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Access to the Players Guide to Arcanis is required for a lot of character generation. If you don't have access to a copy, notify Randy

Creation Rules

Creating a character is a discussion process. If there is something that you would like to do, have, or purchase, feel free to ask for it.
Ability Scores
The campaign will use the nonstandard point buy for ability scores.
You have 32 points to spend.
Val may purchase Bloodrank at the following costs: Bloodrank 1 is free; Bloodrank 2 costs 8 points; and Bloodrank 3 costs 12 points. You may not start with a higher Bloodrank than 3.
Select a playable race from the Players Guide to Arcanis.
No other races will be permitted.
Each PC should select a patron deity from the setting. Atheists are discouraged.
See Gods
Each PC must declare a home nation. This effects skills and literacy (see below).
You may start at any age you desire. It will be very likely that your character will age over the course of the campaign.
Starting level
PCs will start at 4th level
Order in which the classes were gained is up to the player.
Many have changed. See playable classes.
Hit Points
At creation assign your starting character the maximum hit points possible for the first level of the chosen class. For each additional character level, use the following: d4=3, d6=4, d8=5, d10=7, and d12=8.
Bloodied: half of your full hit point total
Are greatly changed from the core rules. See Rules/Skills.
National class skills are granted a +1 bonus.
Your starting nation determines if you are literate or not, including barbarians.
There is no common. Each race and nation has a language. Low Coryani is as close to common as you'll find.
Will be gained at every other level, starting (and including) at 3rd level.
Leadership will not likely be permitted.
See Rules/Feats
5,400 gp to spend at creation. Bonus gold from background feats stacks with this.
Magic items may be purchased at character creation but I ask that they be in-line with the types of items that party members currently have. (Intentional vague, talk with me if there are any questions.)
Items from the Players Handbook & Players Guide to Arcanis (p258) are available for purchase, including mounts.
Items from other sources may be permitted. Ask.
The campaign will not use XP. Anything that would normally cost XP can be done by paying 5gp per 1xp that has to be spent.

Revising Characters

During the campaign you have an opportunity to revise your character every time the character levels up. This opportunity is granted to help each player hone in on the proper build for the character. For each of the options you choose to use, your next level gain will be delayed by one session.

For example, Simon levels up to 10th level and chooses to make one of his previous wizard levels a level in cleric and changes his 6th level feat. The next time that the group levels up Simon must wait an additional two sessions before he levels to 11th.

Abuse of this privilege will cause it to be revoked. Remember to present alterations to the DM.

Changing a class level
Each time that you level up you may replace one previously selected level.
Changing a feat
Each time that you level up you may replace one previously selected feat.
Changing skill ranks
Each time that you level up you may shuffle up to your level in skill ranks.

Removing the original NPC classes

To avoid the "double-leveling" of gaining a new level and removing an old NPC level, we'll be doing swap ups about halfway between level ups. Swap ups will only be for swapping out NPC levels. No other adjustments (skills, feats, etc) may be made.

Starting Hook

All PCs will be starting on the road in the Coryani Empire, staying the night at Sleeping Dagger Barroom. The Sleeping Dagger sits in a small village at a crossroads and you have stopped there for a decent night's rest and some stew.