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Starring: Boy (Demonic Toy Poodle) (Tim2), He-munculous (Jason), Nippy (Tim), Popeye (Brad)
Guest Starring: Griss Coalbreaker
Challenge: Menja and Fenja, local Dogcatcher, Dwarven paramilitary, and a raging Earth Elemental
Location: Come and Go Gas Station, Centralia, PA
Date Played: 07 Feb 2015

🎲 DM: The usual cast is not featured in this storyline. We are following what happened to Popeye when he was granted temporary freedom by James.

Stopping for gas at midnight in central Pennsylvania

Boy: The truck-that-smelled-delicious needed a tribute of the liquified bodies of ancient life, so we stopped at the 'gas station'. Some scumbag giantesses start throwing rocks at us. They weren't expecting me to hit them with a sneaky Power Bark of Hell (And the first jerk to say it was a 'yap' is going to be missing a few toes).

Ragnar: We halt because our wagon needs refueling, and that's when we come under assault. A hail of stones pound the sides of our vehicle and an familiar battle hymn sounds on the wind. I charge into battle and come face to face with two giantesses--foes from my homeland. The others unleash their magics and I wound one of the fell sisters. The other sees that her doom is at hand and surrenders. She admits that she was sent by Felicia Voss--our quarry is right to fear us.

The Pound

Boy: Just when I was reveling in the well-earned victory of barking some giantesses into submission, an impudent mortal dog-catcher dared to demonnap me. At the pound, I gave his cages the old 'demon-Dog melts the fire hydrant' treatment and set all of his prisoners free.

Ragnar: The wagon was too badly damaged by the giantesses to continue in, but while we take a new one, the dog manages to get captured. Why they imprison dogs in this land is beyond me, but it is a simple thing for Popeye and I to free Boy. We free the other dogs as well--no man or beast should be caged.

Captured by Dwarves and stuck in prison

Boy: We thought we had it made, getting into Centralia, but then-Dwarves, everywhere. And these weren't your garden-variety lawn gnome types, these were professionals. I tried not to crack when they interrogated me about our mission, but they eroded my resistance with dog treats. How did they know my secret weakness?

Ragnar: We reach our destination, but find ourselves surrounded by dwarven soldiers. This is a well-armed and disciplined lot. As shameful as it is to surrender, it would be folly to fight them now.

After days in our cell, the chief dwarf interrogates us. I threaten him with the blood eagle if he does not release us. In response, he snaps the arms off of this ridiculous body and sends me back to the cell. But I don't believe this is the end. I will endure.

Assisted escape

🎲 DM The air elemental egg was broken open by Nippy.

Boy: Found out Felicia was buddy-buddy with the Dwarves when she decided to gloat at us in our cell. Bad move, Fe. That was your second mistake (The first was going against a poodle with death on the line). Turns out the Big Dwarf had a bone to pick with Felicia himself, so he gave us an out and told us where to find the coin. The out was an earth elemental with anger issues and no inhibitions.

It was a pretty badass escape, though we lost the Viking guy. Rest in peace, you scrappy little plastic chew toy.

Ragnar: Many days pass in our cell when the chief dwarf comes to us. He tells us that Popeye served one of his ancestors, and that he holds no great love for Voss. The dwarf gives us an enchanted gem and tells us where to find the vault containing Voss's coin. He also gives me a new arm. I decide not to kill him.

When broken, the gem releases a raging beast made of the earth itself. It smashes through the door of our cell and we make our escape. We reach the vault and recover the treasure, but there are many dwarves in pursuit.

I urge the others to flee as I realize that the death I seek is at hand. The battle frenzy takes me and I draw my sword for the last time. Many and more dwarves fall before me, but at last I feel my body break, and then... I see the wings of valkyries, shore and mountains, and Odin's great mead hall. Valhalla.

Storyline Reward

Every player who fills in all session recaps for Urine Danger will gain an aspect that reflects information that they will be given about Felicia, which can be used against her.

Reba—(About Fe's partner) Fire Solves Everything with free invoke.
Talking with Markos after the fight that set Achille's Meal on fire, you've determined that Fe's partner-in-crime is powerfully (and pyrokinetically) single-minded.
[Jason]—Pissed off the wrong people with free invoke
You've learned that Fe has had dealings with many supernatural circles and entities and along the way she pissed off a lot of them.
[Amy]—Occupy Wall Street Veteran
No free invoke.
You've learned that Fe was one of the more prominent organizers for the Occupy movement until just a few months ago.