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Three Kings are Needed

🎲 DM: The cast does more research which turns up some interesting information about the Friendship part of town.

Notably that the land was owned by Kitty Winebiddle. During the first half of the 1800s she worked with the Quakers to lock away “a notoriously dark and malevolent monster ...”

According to logs found at the Carnegie Library, a collection of “Quaker rituals” were gifted to WUP for safekeeping. It is currently in storage in the basement vaults of the Hillman Library.

Once the rituals are translated from olde English, they call for a collection of random ingredients (easy for the cast to come by), the seed of a Lamb of Tartary (already gotten by James), and three Kings to pronounce the beast as locked away.

Three Kings … “then those three, who be recognized as kings pronounce the words that lock away the beast…”

So the cast goes about trying to gather three kings for the ritual.

Going to CHURCH to get a Wise Man

🎲 DM: Becca heads to CHURCH to borrow a costume from one of the three kings they use in their Christmas production. She is very pleasantly welcomed by Billy Joe Dupree who tells her that only members of the CHURCH can borrow the costumes. So long as she doesn't mind sitting through an orientation video and signing up, she can easily have them.

Becca's faith doesn't allow her to do that, and it also makes her argue with Billy for over an hour to try and get her way.

A Crying King Augustus of the Vampires

🎲 DM: James (and I don't recall if both Reba and Markos joined him) goes to find King Augustus. They discover that his real name is Aaron Morton and that he has locked himself in his room for nearly a week, distraught over the fact that Tessa broke up with him.

She was upset over the fact that Augustus had bedded down with two of the other vampire women in a totally legit vampire ritual. It was just roleplaying.

Tessa was so mad that she resigned from Carpe Noctem and joined the Esteamed League. With its leaders gone or incapacitated, the folks of Carpe Noctem have started to consider just joining up with the Esteamed League. Augustus wants the cast’s help to show them what it means to be a vampire instead.

Arranging a Guitar Hero Tournament

🎲 DM: As a backup plan, James idly mentions to the folks at the frat house that they should have a Guitar Hero tournament to determine the King of Guitar Hero. As expected they rejoice at the idea of having a kegger.

Servius Makes a Request of Becca

🎲 DMServius appears to Becca when she is alone. “I have a favor to ask of you on behalf of my master. He wishes that you obtain the Biwa, or lute, from the Jorogumo. We’d rather not bother James with this detail, he will need to focus on capturing the beast and returning it to its prison.” Becca agrees.

Package at James' Apartment

🎲 DM: There is a package for him outside of his apartment that says “OPEN IMMEDIATELY BEER INSIDE”. Just as he walks into his apartment he discovers Ignis and Fe. Fe immediately moves to escape, turning invisible, while Ignis flames on and start to brawl.

As if the apartment wasn't destroyed enough. James wonders if the package is from his crush and opens the package immediately, discovering a wand that he puts to use. The wand enhances his power and helps to turn the tide of the fight and Ignis flees.

A note inside the package says “Keep this safe and do not use."

King Splendor has Missed His Shift at Cinema Kitchen

🎲 DM: The movie title was The Mechanical Delight of the Whimsical Doctor Malarkey and How the Food Industry is Killing Us.

Sealing the Jorōgumo Away Again

🎲 DM: The cast has lured the Jorōgumo to the inactivity park and have brought the three Kings, the ritual, and nearly the entire frat house who playing out the last round of the Guitar Hero championship.

The Jorōgumo fights the party but in the end it is once again sealed away, protected by a Vegetable Lamb of Tartary.

Wiki Rewards

After filling in all the recaps for Park of the Covenant, the 🎲 DM will figure out a reward.