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A:6 Rushing Out of Enpebyn

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Starring: βέλος, Diantha val'Emman, Kweto Lucullus, Mauritius, Jayvin De-gaul and the final appearance of Utu Pratalong
Guest Starring: Marcel Wilhem, Stefan and Stefanie Wilhem, Enzio val'Tensen, Hadar, Yemen
Challenge: Psionicist and two thugs; Dusk Hag and four Howler Wasps; Two Ogres
Location: Enpebyn, Aliegis
Date Played: 19 July 2009

Let me stand next to your fire

Kweto Lucullus Jumped out the window and tried to help the kids down. 50% is not bad right? Then got everyone mounted up and away from the burning not so safe house.

Diantha: While staying at the inn, a courier brought a letter for me that said to take residence at the Screaming Knuckle Alehouse and that I should mention that I know Hadar. We headed over there and while losing Jayvin along the way, we got Hadar to take us to a room. In the room there was a trap door that when opened it revealed Marcel Wilhem and his children. They had been hiding out and needed to be transported to Blackwand to the Southwest. During our talk with Marcel about how the Sanctorum was trying to help others out, we heard cries of, "Fire!" Through the smoke we saw several men come forward to attack.It all happened rather quickly but, myself and a few stayed to give time for the others to get Marcel and the children to safety. I was surprised to see that one of our attackers was a psion. We managed to get everyone out of the burning inn and after getting the carts we started ont eh road to the west. My brother, Utu, and Belos had to stop by the Temple of Hurrian first to get some healing. They were going to catch up with us along the way.

In a hag's eye

Kweto Lucullus On the way to drop off the Wilhelms at their next safe house I was awoken by a hag screaming at her bugs,”Kill the cupbearer!” Got her with a javelin but she just wouldn’t stop screeching. After the bugs were dead the hag hid in mist and dark. When it all cleared Utu lay dead beside the hag. I gave the funeral for Utu in the morning. I miss Starlet at times like these. Mounted Utu’s ashes on a stick and added the hag’s eyes to keep her company until I can sell them or find a relative.

Diantha: While we were on the road, during the night we were attacked by several hornet like creatures with babboon heads and a gnarled crone. Apparently it was a Dust Hag. The Dust Hag kept demanding the cup bearer while staring at Utu. During the fight, the Dust Hag conjured an obscuring mist that we couldn't see in. Most of us came forward into the mist to continue the fight and when Utu came forward, the Dust Hag attacked and killed her. In the morning we built Utu's pyre and said a few last words for our fallen comrade.

Giant side quest

Kweto Lucullus Librarian asked us to retrieve a book from the ogre swamps. Only reason I went along was in hopes that a different ferrycould be located. No such luck. Ogres weren’t much trouble but I would have liked to know what they were jabbering about.

Diantha: The next day after the funeral we traveled the rest of the way to the port town of Eligis. It was here where we would be able to get a boat to cross the river. After asking around we found out that Alun, the Bard we were looking for, was recently in the city and that we might find more information at Yemen's library. The man at the library was very helpful and he told us that Alun Northstag had been asking about some ancient wands. He then boarded a vessel that was headed to the west. The librarian told us a story about an Elorii book that went missing. From what he said, it sounded like another group of adventurers took the book from the library. The group was assumed to have then died at the hands of some giants in the nearby swamp. We were asked to find the book in the swamp and bring it back. I trudged through the dreadful swamp with others and and we were attacked by the Ogres. They did not last long against us. From the clues they left behind, we were able to head to their lair where the book was located. Another walk through the muck and we were back in town. I need a bath.


Loot from Dusk Hag
Amber Amulet of Vermin (Giant Bee) - Attempting to sell
Loot from Ogre campsite, consisting of the remains of a dead adventuring party.
3500 gp
Brass Mug inlaid with jade - Detect Magic and then identify/appraise to sell
Two Scrolls - Need identified
Glittery stone - Detect Magic and then identify/appraise to sell
Holy Symbol of Illir
50' Rope in good condition - Appraise composition
Breastplate, mw - Detect Magic and then identify/appraise to sell