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A:1 Grey Skies

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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Jayvin De-gaul, Kweto Lucullus, Mauritius, Starlet, Utu Pratalong
Guest Starring: Enzio val'Tensen, Beltran Reko, Günter (Bartender), Torsten
Challenge: Huge Viper; Storm of Terror eddies and tendrils; Incantation to dispel the Storm of Terror
Location: Unnamed crossroads village in Valentia, south of Enpebyn.
Date Played: 10 May 2009

Exploring the village—Sleeping Dagger Barroom, Church of Hurrian

Kweto Lucullus Met a nice Elorii traveler in Valentia by the name of Utu. She, took me a while to determine gender, held Althares as patron and offered me a meal. Her kind offer led to an opportunity at the Sleeping Dagger Barroom which netted me more than desired. Damn nobles always get you. All I needed was a few silver to get me by until I could find other means. Yet this lady had to be carrying a years wage; kak!

Didn’t get my meal as some bewildered farmer decided to leave his family to an enormous snake while he ran for help. Larissa does not smile on me as the lady val’Emmon decided to watch Utu perform her snake calming ritual. I’m not worried she’ll discover my theft since Althares gave me clear sign through her crossbow misfiring reliably.

Mauritius This town had it's share of local color. The Sleeping Dagger was quaint, and luckily not one of the worst place my half-sister, Diantha, and I had to stay in. But, like most of these small towns, some of the characters around you are quite off putting. The half-toothed bartender and the shadowy figure in the corner with paranoid eyes accentuate that point. At least the performer named Torsten had some skill and entertained us.

Most interesting was that we ran into an elorii in this town. Judging by her height she has at least been around for a thousand years. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her since most of them are very bitter toward out kind.

There was a noble looking man a little later in the day that beckoned me out of the bar. Diantha came out with me but when we got outside no one was there. It was a very strange situation indeed.

Viper in the barn

Kweto Lucullus I wasn’t surprised to be little help in the snake calming but I do feel bad for accidentally skewering Starlet. The pie was the first decent meal I’d had in two days and while tucking in I saw a fast moving storm. Turns out the storm was an errant piece of arcana headed straight for the town. I was still looking forward to my bath and laundering at the barroom so it was a good stroke all these other people were willing to lend a hand.

Mauritius A farmer came into the bar complaining that a snake that ate his cow. I didn't pay this much mind, but when the elorii offered her "stick waving" skills to scare it off, I had to join the hunt just to watch the show. We quickly gathered our equipment and headed out to the farm with a large group of other people.

It seems that the size of the snake was no small exaggeration. Diantha seems to have had a lot of problems with using her crossbow, shooting herself twice during the battle with the beast. I was also shot by Belos, a sort of mercenary that tried to force his services on us.

The battle was clumsy but was won in the end. As thanks, we received some pie and some steak-stuffed-snake. The pie had a sort of rustic charm in which we had little time to enjoy; there was a storm fast approaching. We decided to make haste back to the inn and shutter ourselves in.

Riders on the storm, Defending the Church of Hurrian

Kweto Lucullus Outside the barroom little furies of mist seemed intent on the nobles destruction, though it might have just been there demeanor. Belos kept a knocking so I decided to lend a hand. Also the barroom seemed safe enough. We quickly discovered these were quick buggers that exploded into a mist that reformed as more furies. I gave an attempt to purifying them while they were in mist state with some table salt but I doubt it had any effect. Utu “stick-shaker” seemed most successful in de-misting the area. Borrowed Starlet and her glowing gauntlet for light while collecting my ammo.

Looking around the corner it was noted the Chapel was being deconstructed by tendrils of storm. Getting closer I noted they were much larger than I wanted to approach and was relieved to see Maritius and Starlet charge them. Giving Maritius support fire I didn’t take note of the other side of the street until Starlet was struck by lightning; shattering her glowing gauntlet.
Inside the chapel the brother and sister had expired leaving Enzio and Beltran to finish it. They called out for assistance and though interested in seeing the scroll I declined. Utu and Starlet volunteered but eventually Starlet succumbed and Diantha replaced her.
Beltran revealed that he had recently fled from the unsealed Tomb of the Thunder King and asked for our aid. I was somewhat reluctant until I noted Beltran’s 66% mortality rate and the willing aid of the two nobles of val’Emmon. Seems my fortune is on the rise again.

Mauritius Starlet went to speak with Enzio val'Tensen about the storm that was coming and it was confirmed to be arcane. This was confirmed by Beltran in that he and his companions broke a seal that released the arcane storm. Starlet informed us of what was going on and that creatures may appear from the storm and attack the townsfolk. It is my duty as a val to protect the human from such things that are beyond their sphere of influence so I volunteered my services.

We first encountered small creatures made of electrified mist that reformed as they were killed. They were very difficult to manage and I took some heavy wounds during the encounter, but we prevailed. Thankfully Diantha's crossbow worked better than it did previously.

Once the small air creatures were defeated we saw that the storm was focusing over the temple of Hurrian. Two tendrils of air that resembled tornadoes were ripping apart the roof when we arrived. They wrapped around those that entered in melee and attempted to toss us around. Unfortunately Starlet took the brunt of the assault and shattered her treasured gauntlet. As the tendrils were finished off we entered the church to find two of Beltran's companions dead and the ritual needed assistance in being completed. It took great effort from Diantha, Starlet, and the elorii but the ritual was completed.

Enzio requested us to go to the Tomb of the Thunder King to investigate what Beltran had unleashed and to further explore the ruins. We all were in agreement and decided to take a day or two to prepare for the venture.

While preparing ourselves I was yet again approached by the noble that disappeared earlier. I came alone this time and he said I dripped a cup. It was a bit plain and not familiar to me and I told him he must have been mistaken and that perhaps it was Diantha's. He assured me it wasn't and I apologized to him telling him it wasn't mine and that he made a wasted journey. We parted ways with the whole situation leaving an odd taste in my mouth. Who would travel many miles just to return a simple cup? There has to be something more to this...


  • Starlet was awarded an action point, for valiantly defending the Church of her patron, Hurrian.