika (2yo) Sebastou, and baby Sebastou, Eshe Lucullus & almost introducing Baustita Agomir
Challenge: Chraal; Wives
Location: Enpebyn, Annonica (rural and Plexus); Altheria
Date Played: 18 Feb 2010


βέλος We parted ways with Diantha in Enpebyn. We found her a very competent caravanner to protect her an Mauritius' body on their trip west. Her eyes were filled with no tears. They've dried since her brother's passing.

Jayvin's homestead

Jayvin De-gaul: Home coming was warm and cold at the same time. upon safe return of son to harth and home. His wife was the full range of emtion upon his return from happines to anger, Happines of home coming of her whole family saden and anger Jayvin choice finish task at hand with lost friends.

Few night in Jayvin found his homestead under attack by some ice creature after long battle. Jayvin and his team slayed the creature. With Jayin dealing killing strike and only dealing minor damage to harth and home. Jayvin rode out with heavy hart with sense to finish all must be done as soon as possible to return home for good.

Kweto Lucullus Father Quintus valTensen gave me a letter of introduction to a Senator valBorda. He thought the man was too crooked to be purged from the rolls.

Kweto Lucullus While staying at Jayvin’s farm we got a frigid visitor interested in repossessing Iskander’s souls. Belos comfy blanket allowed him to sleep through the first salvo. Need to fatten up the scaly as he almost died but was able to run for cover. Generous use of fiery alchemicals caused it to explode while it seemed to be in retreat. “We are all being careful not to burn the barn, Jayvin” Though his barren wife still seemed angry about the holes in the back of the barn.

Siyrt: Adele is very great indeed. She possesses a great authority and voice though would have led her well to the life of a Ss'ressen. I informed her that she needs to have more children. Jayvin would probably make a better mate as her current male appears to be weaker than an offspring Jayvin would produce. Maybe he can make sure she stays closer to the fireplace as to produce a strong female.

During one of our nights in the barn we were attacked by a Chraal that was attempting to regather the souls that were sitting inside Iskander. His tactics of running around the barn were quite effective at preventing the creatures breath from hitting the entire group.

At one point there was contemplation on burning the barn down while the creature is trapped inside but the mighty voice of Jayvin's wife kept that tactic from coming about.

In the end of the fight the barn took a small bit of damage that was easily repaired. I would have helped, but there was frozen chicken that made a fun snack to gnaw on.

βέλος We travelled, uneventfully, to the homestead that Jayvin set up for Adele and their family. I took the time travelling to get to know Gaston. He's a good boy. I can only hope my own son is as willful and ambitious as Gaston. He's a good boy. I don't quite get Jayvin's protection of him. I do understand that he wants to connect with him and to be the one to train him. However, delaying the training is good for no one. It's better that a stranger start the training, and have it done properly, to postpone it too long.

Adele is a monstrous woman. She dominates Jayvin the whole time we're at the homestead. She even badmouths him in front of his fellow men! She speaks openly about stealing our money and spending it on, Gods know what. At the very least, she can raise a child well, and cook. I could set her straight in no time. It did take my all not to backhand her during dinner that one evening. Talk about ungrateful!

The week spent on the farm working and repairing were very much needed. The muscles are warming back up to life. This chraal, strange thing it was, was necessary. Once the adrenaline got flowing again in my body, my mind started to work again.

Belos' wife is put back in her place

Jayvin De-gaul: Already feeling torn from own home. Meeting Belos family was total shock. From the behavior of people (house burners) of the land. To his friend Belos attuide toword his Wife and extended family. Jayvin loss small amout of respect for Belos and was glad to put this area behind him.

Kweto Lucullus We said our farewells to Diantha and headed SW to the heart of the empire, Annonica. The area Belos’ family farmed seems quite destitute although his wife seemed to get a windfall and relocated the family to Praxis. Located his wife quickly and Belos was able to put his affairs in better order. His wife made a devil pact that was nullified with Belos return. The remainder of the funds were stolen and the house damaged by an accidental fire. Belos had his family return to farming and enlisted his son for extra income. Jayvin and I were unable to locate the thief mostly since we had no interest in becoming involved in a gang.

