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Cold:Session/12 The Bic pen will break after the first or second stabbing

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Jones Death

🗽 Quinn: I am death...and my mothers fucking knife. I may be an assassin, but I am not unfeeling. I tried to not have to kill Jones, he is a useful person, but he was in the way of my mother and I am just. so. close. to getting fully into her good graces. I don't know what I will do then, if everything behind their drive to free space from the grasp of the well dwellers I will devote myself to them fully. Otherwise...

Quinn's Mother

🗽 Quinn: Ahhh....fuck. I know that I have...bent...on some of my abhorrence to the cthonic, but the deal that my mother is trying to shove through is...nauseating. My colleagues may not agree that Jones life was worth it to learn what was going down, but now we know and can earnestly begin wrecking their plans.

Incoming Warships


Daryl's Raw notes

Jones is arrested in zipties.
Swedish man Sven escorts him, in a space suit, to escort through a zero-atmo area.
	abandoned/under construction commercial module
Pizza oven O2 tank.
Pressurized CO2 tank explody.

Days pass.

Nadia Ivanov and translator Gupta arrive.
back and forth polite interrogations. mutally talking.

Escorted to air area for meeting w/Quinn's mom and Quinn [disguised].
Quinn compel: Kill Jones.
Quinn compel: Cotton arrives.
Cotton gets letter opener in the eye.

Q xx Jones
big UFC fight -- sponsored

Ciaran sells Quinn fighting study to Quinn's opponent.
Fail -- but at major cost (CORRUPTION; +1 COUP).

Louis tries to get fake ID making equipment.
Zolo encounters Louis. Talks drugs.
***Louis gets a good Irish name w/ID:  Alba Shay (Ailbhe Shay)

Jones. New  Contract:
"Gather the words of The Custodian and  set them free."
Free: Lobon the God of Peace
Offer: Help finding the words, and return to life as used to (continued existence).
"L is trapped just like Oukranos is in this place."

Jones, compeled: Not in original body.
***	Is now:
	* 80s hair metal music video backup-dancer
	* loads of tattoos and piercings
	* birthmark on the inside of arm in the perfect shape of idaho
	* star with capital name tattood
	* new body knows Franko. Franko killed it actually.
Jones "introduces" self by sandwich to 
Jones sees Birdie (CIA handler) enter the Walezi meeting, along with others.
"Newt Fastbender" new  name.

(meet up)

"Time to discuss the real plan of the Walezi": They've struck a deal with the Chthonic powers to spare certain parts of Earth and Space, the Powers can have the rest.

Quinn: side w/humanity, not mother.
*knock knock*
ALARMS: Kissinger & another are here. Goal: Take out Walezi.