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Brew:7 The Computer Does Not Dodge

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Starring: James-icon.png James, Hipster.gif Guy, Becca.png Becca, Ilke-icon.gif Ilke, Brick.gif Brick
Guest Starring: Gambit (Chang), Deep Blue
Challenge: Deep Blue, Nerds in the ceiling (including Tim Wang), Ogre, Goblinoids
Location: Benedum Hall
Date Played: 05 Apr 2012

Previously on Brewed Awakening


Nerds in the Ceiling

James-icon.png James: So we're chatting with this huge computer, when all of a sudden the shit hits the fan. The room goes dark, the doors shut, and I hear these machines start up, and a few other odd noises. It's chaos. I back up to the door, and it's locked. I see these red laser lines coming from the ceiling, and by the light of Guy's special abilities and Ilke's phone, along with brief flashes of fire from Becca, I see some dudes up in the ceiling tile about to shoot me. I dive behind a nearby table but one manages to nail me square in the calf. But...it didn't hurt, what the hell? It's a nerf arrow? Coated with some substance that I can't stop to analyze just yet.

Half the team takes out a couple of the ceiling attackers, while Brick PUNCHES THE GODDAMN COMPUTER. And I see these robotic arms on tables setting up stuff that appears to be a sort of ritualistic magic spell. Bad news. I race over to flip the table over and disrupt whatever the hell is going on there, just as Guy slams me into the wall with one of his new powers. Jerk. I extricate myself and go to unplug the big ass computer, only to find that Becca just beat me to it.

Brick.gif Brick: Hey, yo! I come in just as Chang is trying to make his way out. I grab him as he tries to leave. Then darts start flying. I figure it must be the computer. I throw Chang into the middle of the room & attack the computer. I see a spell hit a shield around it, but I'm too far in to stop. FALCON PUNCH! I punch the computer &... it dents.

Guy shoots the things that are shooting at us. It turns out to be nerds with nerf guns. Suddenly, I'm a lot less worried about getting hit. As I'm getting over the fact that all these nerds went swat team on us, some robot arms on the tables in the room start drawing. Now everything is starting to seem like magic, & I want no part of it so I pick up the largest object next to me & slam it into the closest arm... again and again and again.

James and Becca take out the other arms so I think we're in the clear, but suddenly the wall starts to shake as if something is pounding on it...

Becca.png Becca: This is what the start of a battle is like. Here is where Chang turns on us. What the computer is protected from me burning it. Well the chess team nerf gunners take a punch from my air blast. Robotic arms they are crushed by wind bast.

Hulk Next Door

James-icon.png James: Ilke manages to get the door open somehow as the rest of us stop to catch our breath. But rest is elusive, as something huge and scary starts to bash its way through the wall from the next room. Uh-oh, looks like the magic spell must have gotten at least partially completed after all. Like the dodo incident. All I know is, I ain't waiting around to be on the receiving end of whatever is pulverizing the cinder block wall. So I hastily follow Ilke out of the room.

We go into the next room, and she's already smacking down some weird little blue goblin thing. But it's the huge blue beastial monster that's crushing the wall that catches my attention. I throw all my best new stuff at it, as does Guy. Together, we bring the sucker down! I feel a bit sickened by it all though. I REALLY need a drink.

Oh, and Chang helped us out a couple times in all that. He cried out "Science, bitches!" as he hurled flasks of acid at both the computer and the juggernaut. What a weird little dude.

Brick.gif Brick: A hole opens in the wall, & I see a huge, angry Hulk face! I don't remember if Batman ever fought the Hulk before... so I run back by the stairs & give Guy some room to try to take it out, but I stay close enough to help out if he can't handle it.

Guy knocks the Hulk into the next room! So I head next door to see what's up. I see some huge smurf-y (well, huge for a smurf) things attacking Ilke & James so I use my Hasselhoffian Jiu-Jitsu to combo in on one 'til I know it's not gettin' back up. Suddenly, the thing starts to melt!

Becca.png Becca Chang is helping? why? I want to take the computer its really big.


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