Siyrt: Someone has made a game of Belos' disappearance. His wife evidently got a large sum of money in a wager that she would never see her husband again. One of the locals informed us to travel to Praxis, a town with very well made buildings and people did not smell like cowpie.

Finding his wife was of little problem once we got to the city. Jayvin first tried to approach the manor with a script that Belos gave him, but he must have forgotten his lines. Kweto pounded on the door that was quickly shut in our faces and things began to go much... smoother?

Belos' wife is weak. Her siblings should have eaten her. Her son's wife appears strong, though, and produces females, another boon. I was unsure how welcome Belos really was in that situation and they were a hard people to read. Jayvin seemed agitated and left the group to patrol the gardens.

We soon heard a crash and the yelling of "fire!" We came outside to see the shed caught on fire and the flames were quickly spreading to the house. With a quick spell I squelched the flame, but the damage was still done. Jayvin and Kweto set out to find the thief but came back a bit latter saying it was in the hands of things better left untouched. Evidently the thieves here have a guild. Quite quaint.

βέλος I've been a terrible person! In my absence, my son has been raised poorly, has chosen a terrible wife ("For love!" Women aren't capable of such deep and complex emotions!), and is rearing a girl as my first grandchild! Not only is it my fault that I was gone all this time, it's also my fault that I kept this incompetent woman as the mother of my son. My parents did make a good choice of her at first (unlike Adele, she knows her place), but I should have seen this coming. To top it all off, she conspires with dark powers against me, her husband!

I will set this straight! Once the children are done nursing, Sibylle will be banished from the family and sent to be a maid in Coryan. Maybe she can at least fetch back some of her price there. Kweto will be able to suggest an accurate price. I will then allow Elizabeth can then raise our grand children -- and she will raise this generation properly this time. I am too kind to my wife. But, I do feel terribly guilty about my long absences; even longer than those in the legions.

May Sebastian's training go successfully. I probably paid too much. But, the child needs to learn useful skills and a trade for his life. We don't have time to wait for him to become a senator. He'll earn his way through the ranks and, if all goes well, retire a senator. At the very least, he'll have his station. Hopefully his training beats into him what it means to be an Annonican! (The boy didn't even have any real friends. I'm sure it's because he spent all that time with Sibylle.)

I'm happy to know that Pleseus is our new neighbor. He'll be able to keep a good eye on my family while I am gone. Our fathers were such good friends.

Home is where the heart gets shot at

Jayvin De-gaul: Did not enter because he feared for his life..

Siyrt: Despite her hostilities, I have much respect for Eshe. Her penchant for domination of her lessers was very strong and she made a very successful home for herself. The fact that she shot her son with a crossbow was a nice touch as well.

Once her anger at her son subsided we found that she was to be wed. She looks a little old for such a thing, at least as I understand it. She also told me that she at one time had the profession of procreating without intent of fertilizing eggs. They tried to explain it to me in great length. I understand what they are saying, but I don't get it. With this odd desire to breed without procreation it is no wonder that the Ss'ressen to the south have given the Altharians such problems. Three decades of concentrated breeding and they would have a strong enough army to wipe out my foul brothers to the south.

I think I'm going to try to find some emerald scale eggs while here. Any of my rival kinsfolk's eggs will do, but I have such a craving for these.

βέλος Eshe is a fine businesswoman. It's as if she was born for the job. Hopefully the implements I have had her send to Sebastian will help him to overcome his fixation he has on Sibylle and ease the transition. He'll realize that she's nothing but a crutch.

I don't understand why the Altherians have such a distaste for the Empire. They'd make a fine addition and I would be very pleased with having some skilled Altherian rhetors in the senate again. Our peoples are so similar! There's nothing but good that could come from the return of our union.

This 'crazy mud Elorii' that Eshe wants us to take care of sounds like it will be easy work.


None gained.
I have listed condensed loot from the past sessions in the slush. --Askewnotion 19:29, 23 February 2010 (UTC)