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Starring: James-icon.png James, Hipster.gif Guy, Becca.png Becca, Ilke-icon.gif Ilke
Guest Starring: Gambit (Chang), Deep Blue, Underscore
Challenge: Gambit
Location: Benedum Hall, Men at Wok
Date Played: 29 Mar 2012

Dueling Emails

James-icon.png James: The research at Guy's pretty much confirmed what we'd determined earlier. The bag was essentially a magical "spent shell casing", a remnant of a spell effect that had gone off already. And the chess piece pretty much makes us all think that the new unlikely chess megastar Chang is involved. So Becca and Ilke both send him emails (for some reason, perhaps some sort of chick rivalry?) to set up a meeting.

Becca.png Becca: dueling emails: Wow she is stepping allover my ideas, does she think I can't do this? I will need to get on the news paper staff.

Evil Vegan Library Research

James-icon.png James: Holy shit! Guy's collection is mega-huge. TONS of great stuff on really useful arcane alchemical formulas. After finding out a bit more about Brick's Magical Sack (heh), I delve into some of the books. I find the missing pieces to some shit I had been working on, and I am pretty sure I now have solid finalized versions of some damn useful formulae. Some of it is comes from a pretty dark place, so I'm kinda hesitant to use it. We'll see what happens when the shit hits the fan.

Interviewing with Underscore

James-icon.png James: We meet up with the art student who did the lame-ass sculptures, "Underscore". He's not very helpful.

Becca seems to think there is some angle to the hunky librarian dude, "Conan". I think she just likes him. But a potential lead is not something to be ignored. So we stake out a class of his. Nothing much comes from it, really. Me and Guy try to cause an annoying commotion so Ilke can trail him like some sort of spy, and then we see Chang acting all suspicious.

Becca.png Becca Really! he likes Ilka more than me. Well, I will let her sink this lead is going to get us nothing, no infromation.

All our leads lead to CHANG. Big Red "Conan the Librarian" has class with Chang. I will act like I am like the same things he likes and we will be able to get to Chang.

Chancellor's Office Showdown

James-icon.png James: We take off after Chang to the Chancellor's office. Guy beats us there. By the time Becca, Ilke, and I show up, there is some strange shit going on. It's pitch black in the office. Apparently Guy's doing. When it clears, Chang is twitching on the floor, nearly unconscious from Guy's taser. I missed the action. But at least we can get some answers now.

Becca.png Becca Here I stand outside the building thinking I would follow chang from the front. I better go back in side to see what happened. I going to be late again. Seeing Chang twitching is realy nice.

Basement of the Engineering Building

James-icon.png James: Our downtrodden and subservient chess champion of a captive begrudgingly leads us to the hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. Nothing is there but a decent dinner. Jackass. Then he takes us to the Engineering building on campus. We take the elevator down to the lowest level of sub-basement. Kinda creepy. I wonder what the hell this non-human "entity" could possibly be. A witch perhaps? Demon? Alien? Goddamn, I'm actually a little scared at this point.

Chang indicates a door, and we open it up. It's a damn computer. A big one. And it can talk. And apparently, think. Weirdness. So we chat with it. Chang tries to slip away, but is not allowed. The computer is the famous Deep Blue by IBM, and is in love and is attempting to use Chang as a, ahem, pawn, in a scheme to win the affections of its target. I was NOT expecting this.

Becca.png Becca Chang is going to help? What diner first, jerk, I should burn him. He is going to set us up, and double cross us. Big Blue, a computer, running this big chess team scam. This is so wrong.


The commercial for this episode was Nutrigrain. I FEEL GREAT!

Next Time, on Brewed Awakening

The cast is in the basement of Benedum with Deep Blue and Chang (8 dmg from being tased) who is trying to escape.