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This page is a catchall reference for alterations to the d20 system for the campaign.


Overall the rules listed below are to be considered a firm guideline but not the final word. Discussion is absolutely vital to a fun game. I ask that you avoid abusive combinations. Anything that spoils the overall enjoyment of the group will be altered.


Alignment will be more about intention and execution than simple black-and-white answers. For example, bringing the dead to life to fight against injustice is a good act but bringing them back to assault a city is evil. Bringing them back to carry your luggage is neutral.


See Rules/Races


See Rules/Classes


See Rules/Feats

Skills & Languages

See Rules/Skills for most changes.
Knowledge Arcana and Knowledge Psicraft are separate skills.
Spellcraft and Psicraft are separate skills.
There is no common
Each race and realm has a language, see PGtA p153
Low Coryani is as near to a universal language as can be found.

Spells & Psionics

Unless noted otherwise, spell alterations in the Players Guide to Arcanis will be used.
Spells from the Arcanis books will need to be reviewed before they are put into play.
Curative spells
Curative spells such as Cure Light Wounds are a swift action to cast and use a d6 instead of a d8. The caster's Wis modifier is added if the recipient shares the faith of the caster.
The six stat buff spells (Bull's Strength, Bear's Endurance, etc.)
Duration is changed from 1 minute per level to 1 hour per level.
Other stat buff spells, like Animalistic PowerPH2, may have their durations changed.
Raise dead or resurrection
Must be cast upon the dead character within 24 hours of his death in order to work.
True resurrection
True resurrections on Onara are extremely rare and stuff of legends.
Spells that require a caster belong to a certain family, faith, etc.
Clerics of other gods may cast this spell as using a slot that is one level higher. For all other purposes the spell stays at it's level.
For example the spell Mark of Thralldom is listed as only available to cleric/priests of Neroth or Sorc/wiz of the family val'Mordane as a 3rd level spell. All other clerics, priests, sorcerers, and wizards may memorize it as a 4th level spell, however the variable effects—such as DC—are set as if it were a 3rd level spell.
Psionics are different
Detect Magic will not sense active psionics and Detect Psionics will not sense active divine or arcane magic. Magic/psionics are not transparent. The PR=SR-10 ("diminished") variant is used.

Altered into incantations

The following spells are no longer spells but will be incantations instead. This means anyone can cast them. Many of the incantations will be specific instead of general. For instance there will be Comprehend Ancient Alterian instead of a generic Comprehend Languages.

  • Comprehend Languages, Consecrate, Desecrate, Plane Shift, Remove Disease, and Tongues
  • More spells may be added to this list.

Removed from play

  • Teleport: Arcanis has portals and there will be incantations for magical transport.

Magic Item changes

Manipulating the realms of arcane, divine, and psionic magics are the providence of creatures with souls. Infusing that power into an item requires that a person give a large portion of their soul over to the process. It is rumored that there are dark individuals who have discovered how to use the souls of others to fuel their creations ...

Mechanics: Crafting all magic items, except for consumables, require four times as much XP as the stated in the core rules. Consumables require only double the usual XP. Additionally the crafter gains a negative level for every 1,000 gp in the item's base price, with a minimum of one negative level gained. This negative level never becomes permanent. At the end of the first day, and every 24 hours after that, the crafter can make a DC10+highest level spell used in the item creation to negate each negative level.


Armor as Damage Conversion
This means that each time an armor-wearing character is struck by an attack that deals lethal damage, the amount of damage dealt to the character is reduced by an amount equal to the armor bonus (including enhancement) of the armor worn. The character takes and equal amount of nonlethal damage. Damage that is not affected by damage reduction (energy damage and the like) is not converted.
Action points will be usable for the following
+xd6 to a d20 roll
Activate Class Ability
Boost Defense
Extra attack (Available at 5th level and not usable with any other ability that grants extra attacks, such as Haste)
Spell Boost (+2 caster level)
Movement in all directions is counted in squares, with no extra cost for any diagonals.
Note: This has been working out nicely.
When a character or monster is at half or fewer hit points
A character may declare themselves full (no damage), bloodied, dying, and dead. Refrain from declaring hit point totals.
Critical Fumble
A natural 1 always fails on an attack or confirming a critical. When a natural 1 is rolled, the DM rolls a d4 with the following results; 1-hit yourself for half damage, 2-hit an ally within reach for half damage, 3-weapon breaks*; and 4-drop the weapon if manufactured or nothing if using natural weapons. (*Magic weapons do not break)
A natural 1 on the attack roll results in a draw from the Critical Fumble Deck. The effects of the card can be negated by spending an action point. This house rule is in beta, and thus feedback is encouraged.
Critical Hit
When a critical hit is scored it results in a draw from the Critical Hit Deck. Weapons that do ×3 draw two cards and weapons that do ×4 draw three cards, selecting the card that will apply. This house rule is in beta, and thus feedback is encouraged.
Double critical hit
If a critical threat is made with a natural 20, and is confirmed with a natural 20, the opponent is immediately dropped to -8 and dying.
Rolling dice
Higher is always better.
For example: Timmie was dropped to -5 hp and it’s his turn so he rolls to stabilize (which is a 10% chance). He rolls percentile dice and gets 07. He does not stabilize. The following round he rolls again and gets a 91 and stabilizes! (Note that 90 does not stabilize, you have to roll 91-100.)